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  1. The matchmaking for this is impossible, between players being confused to players not wanting to sign up for the long haul to menu's getting disabled and people just disconnecting...
  2. Been helping newbies on low level missions.
  3. Took me a long time but they spawned in. They are harder to spot this time around.
  4. Yeah this is ridiculous, the drop chance is a complete joke and there are like 4 rare mods.
  5. If they change the resource amount then they would need to refund the difference back to the players that already invested on it.
  6. Congrats, my only problem with Steel Path is that by the end of it you don't get anywhere near the essence needed for all the stuff in the shop. :/
  7. The new vault missions give a ton argons. I have resource booster because of all the new resources along with a Smeeta Kavat and I had 48 argons when I went to use the hemlith (I wasn't farming argons),
  8. To add to this list why is that when I call my 2nd+ voidrig at half health??? what purpose does it serve to gimp it like this? I've never had my archwing at half health. its pretty hard to heal it as is too. Why the "stamina" bar? I thought DE had already learned that doesn't belong in this high mobility game. Seems to me like another clear case of overbalancing.
  9. yeah the ultimate deletes both enemies and your frame rates.
  10. Same here, have not gotten my gun yet either.
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