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  1. Absolutely. I've been pacing myself throughout the whole game in my 6.5k hours played, never burned out from playing. But this update it's just on another level of grind. It is exactly what you said, a very very small amount of content time-gated and shoved into a ridiculous grind. If they can't produce a lot of content because of covid and all that, that's fine, just don't take it on us. I was really excited for the Helminth system, only to see that we cannot properly experiment with it. Because of its stupid costs and mechanichs, it's modular weapons 2.0 all over again. We were promised
  2. As soon as I got the update and I saw the level of grind introduced by this update, I haven't thouched the game since then. This was by far the worst update for me in terms of grind. At this point it's not "Ohh they got the wrong numbers", this is just intentional and how they want the game to be. Not fun. Your last question sums it all up.
  3. No it doesn't. The first mockup was made back in January in that other thread. It was made with the intent of still taking the whole screen (like the previous UI one did). Now that they still want to use this half screen UI I made another Mockup that doesn't block your view at all. Being a mockup means it was made quickly to show a -general idea- not to be added as is into the game. Obviously adding focus schools icons, allowing people to turn on/off showing sindicates that are in bad standing, sorting of loot and mods, etc should be added as well. It was a distribution mockup. The new UI
  4. This has been a problem more and more as time passes. Why invest time, maybe money when they can just suddenly nerf things to the ground (like the did several times before) and you're left with maybe a "forma" as compensation... like there has to be some stability on the game in order for people to want to invest their time in it. If they keep insisting on nerfing everything remotely exciting, people will sooner or later get tired of having their time investments thrown away.
  5. Not really, nukes frames will always be nuke frames. Having one decoy doesn't remove Mesa's LoS, You can even make it so that if you use that combo the decoy deals 50% damage and mesa deals 75% of her damage. What you're implying isn't anything that doesn't already happen now. They should've thought about all this BEFORE announcing the abilities they chose for the Helminth system. Announcing stuff and nerfing it before even release date it's stupid, and this thread shows it.
  6. Make a Decoy that copies whatever skill you use, have it deal 50% of your skill damage. So you then have a mesa that can place a copy of herself and activate her 4 and maybe shoot enemies that aren't on her PoV. Idk, they could actually come up with things to improve those abilities, nerfing these six abilities won't solve anything and if this thread shows something, is that it's causing the opposite effect, a lot of people are not happy.
  7. Ohh yay... the content isn't even out and you're already nerfing stuff left and right......... How about BUFFING and IMPROVING the least useful abilities instead? So the choice becomes a lot more difficult because everything is tempting rather than say "Oh look, a lot of mostly useless skills (seriously, who is going to pick Loki's Decoy in its current state?) I won't even bother with all this". Make it something worthwhile, if we have to re-farm warframes (it means 3 to 4 days of farming/waiting........) then you better make sure it brings something to the table. Which is exactly the o
  8. I will post what I posted on the other thread about the End of Mission UI. I don't like it, when playing the game it cuts the screen in half horizontally and it just looks bad. Then there's the fact that if you have any scalling applied to the UI, then it doesn't use the rest of the space it takes, as seen here: It could literally take 1/4 of the screen and still be able to show the same amount of information, but it doesnt and it's wasted space everywhere. It's bad design. And to make matters worse, they showed this in January: They said that they would take all the feedback give
  9. I for one don't like my screen being cut in half horizontally nor the distribution of things DE chose for it. I mean, look at how much wasted empty space there is: Why is it taking half the screen when there's no need for it? It never goes all the way down, not even if I have enough items and stuff to fill it. It only uses HALF the space it's taking. But aside from that, in game it literally cuts the screen in half and doesn't look good. I made a mockup back in january, which is this one: It used the whole screen. Now, if they are decided to not use the whole screen, then
  10. This is what they showed back in January. In this thread: After numerous opinions and complains about it they've said they would take all of that into consideration... which we now see was a lie because it's literally the same thing. I think it's horrible, it looks bad, it takes half the screen when it doesn't need to, it just feels bad. I made some mockups in that thread I linked and other people did too, any of those would have been better than this. This thing looks bad and it's bad.
  11. I too think that this story might lead in some way to Duviri, Maybe we kind of save the Heart but in the process some void stuff happens that splits reality into two parallel ones. In one the Heart is saved and we retain our powers (young operators) while in another we didn't save the Heart and we lost our powers (the old operators). So now we would exist in two planes at the same time and we have to help the latter as they find a way to fix everything from the inside of Duviri.
  12. Hey, I don't know if this is the place but I didn't get the staff skin. I got the Entrati statue but not the skin. I was at the tennocon relay the whole time but I didn't get it. Anyone with the same issue?
  13. It's been already said but the few incentives we had to run RJ missions (like the umbral forma) were removed and there's so many times you can repeat the same mission type on the same 3 maps before it becomes boring. I thought that with RJ we would be able to explore space instead of being stuck in a static background with a "path" of rocks to follow. It literally is space but it feels like a linear level. Make smaller 1 man ships and let us fly in space, inside nebulas, add more things to do and you'll have something special.
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