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  1. Why aren't the repairing costs being changed? The reactor changes are good but the costs of everything in railjack are completely insane.
  2. I want to think that she's talking about the wreckage values, not the already repaired ones and also about the repaired ones that are below 90. Those will be re rolled and the rest will be left as they are. If not yeah, it will a nerf to many people and I don't think they need a bunch of new people complaining (rightfully so) about their nerfed reactors.
  3. Because with these changes, zetki reactors are still going to be the easiest to get. Which will be a step in the progression towards the lavan mk3 or the vidar mk3. But this will only work IF and only IF they greatly reduce the repairing costs of all tiers. So that everyone can actually try out different equipment without having to spend hours upon hours just to repair 1 single item.
  4. Yeah but they are blueprints for al intends and purposes. You need materials to build/repair them, you have to wait 12 hours for them to finish crafting/repairing and you can rush them. There's literally no difference between regular BPs and wreckage. They exists in a limited capacity (30) because they function like rivens, each one has a different RNG stat, and like rivens, that costs capacity on their servers. The problem is that there was really no need for wreckage to have RNG stats and if they didn't have them, we would be able to have an infinite number of wreckage like we do with regular BPs. But they decided to go this way even though a lot of people are telling them it's not a good decision.
  5. What you bought is capacity for repaired items, not for the blueprints.
  6. They could post here on the forums telling us exactly what the plans ahead are. They obviously won't implement everything in 1 day, but if we have a clear vision of what are their plans then there wouldn't be so many people complaining. And besides, if they had the time to halve enemies armor and increase their health (changing numerical values) they could have EASILY halved resources costs because that's too changing numerical values. But they didn't...
  7. Seriously, what is even happening at DE? It's this the entire goal of RJ? To be extremely grindy with insane costs to repair 1 single item when you can get a better one on the next mission? What's the point of not reducing drastically the costs of repairing? Is it because you don't have more content ready to add to railjack and so you want people to farm and farm and farm? What's the point of adding the repair drones to the reward tables if you're going to have to win the lottery to get one with that 0.25% chance? What's the point of blocking intrinsics gains? It doesn't even make sense and some people who aren't maxed CAN'T even get more because it's bugged... and now comes the weekend so those people are stuck completely until you fix it. What's the point of having only 30 slots for what's basically BLUEPRINTS? That's why you don't want to even talk about the RNG stats? Because if there weren't any RNG stats, there wouldn't be a need for slots, right? (Like the rivens that having RNG stats and thus, needing slots)... What's the point of nerfing all the archguns? What's the point of nerfing the only decent weapon instead of buffing the rest? What's the point of taking so long to add auto-vacuum or a far bigger one? Seriously, you're the only developer that I see has such a big issue with vacuum. What's the point of having 4% drops that can be WORSE than the non-rng stuff? Because every single one of these things can be reduced to the same one thing, you want us to waste time. Almost 30 pages on yesterday's hotfix and you completely and utterly ignored every single thing that has been said. Instead you "fixed" minor stuff AND nerfed our weapons even more. If you want people to spend time (and money) playing this game, RESPECT the player's time and money and stop changing every single good thing and nerfing it into the ground. There's no stability whatsoever, and that's not good.
  8. This has been happening for a while now. There's no button to change the energy colors of pets, which is really annoying tbh.
  9. Well said. I think most people were expecting buffs after the Holiday break as almost everyone agreed on the issues of RJ, yet the first hotfix they sent it's to nerf weapons, buff enemies' EHP, remove rush drones and put them in the rewards rotation (with a legendary droprate of 0,25% so good luck getting those) and no changes whatsoever to the insane costs of repairs. It truly feels like they have no clue at all.
  10. Absolutely, but Warframe is quickly becoming a game where any time/money you spent on something is wasted because it will get nerfed in the next hotfix. There's no stability, they're constantly nerfing stuff left and right. With the insane costs, repairing stuff isn't worth the time (It wasn't before either, but now that's the only way to repair something if you're not lucky enough to win the lottery and get one repair drone from a mission reward.......).
  11. I'm not repairing anything else. Not gonna waste time farming insane amounts of resources to repair ONE single item. This is simply absurd, there's no two ways about it.
  12. Not really, now you pay 20 but you have to spend all those resources. So you can't rush anything if you don't have the required insane costs of repairing.
  13. And they have just enough asterite to repair 7 parts, after all this time. Only 7 parts. The issue is the repair costs, they are insane. Doesn't matter if playing extremely long sessions (probably with boosters) nets you 8k asterite, it's beyond normal levels of grind.
  14. Is this how you want people to play less and less of RJ? The FIRST thing you should've done is to reduce the excessively high costs of repairing, not nerfing our Cryophons. You say that you halved armor but with the increased health and the nerfs now it takes LONGER to kill enemies. What are you even doing? Seriously, this is bad.
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