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  1. I think if you want to have a public group but use your own ship you have to go to your dojo and go on earth to the free flight node then navigate to where you want to go. Sorry if it doesn't work >.<
  2. So I have unlocked r9 command skill to call a RJ crew member to my normal missions with my selected weapon from my arsenal. And I noticed that they're not using Riven mods that are in their weapons mod config. ( I have not tested this in RJ missions only normal missions ). How I discovered this bug: I have a kuva kohm riven that has a riven mod with electricity dmg. The mod config I had given to my RJ crew member was a Corrosive + Fire build. But I noticed it when he was shooting it was causing Gas procs. I was very confused and went to the dry dock to check that he was on Corrosive + Fire which he was. Then I put it on a Magnetic + Tox build using my +elec riven again to make the magnetic combo. And my RJ crew member was shooting viral procs! ( Cold + Elec = Mag + Tox ) ->>( Mag - Elec = Cold + Tox = Viral ) !! I then confirmed the bug again with my Telos boltor which has a + Fire Riven. I gave it to my RJ crew member with a Gas config ( Fire + Toxin ). I took him into mission and he was causing Toxin procs! I did my testing on Mars - War against Lt Lich krill because you can clearly see what procs are being put onto him and how many. Would be great for DE to fix or say that this is intended.
  3. You finish a mission and start to navigate to the next mission and the mission complete screen showing you the rewards for the mission comes up. But you can't exit out of it leaving you stuck having to alt f4. If you open your profile you're still stuck, pressing escape does nothing, pressing exit at the bottom right does nothing. This has happened to me twice and it's very annoying especially when you find a nice squad in RJ.
  4. My advice would to always try to keep the bar at the highest it can be to keep hacking. Since there is a small time gap between pipes showing up on the map and moving to them if the heat bar starts to get low you could be stuck at the bottom for a while. Wukong is a nice frame for this since the clone helps with killing some trash mobs and his 2 allows you to navigate around a bit more easily. Titania would probably also be nice.
  5. As someone who doesn't enjoy flying my railjack I'm using a NPC crew member as the pilot. The NPC seems to be doing alright but there are some things about using the NPC that really sucks. 1. When you are in the laser cannon or slingshot it's pretty much impossible to aim at what you want to with the NPC driving. It would be nice if the game recognized a player was in one of those and the pilot would stay still and you could aim the ship, 2. Also on the new volatile game mode at the end of it you need to fire the laser cannon at the weak points of the corpus ship. The NPC doesn't know to drive into view of the weak points so you still have to manually do this. And you have to reassign your pilot to another job for just a moment so that while you're aiming the laser the NPC pilot doesn't get back in the "seat" and start flying off again. It's a bit annoying, I'm not sure if there would be a fix for this or if this is just how it has to be. 3. The Gunnery position for an NPC is pretty mediocre, but it is nice thematically. Same with the kuva lich as a defender! Unfortunately having a kuva lich as a defender taking up a crew slot (most likely a gunner position) is kinda not worth the lvl 8 command intrinsic slot. I would strongly ask that in the name of FUN & FLAVOR that the 8th command intrinsic allowed the host to have a 4th crew member slot only for a Kuva Lich seeing as they're already limited to the unmodded weapon they came with and being a defender is the least important roll since an engineer can do it. Update Feedback: The update was better for railjack overall I think. I didn't really have any reason to do any railjack and kind of still don't. I still don't enjoy flying the railjack while I do enjoy doing the various tasks like slingshotting into ships and doing the various objectives. At least now that we have the NPC crew members I can feel better about doing some railjack content by myself, where as prior to this update when I heard Sevigoth and Lich content was moving to RJ I was very opposed to the idea of flying my ship solo. Hope this feedback was helpful.
  6. 1. I know the NPCs you buy and assign get replaced if you have players on your team. But which one will get cut? Is there a priority like if you have 1 player join you will the far left get cut, or the far right, or random? 2. Does anyone know if you plan to have an npc be your railjack pilot does gunnery rating effect how well they shoot the front turrets? I know in game it says gunnery effects the swivel turrets. 3. Does Ticker show everyone the same ppl for hire or is it different for everyone? side note: it's a bit lame that on defense missions the npc crew don't come with you to do the mission like syndicate npcs.
  7. I just started using the app and haven't had any problems. I set it to make a noise without vibration and it has done so. I'd say check your apps settings (not in-app). I made sure it was sound only when I used a custom sound for it.
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