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  1. Necramechs don't have "raw power". They don't have even half the movement capacity that WFs have, you can't move vertically with them, most of the time you're on ground level. Your "raw power" goes away the second you can't recover energy fast to sustain it and it goes away the second you can't properly heal. WFs can sustain longer periods of time firing and attacking and quickly reposition themselves if needed. Necramechs can't. Storywise it doesn't make sense that just now they are using these new things to nulify us. But even then, what you wrote is your assumption of how things play out
  2. No, not really. You don't need to have a walking nuclear weapon from the start to have the power fantasy. It was increased in the following years, sure. But it was already there from the start. Not really. Some builds deal just as much damage with the added bonus of having healing options, energy management and all the other perks that we have while using Warframes. Not to mention that in tight spaces I'll take Warframes/Operators any day over Necramechs. No, again. That's your view of what limitations add to the game and that's what you don't seem to get. It's what you want, not ev
  3. That's exactly what they are though, Warframes but with more limitations. Which don't add anything relevant or unique that separates them from using Warframes. What can you do with Necramechs that you can't do with Warframes already and do it better? When you introduce new mechanics such as operators, they add something new, something different. They add layers to the base game. You can dash with them, they have focus abilities, they bring something different (and when they were added, they were special abilities that lasted 5 seconds, so they didn't try to replace the core gameplay, they ad
  4. Yeah no, the only part I agree with what you said is that limiting movement is limiting the player. There's a reason they removed stamina a few years ago, if it was like you say we'd still have it in Warframes yet we don't. Because it's pointless and doesn't add anything interesting or innovative, it just an artificial limit.
  5. Ohh sorry, English isn't my main language and I've seen people defending the stamina bar so it is difficult to tell what's a joke and what is not. lol
  6. That's just a lame excuse. You don't need lore to explain why a Necramesh shouldn't have stamina. Having void magic everywhere and all sorts of unexplained stuff, there is really no need for an explanation. This is just a gameplay discussion, Warframes having stamina wasn't good and Necramechs having stamina isn't good either and no amount of lore or story will change that.
  7. The problem is that we're in 2020 (well... almost 2021) and for some reason DE thought that it was fine to add a stamina bar for Necramechs. Didn't we have this conversation in the past? What's the point of doing the same thing that didn't work before? This is a fast paced action game, stop limiting movement.
  8. This, so much this. Who thought that these things would fit in this game? They don't add anything to it, any WF can do the same things but better/faster, so why add them? Then just to have some internal fun they go and add a stamina system... again? They are slow, they are wonky, they require lots of forma, but for what really? What's the point of these things? You already tried with operators DE, and the only thing they have going for them is the dashing and some of the focus abilities. But the Mechs? What do they add to the game? In what way do they make the game fun? I agree complete
  9. - WARFRAME does not allow Warframes on its last event of the year. I think this encapsulates the state of the game quite well to be honest. - How can we fight sentients using warframes going forward when you introduced this 100% Warframe nullifiers? Does this mean that Sentients will have to be fought only using Necramechs in the future? Otherwise the lore would be a mess and the sentients would look stupid not using these devices all the time. - Seriously, can you please stop making the Grineer and the Corpus braindead? Why in god's name are they fighting us? They have a literal sentien
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