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  1. Just going to state that I'm highly disappointed in the plastic-like, 1995 robot-face-looking appearance of Nora. I would have hoped you would have at least applied similar facial effects as say ANY of the NPCs on Cetus. Even the NPCs on Fortuna have better facial features when you finally see them. Looks bad, thinking about it feels bad (because Nora has been a figure in the game for a while so to seem to have only made her appearance as an after thought is crazy), and comparing to other NPCs we interact with it's just seems like DE didn't think we'd notice. If the Nightwave system is im
  2. You deserve some plat for that...and I checked there but didn't see them.
  3. I've been asking for this for almost 7 years... just simply adding it that's all! The ability to use a different scheme of movement that was around before the one that they currently use (aka Legacy). If they can't add this then IDK what anyone expects of them.
  4. I don't think so. I think it's appropriate for the skill level/mastery that you should technically have at MR 29. If you want to have an idea of the hotfix, Type [Nezha Prime Helmet] and take a good look at what's next!!! (They skipped Nezha Prime to bring us Inaros Prime if I remember right)
  5. Could we get a super-secret behind-the-scenes thing that adds this option to PS4? Thank you for reading these and not replying or even saying you'll bring it up at the next internal meeting or whatever.
  6. I really wish they would do this right now. Finish what DE are currently working on that is not a MAJOR update and just spend 1-2 months focusing on only issues. Imagine how fast they would be resolved? It wouldn't take the whole 2 months even if they 100% focused. Bring everything to a flat, stable state and THEN move on. Some of us are in the forums often enough to have an idea when people who work for DE notice us posting issues (even when they continue not to acknowledge posts with over 25 separate replies to them). We also seem to be able to tell what they'll fix first which appears
  7. With the delays that occur for PS4, is there ANY way we can know beforehand what is actually in these certs/fixes? It can set a better expectation for some of us that are tired of the extra grind just to provide stuff to subsume to the helminth, or are waiting for mods to be in the Necraloid syndicate, or are waiting for DE to implement Legacy Movement options (oh that's just 5+ years of waiting but we can continue to ask and hope that a simple movement & look options can be added right?) Some of us are waiting for these to even do anything else with Warframe and let's just say there ar
  8. I'll just put the current issue up top and you can meander through my thoughts below it, if you want: There is an issue ("issue" being a concept of what is fair or similar) with the Hydroid Rakkam Collection allowing the Carcinus Speargun Skin to be purchased in the Warframe Market separately from the collection itself. This is not a common occurrence in the Warframe Market. Collections and bundles that include warframe skins and weapons hardly ever allow the weapon skins to be purchased separately (if I really dig through all of them I might find another occurrence of this but the popul
  9. That's not really cool. I didn't pick up the Family standing Myxostomata trophy blueprint reward because I realized it was only worth 10K in standing so that reward has been sitting there. I had maxed my standing and yesterday needed space to create a new Vulp so I had to wait for reset and then purchased the Deimos Cambion Drift Captura Scene, then turned in my old Pharaoh Predasite to create a new one. I do not have both items, even though I have the standing to spend 10K and buy the trophy myself it is not important to me compared to maybe other captura scenes. The biggest point regard
  10. They didn't put that in...even though technically you can max Necraloid syndicate days before Entrati syndicate. I wonder if they even checked to see how many of us actually were sitting at max Necraloid standing before doing anything.
  11. Some of us also decided that after realizing that the trophy was worth only 10K in standing, that it wasn't worth the point of picking the reward up and left it there. I ALSO, decided to use my maxed standing YESTERDAY to buy the captura scene that DE put on the reward table. Not knowing that this hotfix #6 was going to occur, but I was at max standing and there was nothing else I wanted (or didn't have already) and I needed space to create another pet, so I had to turn in a pet I didn't want to free up companion space. Hence, I decided to buy that scene. Can we get another reward added to t
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