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  1. Like some else said probably just habit. I enjoy a lot of the new things but I quickly get reminded why I don’t like the game anymore; the grind sucks, they some times give you missions that makes you just not want to play the game but you have to do 30+ times just so you can get the loot you are looking for. Constantly nerfing all the gear that I worked hard to get because it’s too strong. Nerfing farming efficiency because to them content is locking something behind time gates with .2% drop chance. And bugs, soooo many bugs... there is a lot of good in here though but those things make me wonder why I still stick around. May be one day I will just say screw it and blow up my account.
  2. To nitpick Nezha is a “he” with said i like Hildryn a lot but I feel like she lacks in a very important category, synergy. Most of it was covered by the OP so I am not going to repeat it. It think DE took the wrong approach in designing her; it’s clear that they wanted to make a mainly shielded-tank Warframe work and they’ve achieved that but it came at the cost of abilities that don’t work with each other. I think the ultimate fear was that they didn’t want to make her overpowered or unkillable and she feels awkward to use at times, animations that constantly interrupt gameplay and abilities that feel half useful.
  3. Hey everyone, I decided to show my face for once!
  4. So umbra is finally coming too, nice. Steve is probably pulling his hair out when she promised it this week.
  5. Wow, those changes look great! I am a bit scared of hidden nerfs but the current concepts sound awesome. I love saryn, one of my more used frames (150k kills since her rework) so I am very much looking forward to this.
  6. It’s like they make game modes and then wonder why players refuse to play them. It’s nonesense like this. You waste your time making game modes that players won’t want to play after the first month.
  7. And here I thought I could actually have fun while focus farming. Thanks DE, back to stupid stealth farming instead. -___-
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