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  1. It lacked blood, it lacked bones, in fact, once the arm was not where it was supposed to be anymore, the wound would look like some glitched-out hologram, blue ripples of energy occasionally sparking off as it remained still. In fact, Zibu was still unmoving, he didn't really think to move at first, unimpressed as the Full-Muscle-Pastor unleashed his absolute body, the Specter's mind altready full of strange thing, both real and not. But then it happened, Zibu would simply stare at the stump as the massive chunk of metal cut his arm like it was butter, boiling rage slowly consuming what little was left of sanity in his artificial brain... "WEAK MEAT THING! Think you punish mighty ZIBÙ!? A long series of insults in some strange language would follow as the group was lifted toward the sky. And at last the arm-throw, as the limb flew through the water, Zibu would stab the palm of the hand with his weapon forcefully pushing the handle of his mace through the energy arm. "when ZIBÙ fall down, ME punish YOU with ARMS!, me fought gold-wingthings BIGGER than you, this only nuisance!" Now the tribesman was armed with his own arm-mace (Weapon class change: Heavy Weapon) and full of rage... May Bahamut have mercy on their soul.
  2. Things went up to eleven quickly as Zibu's original idea of headbutting the door open was miserably discarded by the mountain of muscle near him, with sudden fish-thing's and clouds of blood swatting through the stillness of the water that contained them, the simple smell and taste of the blood-soaken liquid seemingly energizing and reactivating some kind of sleeping part of the specter's subconscious. And so, as he stared at the miriad of fish-people now staring back at the group, he would recompose himself, muscles pumped out like some sort of mister olympia contestant as it's cold, uncaring eyes would pick a single, random merman before shouting to all. "ME ZIBU, THEY MY MUSCLE-THINGS, WE SPEAK TO BOSS OR MACE SPEAKS TO BLOOD, CHOOSE"
  3. Everyone seemed busy, with almost the entirety of alpha squad attempting a daring reacueoof their teammate's... Meanwhile Donovan was too busy fiddling with the manipulator hand biomechanics as to not completely destroy the strange nyx when grabbing her motionless body. Now confortable with his hold, Donovan decided to turn around, the alarming messages in the radio not concerning his mind as a brick of grineer flesh and metal would slam in the front of his ship... Picking it up with the other manipulator hand , satisfied with that too, he would at last proceed to move toward the rest of the still stranded teammates, using the manipulator arms to gently push them toward the actual rescue team.
  4. Zibu's careless walk would slowly but surely die down once again to absolute boredom, the cheering, dancing madman now standing behind the rest of the group, dragging his silva through the yellow dirt as he once more kept silent with his head bowed. Then, as seemingly everything that happened since the day started, a gigantic cube of water would appear in the distance, growing in size as it's water was almost as transparent as the air they were only probably breathing in this universe. "Wet houses?" Curiosity filled the thing, once more moving in front of the group as they all reached the edge of the cube. In the end, Zibu would... cautiously attempt to touch the water with the edge of his Silva... without considering that it was water and as such, not solid, what would follow would be Zibu's losing balance and falling through the wall toward the other side, the now extremely wobbly and silly looking idiot once again standing up before pointing once again at the houses. "Zibu wants wet houses! Go wet houses?"
  5. The explosion had sent the Arca sylo backwards,tthe sheer amount of void energy released temporarilty shutting downtthe ship due to the raknoid components present inside the ship. When their boss would finally manage to contact alpha team, Donovan's ship would be slowly reactivating, and once the comms system was back up, the man would respond like the others, if not for a certain sense of confusion in his voice. "As the others said, a modified Nyx that went by the name of Altair was almost going to blow up us and the half-light... It also spoke of a boss of sorts, so we can exclude it works alone?" Then, without speaking another world, the block-ship would start moving toward the immobile body of the nyx as it fluctuated in space. "It seems our guest also left a gift for us" With a swooping motion, one of the ship's raknoid arms would swoop in, grabbing the motionless warframe as it fluctuated throigh space before rejoining the team, checking if any of the systems on the ship was damaged or not.
  6. Indeed, the whole event did deserve sound, and with Zibu's simpler than simple mind, he simply couldn't process the whole event without associating familiar sounds to it and soo.... "Krakakapow! Bweeeeeeesh! Ptum!..." This spectacle of voices simply wouldn't stop until the event that unfolded before them stopped too, the continous sounds emitted from Zibu's mouth eco'ing in the emptyness of the area around them as he shouted them with all the force of his lungs. Then, the man-thing would start to hold his silva prime with both hands above his head, and satisfied of his work, would proceed to dance his way through the long, empty road, all the meanwhile humming happy tunes and sometimes repeating: "The stones leads da wae!" This was gonna be a long, long day.
  7. (rolled 9 and 7, both fail) Zibu, like with everything that happened up until now, met the scene as it unfolded with an overly large grin, well hidden by his wooden mask, excitement was pouring out of the thing as the Ivara twitched and twisted her own body, damaging it simply to get back up fighting... Just how he liked it. What the tribesman didn't like was him not managing to land a single solid hits, his multiple swings either reflecting against the impassible orokin bone structure or simply refusing to connect at all with the target.
  8. "I don't know what they've done to their warframe, but it is..." The voice of kassandra would cut off as the inside of the Arca Sylo went completely dark, and a single voice, similar to that of Donovan, but more... Tuneful, like it singed instead of simply talking, would start humming. Along with the lights inside the cockpit, communications also went suddenly dark, and then, the voice spoke. "It is marvelous" Then, communications would open up again, and the cockpit would now be illuminated by an uncountable amount of energy that filled up the room... If scans were to be applied to the sudden energy spike, it would be easily revealed these was in fact... Eidolon energy, but before anyone could try to hail back the Sylo, everyone in the general area would receive an invite to open a video-feed with the ship. If accepted, said video feed would show the dark cockpit of the Sylo, only a few swirls of eidolon energy lighting up the inside, then there was Donovan, no helmet on, the marble like appearance of his skin reflecting the energies that flew around it... But in the middle section of the otherwise featureless meat-mask, a single vertical cut was present, not enough to peek at what's behind the wall-meat exterior, but still profound. "Altair Altair Altair... Only two minutes are you gonna give? Well then... Let's speak" Donovan's would now hold his signature red frysta, gently tapping the pavement of it's ship with it following a certain rhythm. "Outside and inside the beasts belly Tenno and others are joined today On a quest to capture and tame For peace and for fame To kill them all off? It would be a real shame. But you wanna see the impossible? Until now no decision was even logical! And yet we met you A friend or an obstacle for our prize and fortune So no matter if you want it or not Stand aside, enjoy the madness and flow of the show. Or stand in between and be killed as part of it all." Then, the live video cut off, radio communications still open as the same humming from before came out of the immobile ship.
  9. The tribal man would be frozen still fo the first few minutes the Ivara marched, the same images of horror that he saw when he touched the osprey played back again and again. Then, the sound of his strange comrades weapons clashing against the steel body would snap him away, and he would start moving toward the deformed warframe, killing intent in his eyes (rolled 4 and 9, fail) Before his weapon would not connect with the target... At all.
  10. Zibu body would fall seamlessly through the orb, no sound, no visual cues, it just disappeared through the sphere, what would follow would be a mixture of strange corporeal experiences, his body seemingly loosing form as it phased through an indeterminate number of realities, before finally setting back on the ground of this new, strange world. What would follow would be a mixture of excitement, like if pure energy flowed through the specters non-existant veins, Zibu would then proceed to unlikely stand silent, following the whole scene as it unfolded before him in utter silence, but then, as a certain red osprey was took from the ground, he would start feel uneasy, and in a matter of seconds, he would throw himself to the osprey, grabbing it with both hands before falling flat on the road (Roll: 15/Succeded). Then, he would come face to face with the osprey's deactivated eye, countless images of chaos, muscles, madness and death unfolded before his mind, his physical body phasing partially between realities as it kept looking, then, like nothing happened, he would stand back up, saying some words before placing the osprey back on the road. "No this, bad, bad luck to do" At last, he would raise his hand, pointing to the single tree present in the field. "Tree Man-Thing!"
  11. "Sylo to Alpha, this.. All this things the half light threw at us up until now have enough void based technology to be pretty safe to say this is Orokin tech readjusted, how they got it is unknown, but we are to find out after all" The prince would keep staring rather intensely at the sphere and his ship's scanners, but except the void radiation and energy readings, nothing was actually discernible. Then, Donovan had an idea. "Sylo to Alpha, steer clear of the area, i have to see if a theory of mine holds up before we waste more ammunition and energy" As the message stopped, wallmeat's ship took a passing piece of debris floating in the area, lining up it's arms as it's targetimg computers got ready to throw the debris. Then, as the piece of debris would start flying toward the sphere with chirurgical precision, Donovan's Plasma chaingun would light up of the usual golden color and charge up, shooting a small burst of golden energy spheres to the black dot, but only after any effect happening from the thrown debris would have stopped so that alpha team could see the differenteffect of physical objects and energy had on the ever-approaching object.
  12. He didn't know why he was here He didn't know how he was here He didn't really know a lot at all That strange figure, who's most of the body kept phasing in and out of this reality, was Zibu, a Specter, an unintelligent clone made only to kill and protect... ... And it was pretty irritated he wasn't doing neither at the moment. Instead, the puppet was standing still, Silva prime in his hands as some guy in front of him spoke what was to him mostly gibberish, with only four words being understood by the thing, jump in and jump out. But before doing so, he looked around, speaking with an heavy primitive accent as it's heavily distorted voice spoke. "Many Shooty Sticks!, Jump in? Jump In!" As these few words were said, the madman ran off the edge and jumped in doing a full belly flop.
  13. Golden light splashed on the sphere before bending,ccontracting toward it's center as a tsunami of void radiation cascaded toward the general area, inside the boxy cockpit of the Arca Sylo Donovan wasn't moving, admiring the effects of thes sphere with both hands in the hair as the ship itself would move backwards along with the rest of Alpha team, but the prince? He didn't talk or communicate through the whole ordeal, simply letting out short chuckles in between his long silence.
  14. Donovan hadn't been a man of words during this section, his ship design not giving him enough firepower to put the Lanterns in any real danger before ramming was discovered as effective, and in fact, most of the fight he had been... absent, too busy chasing a particularly insistent lantern within the void that surrounded the massive target they were supposed to get. But as usual, absolutely nothing went to plan, as when the prince was finally able to remove the exploded wreckage of the Lantern from it's metal arm, the fight was altready over, if not for a single lantern, dashing away through space in erratic patterns, until it just... disappeared, but it's concentration on the ship was disturbed as radio messages started arriving through his comms. as he listened to the back and forth chatter Don was once again concentrated on the growing black sphere while his ship rejoined the rest of the trio, now all of them grouped up and ready. "This is the Arca Sylo, and i can only say that the more, the merrier Ghost Lance, but i don't think standing here, pointing our ship's radio stick's at it will provide any information, that thing is actively blocking out all signals, no radio, no void radiation, no movement, absolutely nothing". Without even hailing a warning, the Prince stood still inside his cockpit, the sound of ancient orchestra's filling the cockpit as it's hands moved a couple of sliders, meanwhile, on the outside the Sylo's top laser cannon was charging up, golden sparks filling the rails and vents of the cannon before a large, golden beam would stab out toward the black hole in front of them... it worked before after all. "We shot at a massive Dreadnought before and proceeded to fight what we can only assume was orokin tech, i guess we'll just have to try and stab at it once again..."
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