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  1. I feel like, more than likely, if they are delaying the update it is because they have already found a bug and are working on fixing it. They wouldn't delay an update for a bug they don't know about.
  2. Ah, yes. This single Warframe and small quest update definitely fit the size and scale of the first cinematic quest in the game. Definitely. And call me whateevr the Hell you like, I see a lot of games that feel like there's no passion in them. As for the free model, of course I know that S#&$. I've spent my fair share of money on the game over my five years. I don't know how the Hell we came to that topic but whatever. My whole point was and still is that most of the people in this thread are whining for a stupid reason. The update will come this week and when it does the pessimistic players will chew through it and immediately start whining "Fortuna when" or more than likely complain about bugs because it was rushed out too soon after foaming at the mouth for it ever since the frame was announced.
  3. I just feel like clinging to the official release date from four years ago is a bit ridiculous. They live update to update. They want to release content as soon as it is ready for the players. That is why you have moments like Steve going live on Periscope just before the PoE launch so everyone could be hyped and tense together. That is why you don't see them saying "This update will go live this day at this time" weeks ahead of time. They say "Oh, this content is almost ready to ship, so let's let them know we will be shipping it SOME DAY NEXT WEEK" and they say next week, not Wednesday. I just feel like there is much more important things to be up in arms about rather than the things people are in this community. If an update not releasing on a Wednesday screams "no professionalism" to you, then I guess you never watch the devstreams? These are real people pouring their passion into a game and they are only as professional as they want to be. If you want professionalism, go play the latest boring crap from EA or some other clone of a game from last year.
  4. They just posted his youtube video, so I imagine he should be going live any moment now.
  5. I feel like peoples' misunderstanding that an online forum is still a medium of communication with other people and constantly acting like children on it is a problem with how they handle emotions, yes.
  6. Professionalism? I feel like they are very professional with keeping us up to date. It's literally impossible to guarantee that an update will ship a certain day, and people's inability to deal with disappointmen without flinging poo at each other all day is what I was referring to.
  7. *Comes to see if there is any actual news on the update* ... Nope, just people whining about update delays in a free game. I swear, sometimes I wonder how the vocal minority deals with basic emotions in the rest of their lives.
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