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  1. Congrats, how many of the Lich ones did you actually farm? I have done a ton of liches and have just one to show for it.
  2. The amount of salt in this thread... Either way congrats on MR 28. I am not actively trying to get to it but should be there in a few weeks.
  3. I know about the damage type I mean the % of the buff, thats random.
  4. You forgot complete RNG on the guns and their buff, and if you don't want that particular weapon you still have to do the grind and hope you get what you are looking for. I agree with you OP this completely over done.
  5. I forgot to mention the farm for Grendel. I was able to get each mission done in one run each but at least one thing needs to be changed; On my survival mission Stalker decided to show up... the guy is ABSURDLY tanky with no Tenno or mods at your disposal. Took us a long, LONG time of running around like headless chickens to finally vanquish him with damage. In the end two of my squad mates were so demoralized that they abandoned the mission so I had to finish it with a friend. I can’t imagine the hell that solo players have to go through to finish this. Please remove death squads from spawning in mission.
  6. I have been playing this warframe for many hours now and its really underwhelming. The massive health pool masks what is a rather poorly working warframe. His first ability gauzzels energy, even with a max efficiency + duration build. His 2nd ability recharges very little health, you have to consume a lot of enemies to give you back all the health back (added problem since his 1 is already an energy hog). His 3 is entertaining but in reality it does almost nothing., bad CC, bad damage and it requires two forms or resources (energy and consumed enemies). His 4 is probably the worst, I honestly don't understand the logic behind this design. Warframe is game about speed, power, mobility and control all of which is completely absent in Pulverize. This ability in its current design does NOTHING in the game, I can move faster and be more agile without this power. I can do do more damage and even control if just decided to melee. About the only thing it does better is take damage but that's not saying much since Grendel has a massive health pool + armor to begin with. Biggest issue with Grendel is the energy efficiency when we already have to deal with a 2nd energy resource.
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