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  1. i know this is not the first time someone's made a thread like this or constructive criticism like this, however, the problem is Warframe is still a FTP platform. They have to do things and MAKE SACRIFICES so people buy and spend platinum (in game currency). Yes it would be nice to have a system so we can get better rewards, but then no one would play their game because it would just be too easy to get things. i could argue that i know of certain assasinations and mission types that can be its own "sortie" like a super or ultra sortie you can do once a week. and yes this is where you can
  2. The work around for this currently is now people are required to have a NOVA and/or a LOKI which can move the drone. I am currently not aware of any other frames that can move "things" and i feel that DE should look into making a DPS frame since we have Support and CC covered by these 2 frames already so when things like this happen we can have a work around with having a frame that's meant to do damage with it's powers such as Ember, Equinox and Mesa.
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