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  1. MageSkeleton

    Stalker and Void Sabotage

    So i was just entering the portal into the Europa tileset "Lynx assasination" part of the Void Sabotage mission to get the "void key" to shut down the "torshion beam device" and stalker flashes his intro message. Upon finishing and the other guy in the team puts in the "key", the countdown happens and by the time it finishes, i had a suspicioun that Stalker was not programmed for this. So instead of stalker dying (on the other side) i go into operator mode just to see if he does his "pull" thing. And he does. As soon as he pulls me, my operator goes through death animation. Then 2 seconds later pulls my frame to the other side and because DE didn't want people to just be stuck on the other side ALIVE the tileset is filled with "Death zones" so stalker gets his "winning" message because he effectively used an exploit to kill me. Is it possible to report an NPC for cheating? i guess in the same viene one could argue when life support hits 0% all the enemies should also be effected and brought to "low HP" but they do not. Who knew that in a game where PvE is the main concern to balance DE managed to allow the NPC enemies to do whatever they want without recourse. Amazing how "rare" this is. Stalker is so nerfed this seems to be the only way he can kill me anymore, by exploiting the game.
  2. MageSkeleton

    We NEED Forma 2.0

    i hope it's safe to post another thread in a relevant thread, because this topic seems to be brought up time and time again and it seems DE is not interested in changing how "often" you can get forma's. i find it interesting that this thread is archived and here's to hopeing this contributes to this thread's discussion and maybe people (or someone) needs to spend time to investigate every FORMA forum thread ever made to get a better idea of DE's thinking because you'll notice also that this topic has never been brought up on any Devstream and i doubt it's ever been a topic in the Workshop. Would be a simple change, or even to make relics where the rare reward is a full built FORMA. It does seem rather odd that they want people to continue playing WARFRAME but i'm sure there are people who want to "improve" their gaming experience by adding polarities to their stuff and forget to log in every 24ish hours just to claim one of their many forma bp's they spent time to farm up. It's an interesting notion that WARFRAME is actually losing players because of the 24 hour build time. it doesn't help that DE finds someone to "showcase" their game and the person is never informed about the nightmares of FORMA.
  3. What i don't understand is DE has all the other buffs (Such as Smeeta's charms) while you go into Archwing or K-drive so why can't the Health Conversion persist?
  4. MageSkeleton

    Warframe Servers Maintenance Incoming!

    i'm still waiting for the "Quick" update. i cannot enjoy warframe until that happens it seems. RIP Plague Star progress. I keep getting host migrated to "lost connection to host" and no it's not a ping issue nor a region issue. And seems there are certain people who can invite me and others (particularly those in my clan, alliance, or friends list) can send me an invite but cannot party up.
  5. MageSkeleton

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Revenant feels like it's doing things it's not supposed to do. This new Eidolon better do the Mutalist Alad V thing and cause us to attack each other or i'm gonna be mad. Revenant is "based off" the eidolon... so how about making him based off the eidolon? (i know! such a concept). How about we revamp Revenant entirely, because lets face it, the only thing he does that makes you think "EIDOLON" is when he presses 4. PASSIVE: Gains 5 Overshield per second 1st ability: Moa stomp; cause a shockwave with a 360 radius effected by duration similar to Nova's MP and range effects how far the enemies are tossed, enemies take damage based on how far they went, and if they hit a wall, objects are destroyed when an enemy hits any. OR just make it similar to Banshee's 1 but a 360 radius that only effects enemies touching the ground. SECOND ability: Teleport; Not Teleport as in Ash's teleport, more of a phasing type teleport. Effected by range this ability will send you a random direction however far your power range is onto a "solid" part of the map, including up or down as long as players are meant to be there. 3rd ability: WHALE!!! Revenant sends out 3 bursts (increases with duration, effected by range) which magnetize the area, each enemy hit restores 20% of his health and if health is full starts giving shields and oversheilds. (eventually there would be an augment so this ability strips enemy armor). 4th abilty: Lasers of doom, stays what it is right now.
  6. MageSkeleton

    [PC Update 23.5: Mask of the Revenant] Bug Report Megathread

    ok, purchase mask. go out to plains where your looking at the eidolon tribute rock from the south, interact with white spot that should be to your left. go back to cetus, do the bounties and get all 3 parts. go to lake north of the big lake interact with white dot and wait while nakak talks. kill thing done
  7. MageSkeleton

    Bro Bro Power Rangers

    Power Rangers are supposed to basically be the same with only color change, except for Green. Other than that 2/8
  8. MageSkeleton

    Bad Luck?

    i think you should take a F6 screenshot of your imprints you hopefully got from all those kubrows and post them for viewing and make a Support ticket, i myself am trying to get a Golden Kubrow for myself but i keep hatching Blue kubrows (though with other variations) and i'm getting really sick of Blue and Grey kubrow's. If you had bought the 5 eggs at the same time with plat it's possible that the RNG is established at the time you acquired them. You probably have a super computer that was able to assign the SAME RNG for all 5 of them. just guessing.
  9. MageSkeleton

    Building Warframe: The Opticor

    You know how the Bows/Crossbow(s) has that thunderbolt mod? the Opticor needs to do that standardly. AND go through all enemies to hit the ground standard without needing punch through mod (except where punch through effects hitting enemies that have Mobile Snow Globe or Nullifiers. When you fire this cannon, you automatically get knocked down. You know how with the Event Puncture mod you can have it do about 8k damage easily? well this thing should easily do about 20k damage with just the standard Serration, Split Chamber, 2 element mods. Put Heavy call on this thing, and remember, if you have split chamber on it it will blast in several different random directions upon shooting. It should be similar to the Ogris, where it charges up and you can wait to actually "shoot". However, add effect so if you hold the charge for too long the thing blows up with a radial blast and yes, it would knock you down but do damage to anything around you. And your shields should be zapped away. AND those are my thoughts on how the Opticor should work.
  10. MageSkeleton

    Hotfix 15.13.1

    Would be nice if all weapons got a revamp.... I had noticed that the Kohm doesn't shoot as rapidly as it had before the update/hotfix.
  11. MageSkeleton

    Let's Meet: Greg Tchjen

    Why not give him thick base enabling legs? some ground to put some force into his hits? Less grip on the ground means less impact otherwise with those legs you'd have to give him some real ninja-esk momentum for each of his attacks, probably similar to the Zanuka things. Otherwise it'll be another game logic fail. "Find pipe wrench on ground"..... "cannot pickup wrench because it's part of the map.... the monster is eating your corpse now".
  12. MageSkeleton

    Vivergate: Vent Radioactive Gas Y/n

    There is a youtube video a player who goes by "Mogomu" uploaded. If anyone would be alright with watching it he brings up valid points and suggestions with how to create solutions. I don't know Mogomu, i fully hope this is purely informational and enlightening in a few paths that can be taken. Regardless if the DE's decide on a different path to take, i'm just saying he brings up some valid points and his opinions aren't too badly thought. Everyone who understand the mechanics of Warframe and applied they're knowledge were not intending to abuse the system (or so i would hope). But to enjoy the game. i like the suggestions he has about "nerfing" the warframes, you reward players with different mechanics of a new rewards system. Getting rep points for these new "Syndicates" shouldn't be solely on expereince gain per mission and/or specific "alert missions". I am not a fan of games that picks a number and adds lots of zeros, The game should be a fun shooter game, not a grind fest. It's my personal opinion that rep points should be rewarded as of extra points for each headshot you do, melee kill, stealth kill, etc. If i may reiterate, this is just an idea. If it's not that good of an idea then hope it wasn't a waste of time to veiw/look at.
  13. MageSkeleton

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #28!

    (facepalm) I'm saying in general. this is great that the sound team did a great job with doing and redoing sounds. But there are other issues i would really like to see fixed or addressed that i felt was supposed to be higher priority. I'm not saying this was a waste of time or energy or anything. This is great stuff they did. But i was saying "personally" there are other things that should be addressed. I understand they may already be working on those other issues and stuff. "They" being the appropriate team whom would deal with what i'm wishing to see progress in. Please don't attack me for leaving a personal opinion. I get that you felt you needed to make this observation, thank you captain oblivious.
  14. MageSkeleton

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #28!

    Personally, and this is only my personal opinion. The sounds currently in use were fine. There are holes and connection issues that should be addressed.
  15. MageSkeleton

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    There should be a special "MOD" section added to the game of "Currupted mods". These rare mods should be acquired the same way any currupted mod would. And you should ONLY ever have ONE currupted mod in the "HELMET" slot EVER at a time (regardless of points). Yes you should be able to increase the item to a max point. ON THE OTHER HAND. More potatoes for home country. Win metal for home country. Do Squats for home country!!! [youtuber reference meant purely for fun. I am not claiming anything. References are to be of whomever the references are from. ]