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  1. Hello to all First of all ! 1. Weapons : We have 16 Primary weapons + 9 clan weapons We have 15 Secondary weapons + 1 clan weapons We have 32 Melee or bit more + 1 clan weapons (Since there are weapons that not in the market) so We might need more primary and secondary 2. New Skills : I personally like the idea BUT i don't think some skills have to be changed OR we could have a different "torso" skin like the Helmet or the helmets could give new set powers because some ppl might not like the new skills ( because ppl are different :PP ) Trade: 1 thing about t
  2. as far oi read this post being a design council member is not that easy as it looks :$ keep up the good work ^^ and thnx for your answers :P
  3. and i was sleeping sleeping at that time so it would be nice if they post it again like the system and chasis since they was put up 2 times :| and only the helmet not why?:(
  4. There was mobile defense with infested it was awesome i hope we can get soon some maps with mobile defense against infested ^^ nice "experience" and fun too :)
  5. Every warframe, well most of them have 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 why increase the energy consumption? i don't see the point in that ( its only me ) But The damage cap is 800 for real ?:D ifu are unlucky and meet with a loki who like to disarm everything like in void and Corrupted (funky griner with gorgon) walks next to you and you are down in a few hit and the iron skin is 1 hit for the tier 3 void( or high wave defense (corpus, griner,infested) ( No , im not saying t3 void is too hard, nothing like that, i like the way it is, Cooldown could be nice, but rhino will be the only wf with cd
  6. doing it for a week now :P because there was a system and chasis so so i thought we might have a chance to get it :$ soon or like now :PPP
  7. First of all , i know vauban is hard to get warframe because its only show up in Alerts but can we get Helmet alert no not the skin :D i cant use that to make Vauban:P so if u kindly put one up for helmet that would be awesome ^^ thnx Login reward i don't think its not to have warframe blueprints since we can get them in the market and for any warframe i dont think that price is high and sorry if its a double post and someone already made this ^^
  8. Hello. I was thinking for a while about this and didn't really see any post about this or i just missed them. Sorry if that happened^^ so just hear me out Volt = Lightning Ember = Fire Saryn= Poison Rhino= Earth ( maybe just my imagination haha ) Frost = Ice ( :D ) So my suggestion on this one is Elemental warframes should get their own base resistance or something along those line im not saying they should get 100 % but in some case that wouldn't be silly either since they are using the same element as their powers Frost gets reduced shield from ice when he is clearly
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