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  1. I dont have a picture of it but it was mod that did negative damage, was so bad that it actually healed enemies when hit... Shy actually made a video of one her rivens, de changed it IIRC:
  2. This is very hard for me to answer since I use all the warframes. But if I had to make a list I have to put these. Ash - My favorite warframe, I like his play style as a Stealth Assassin. I play a lot alone so being a solo assassin feels fits me well. Saryn - 2nd favorite, she is an absolute monster, been a huge fan since her 2nd rework. Melts everything. Nyx - Till this day she is my most used warframe. I like her because she manipulates the battlefield but she does feel a bit outdated. Inaros - A health tank, this guy has carried me through many missions, being able to ju
  3. The issue is constantly having to sell the same game to players over and over again. Without unique, innovative ideas the game would die of repetitiveness and stagnation. This leads us to have content islands with gated resources and rewards.
  4. The matchmaking for this is impossible, between players being confused to players not wanting to sign up for the long haul to menu's getting disabled and people just disconnecting...
  5. Been helping newbies on low level missions.
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