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  1. Nobody is asking them to remove combos, simply to have the -option- to use quick melee.
  2. I said it when they added melee 2.9, quick melee is faster and better than combos. So yes please, bring quick melee back.
  3. It happened last month. So it's going to be a while before it comes back.
  4. I'm dissapointed with what I saw. I thought a speed frame would be all about speeding up and down. His 2 is really useless 99% of the time. Physical, heat and cold resistance? Really? His 3 will barelly do anything against high level enemies. And his 4 is really basic. His 2 should be an active aoe around Gauss that slows downs enemies and his 3 should be an aoe that speeds up enemies like a thousand times making them hit the walls (would work as a CC ability). Leave his 4 like it is, enhancing the other 3 abilities. But what they've shown is... a letdown. I was really hoping for a full speed frame, and Gauss doesn't seem to be that.
  5. It's the new player experience rework they've talked about. It's not about new war nor a movie.
  6. If DE were being nice they wouldn't have released Hildryn in the market alone for a week, they would've released her at the same time free users can farm her. As it has -always- been the case. They made this event with the excuse of being a community one (without there being any reason to) so that Hildryn could be time-gated and people who wanted to play her would have no other choice but to buy her. If it was for the story, they would've hold on adding her in the market until the boss fight was available for everyone. But they didn't, and that's what people should be focusing on.
  7. Yeah, no more time-gating content please.
  8. Bring back quick melee as a toggle. I've actively avoided using full melee and combos for the past 5 years because they go against the flow of combat, animations are slow, some type of weapons make you stop for a second due to the third attack. Quick melee allows for a better gun and melee combination, it's faster and it doesn't move my warframe everywhere as it does combos. Please, bring back quick melee as a toggle, I don't want others to stop enjoying the new system, I just want to keep playing as I played for the past 5 years. For me, this new system is slow and unintuitive, and it's not fun.
  9. I think most of the issues would be resolved if you made each week's challenges stay active for as long as the season lasts. So anyone can start and complete them even if they joined mid-season. The problem with the 60 minutes ones would be mostly solved if you had up to 10 weeks instead of just one week. Basically like most battle passes where each week has new challenges added but the previous ones remain active too.
  10. I don't know... Helmets aren't accesories so I don't think this is the correct way to go. DE can't win with this, if they make it farmable down the road, people that bought the prime access will complain. If they don't, everyone who can't get the helmet will complain. I think the correct thing to do is to confirm -now- whether we will be able to farm this later or not. So people can buy it knowing beforehand.
  11. I had the achievement unlocked (both on Steam and in-game), but my grame crashed when returning to Fortuna (the only crash I've had in a very long time). When I got back into the game, the in-game achivement was locked again but the Steam one remains unlocked. Now I'm stuck with 29/30 in-game. And since we're on the subjet of achievements, the "Joyride" one is locked on Steam but unlocked in-game. I think the easiest solution would be to run a little check once a week to see what achievements need updating both in-game and in Steam.
  12. I just got in and played for a bit, so maybe the server issues might be region-related.
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