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  1. Well plenty people were using her in Scarlet Spear because she was killing high level sentients like they were wet paper so I believe this was happening before already?
  2. Unused stasis slots got converted into companion slots that you can check in your inventory. So no, you won't see the plat back. The number before the "Open slot" will show you how many free ones you have now
  3. It blessed us with edgy dancing as well!
  4. I also got no prompt to write my e-mail. Was on full screen, after the score nothing else showed. I waited a couple minutes after it was said it would happen but nada. And am seeing those complaining that while they got the window it was too brief to write their e-mails, like a couple seconds or so.
  5. Same in the team of no e-mail popup, sadly 😞
  6. Welcome Tenno! First of all, it's easier to reach me here or on Discord (Fangs#7849) than in game due to my hours online (GMT -3). Offers are much welcome 🙂 Reminder: gender and height are RANDOM upon incubation. If you want a very tall kubrow you might need to do more than one attempt with your imprints until you reach your desirable goal. Rare kubrow colors are not present on market palettes. Each kubrow shown here is a result of my investment and mixes and tears and sacrifices to the RNG gods Rare colors have each a chance of 1.78% of happening in random in
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