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  1. If you go to your profile you'll see kitgun heads (catchmoon, gaze, tombfinger, rattleguts) in primary as greyed out. But they will be completed in secondary. And I have kitgun primaries leveled up so it must be a bug that they're showing up at all.
  2. I just did the whole chart across the past few days. Khora whipclaw build was by far the most important build I used. You can use her for every survival, defense, interception, mobile defense. For exterminates I used a Saryn build just make sure you bring the appropriate elements on your weps for the planet. You should already know how to do the other mission types fairly easily. For Lua sentients I ended up just cutting them down with the Paracesis sword. On disruption nodes I ended up just bringing Inaros chonky hp tank and whatever your best melee is.
  3. I have no idea how to color these new infested doggo monstrosity, Post some pics below if you got a nice one. 🐕
  4. wasn't sure if to post in bugs or feedback. But yeah i think it would look really nice properly scaled
  5. Like if you take away one of his skills for Nova 1 or Mirage 3 will his clone also use those skills when you do?
  6. I been scanning them to see their weakness but when i go to the codex they're not in there
  7. I think subsuming a warframe should be free. Assuming you gathered all the pieces yourself and crafted the frame why do we need to pay to recycle it through helminth? 1. Gather the frames pieces. (x amount of time needed varying from frame to frame) 2. Build the pieces. (12 hours each, rep costs, and time gathering those resources (looking at you nitain, toroids, scintillant ect)) 3. Build the frame. (3 days and an extra resource) 4.Pay to recycle the frame in helmnith and wait a day 5. Pay again each time to apply the ability on frames. Imagine I like mak
  8. To me they sound close to this guy. I didn't think to hard on it or look anything up. perhaps I'm mistaken
  9. I can't remember the last time I used /unstuck or when someone got stuck and they said they used it that it actually worked. I remember in the past it would work well but ever since these open worlds got added /unstuck has been more and more unreliable. I've recently had more bad experiences with it than good so we need some kind of change please. -The new fishing bug where you get stuck only aiming: /unstuck doesn't work -Getting on your k drive in Cambion Drift or Orb Vallis and just falling through the world: /unstuck doesn't work -Falling through the world in general: /unstu
  10. So right now in the Helminth room there is a few Mawfish and a big Lungfish from the plains in the infested floor aquarium. I would like to put my infested fish in there! It would be so cool if some fish stayed underneath and some flew around as well. Also I haven't been able to catch the 2 rarest fish in Cambion Drift yet. I think I need the processed bait from daughter to get them but as it stands I've been putting some the red and blue bait on cave hotspots and no luck >.<
  11. You don't need a stat stick, you mod the staff in the arsenal just like Excal or Valkyr. The staff is strong, when combined with the clone also using the staff you can easily whack down kuva liches.
  12. I've been trying to farm Protea Neuroptics and so many times I go into Phobos: Skyresh (capture) and Monolith (rescue) and the console to choose a coin is turned off more often than it is on. It's just greyed out with no X to interact option. Just attempted like 8 runs and only 2 had consoles on.
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