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  1. Titania's Spellbind can actually be used on the Dargyn pilot while it's still in the vehicle, so you can suspend them while their vehicle goes flying off by itself. That said, I'm pretty sure a few times I've done this and it still didn't count for the challenge properly so there's still something weird going on here. There used to be fixed, grounded Dargyn pilots in pairs, but for some reason DE decided to remove that. Now I fly around in archwing at normal speed around the sides of the map, looking for grounded ones. Also keep an ear open for that flying craft sound effect -- sometimes it's a dropship, but sometimes it's a Dargyn. It's also worth pointing out that lately, it seems the "headshots from 100m+ away" rivens have had their descriptions changed to 75m for some reason, but they still actually require 100m+. I reported this in the past few weeks, but it still seems to be in game last I checked; hopefully it'll be fixed by the next major update in two days.
  2. I wonder if we'll be able to use necramechs during this iteration of Plague Star? It's probably not a game-breaker but using our mechs as intended to mow down hordes of Infested could actually be kinda fun, at least for a while.
  3. I was thinking the past few days that there ought to be some kind of relic categorization system. I know some players are going to think they're such hard workers because they're not "lazy" and know how to search, but it really gets annoying sometimes trying to remember which obtusely-named relic has what. There's the search, but sometimes it's about selecting the relics you don't want, e.g. if you're looking for forma fodder but don't want to burn through relics that have good vaulted stuff. Simply searching for "forma" doesn't really help narrow anything down, as I'm sure most players realize. Also, I haven't played on consoles but I imagine using the search keyboard is a little less convenient on those. There's also the matter of certain vaulted parts being spread across relic rarities due to new unvaults shifting things around. For example, my Neo whatever with Mesa Neuroptics might look valuable, except I also have a huge stack of Lith with the same thing, but I can't always see or remember that when selecting a relic for a mission. I was thinking it could be as simple as right-clicking a relic to fade it out, but moving it to the top of the stack works too -- a simple way to mark less-desired relics. For more specialized hunts, you use the search.
  4. Congrats! You've spotted Nekros, the thread reviver! But yeah, I would like this as well. The Prime revolvers are nice, but I want my Hellsing magnums back.
  5. HELLO The current state of defensive stats in Warframe heavily favor armor, health, and health regen abilities. Shields are heavily neglected to the point that it's actually more beneficial to have the smallest shield pool possible in order to take advantage of shield gate invulnerability -- using a Decaying Dragon Key gives you more benefit than actually making a shields build. It's a neat trick, but I don't want to have to build every frame this way. Also, changing the behavior of the Decaying Dragon Key would really just be a bandaid fix, because shields would still be at a general disadvantage. Right now, shields have 1.3s of invuln upon a full shield gate break, and 0.33s on a partial break, regardless of your shield pool size. Furthermore, the recharge start delay is 4s, no matter what; there are no mods to reduce this. Shields have a base damage reduction of 25%, with no other ways to increase this. My basic idea is that increasing shield pool size should affect all these things. I'm not so great with math anymore, but here are a few conceptual formulas to consider: Shield gate invulnerability time: formula DOES include overshields, and caps out at 2 sec so Hildryn's shield is still special. Shield gate abuse builds still get a small reflex window, but this gives more incentive to actually slot shield mods, and group shield buffing abilities actually help these players more. An invulnerability window of 1.5s or more is not amazing, especially considering the time or situational resources needed to fully replenish that pool. Ideally, the invuln time would scale dynamically based on the most recent max shield pool, e.g. if my max shields are 900 but I only replenish 300, I would still get a grace period of 1 sec. formula: 2s / (s + 300), where s=maximum shield pool value (including overshields in this case) 150: 0.67sec 300: 1.00s (median unmodded shield pool size at rank 30) 600: 1.33s 900: 1.50s 1500: 1.67s 3000: 1.82s 4500: 1.88s Shield recharge delay: formula does not include overshields. Everyone gets a bonus here, even unmodded newbies -- let's face it, 4 seconds is pretty harsh in the modern state of the game, especially when you have to spend additional 10-15 seconds recharging the shield pool passively, or 4-5 seconds with TWO mods, and shield restoration techniques don't actually make this start faster. Max practical reduction is about 1-1.5 seconds, or 2.5-3 seconds wait time. formula: 4 - (2s / s + 1000) 150: 3.74sec 300: 3.54s 600: 3.25s 900: 3.05s 1500: 2.80s 4500: 2.36s Shield damage taken: formula does not include overshields, and ideally would also reduce damage of toxin as well. Max damage reduction would be around 50%. formula: 0.75 - (0.3s / s + 1000) 150: 71% 300: 68% 600: 64% 900: 61% 1500: 57% 4500: 50% Feel free to throw out your own ideas or math out there. I just want shields to matter, man.
  6. The bug is pretty simple: a pistol riven with the requirement of "12 enemies with headshots from at least 75m away" was actually 100m+. The riven was received from today's sortie. I equipped it on a Kuva Seer, and used a Rubico Prime to accomplish the actual task. I was in Plains of Eidolon free roam using the Eagle Eye (+40% zoom) mod, and Itzal's stealth, so... not exactly a difficult task. Headshots at 75-99m didn't seem to work no matter how many times I tried. I actually got the riven from someone else who had given up in frustration. I have never seen a 75m riven before today, so I tried it at 100m+ instead, and it unlocked just fine. I wish I'd gotten a video but I hope the explanation is enough.
  7. Same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago once or twice. As far as I can tell, there isn't a reliable way to reproduce this. I don't think I ever did anything special to take down the candidates, because they're weak anyways. As shown in the pic, I used Mag Prime and a Stahlta. It was maybe a 10% occurrence at most so not incredibly bad, but still a waste of time if you're not willing to take a gamble.
  8. A specific area on Orb Vallis caused a bounty mission failure twice. First was in a two-person party with a Lv40-60 bounty, and second time was solo in a 30-50 bounty. Steps taken both times: 1. Receive bounty from Eudico (second failure was the Synth Reflex series of bounty rewards) 2. Go outside, start bounty chain as normal. 3. IF this specific "exterminate enemies in the area" objective shows up at Grow Site, fly in via Archwing. Mission should fail upon entering, but the enemy kill counter will still be in the UI on the left (not shown; screenshot was taken afterwards). Mission already failed, so nothing happens upon completing objective. Note that there is a key and console to interact with that spawns in the same spot, and I think it is interfering somehow. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the original objective. If I pick up the key and put it in the console, it triggers some dialogue and increased spawn, but nothing else seems to happen
  9. The SPY vault bug in particular is incredibly annoying and has been in the game for quite some time now. If you do a bounty that contains a spy vault, complete it, and then you use the mission guy standing outside Fortuna, the spy vaults do NOT reset. If you get another series of bounties and it contains another spy objective, you will not be able to complete it. If you complete a spy vault, it's best to return to Fortuna and get another one from Eudico.
  10. The affliction That's the curse for the modern man If you believe then you can't be wrong Reject all the opposing opinions And carry on
  11. 100% reproduction rate: 1. Use Mirage Prime; I don't have normal Mirage to test 2. Equip the Total Eclipse augment mod (applies Eclipse ability to others in a radius around her). 3. Use abilities Eclipse, and Hall of Mirrors, in either order 4. Clones will be visible for duration of abilities, will not fade as normal, continuously obstructing the player's view and aim. Additionally, the Eclipse "shining" sound effect is amplified multiple times and much more intense and annoying. Conditions: in Simulacrum, solo, regardless of min or max graphics settings, whatever PC game build is current as of posting this. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/zQQdV0c.png I should point out that this is VERY similar to something that happens even without Total Eclipse equipped, but that seems to happen randomly, seemingly mostly in multiplayer with someone else as host. It's been about a week since I last got a screenshot of this, so I can't know if it's fixed or what... but it's been a bug for as long as I can remember. Note how the intense shimmer effect of the previous screenshot is missing: July 26: https://i.imgur.com/HqjWVMv.png July 21: https://i.imgur.com/iLIV8EI.png
  12. I'm one of those people that actually likes it. It gives weapons more individual characteristics and gives them a kind of quirk or finesse to use, rather than have every single weapon work exactly the same way. We have weapons with things like spool-up accuracy and manual detonation, both of which could be removed in favor of making them into more "standard" weapons, but that's just a slippery slope into mind-numbing mediocrity. The Quatz is actually my most-used secondary (12%), and the one-click action for a secondary fire is MUCH faster than using a third button to toggle on/off, with the drawback of making it slightly more difficult to use aimed auto-fire -- a drawback that's very quickly minimized once you get used to the pistol. The magazine size of the Quatz/Quartakk/Diplos is way more than big enough to manage a few missed shots when you auto-fire aim. It's a slight trade-off in efficiency for speed. You may not LIKE the Tenet Diplos, but you don't have to -- there are other weapons that do exactly what you want. If it was a toggle, how many people do you think would legitimately use it frequently for a wimpy two-shot, incredibly slow travel time homing burst, as opposed to just keeping with the flow and aiming down the sights? How much DPS opportunity cost would you pay to toggle it on and off like that? It would be nearly pointless when primary fire is so much more efficient, and people would just end up using it like a Corpus Twin Stubbas... except with projectile travel time. The Tenet Diplos' on-aim alt-fire gives it a unique flavor that's not for everyone, and that's okay. If you think about it, the Tenet Diplos may be tailor-made for "acrobatic" frames like Mirage who may spend a lot of time in the air to avoid fire, aim gliding. Additionally, her clones turn it into a six-shot burst, making it much more formidable. Maybe it's a niche-use weapon, but it's more interesting than another set of trite bullet hoses. The Corinth is my most-used primary at 17%, while I don't use the Corinth Prime, I appreciate the effort that went into making it a side-grade rather than a strict "more numbers" upgrade. I like the ability to partial reload, and I like the more hands-off approach of the secondary fire, even if it does less damage. It's nice to have options, you know? Just like we have warframes that are more graceful in the hands of a skilled player, we have weapons that act the same. If you like bullet hoses, there's the Kuva Twin Stubbas. If you like homing explosives, there's the Sepulcrum, Akarius, and Cyanex. If you're an outlier, there's the Tenet Diplos.
  13. I've probably already mentioned these too many times but I really like the System Shock 2 laser pistol. The alt-fire fires a less efficient, but highly damaging overcharge bolt with delayed fire rate, and with some pretty satisfying sound effects. Normal fire shoots semi-auto weaker, but more ammo-efficient shots. We have various laser pistols already in the game, but they're not quite the same experience. Here's to hoping they'll make an enhanced version of the Plinx with a secondary mode that fires its entire battery in a similar fashion -- Star Wars hand-cannon blaster, anyone? (primary fire) (overcharge shot - vid shows a rapid fire trick using multiple guns) And then there's the Scorpion pistol from Mass Effect 3, which fires sticky, delayed-explosion mines. I think DE tried to make the Zakti Prime's sound effect a bit like it, but it's still sadly lacking in the "satisfying explosion" department. (video 2) That said, I suppose we already have plenty of explosive secondaries to keep most people satisfied; the Kulstar is a blast to use, and even the Kompressa is surprisingly fun and effective. Also, the Spirex really ought to have a punchier sound effect that actually sounds like a sci-fi "rail gun" -- refer to the System Shock 2 laser pistol again. Also, I just wish burst weapons were more satisfying to use. Most fire off their rounds so fast that you can't really "feel" or hear the burst much. Sadly, most of fun-sounding burst weapons are Grineer rifles that have long since been heavily outclassed. The best way to get the burst weapon experience is to use a full auto weapon and... just fire in bursts. Better examples I can think of are the Sybaris and Kuva Hind. I just wish there were some chunky burst pistols that didn't sound like dollar-store firecrackers. Here's my favorite pistol from Parasite Eve 2, the M93R. I enjoy the Kuva Kraken sometimes, but it's not really the same at all.
  14. Equip loot radar and loot vacuum mods, use Smeeta Kavat (if you have one) with its special lucky mod, equip a wide-radius explosive weapon, and do any level void exterminate mission. Visit all the side rooms and blow up all the containers through the walls with your explosives, and while you're doing this, the enemies have small chance to drop Argons as well.
  15. Suggestion: Sister spawn duration should be increased Reason: Corpus Treasurers also spawn approximately the same time as the Sisters do, and considering we now have an additional step in obtaining a Corpus "lich," it's really more player friendly to keep the Sister around longer so we don't have to rush to keep a viable number of Zenith Crowns AND try to not fail the Sister/Lich objective. Most players are probably frustrated enough that they have to deal with the Granum Void in the first place. On that point, I don't remember there ever being a timer on how long a Kuva Lich larvling lasts -- I always just took my time and it was waiting for me. Either it was a good enough timer, or there wasn't a limit at all... so why is there a time limit on the Sisters?
  16. I came here to report this as a bug because I thought that reverting to the previous roll had bugged out. I lost a decent roll because of this. I couldn't "see" the arrow because I thought it was part of the background -- it's the same color as the big star/shard thing. Who in the world thought this was a good idea? The previous method was so much more intuitive. And I really hope Teshin's 50k Kuva hasn't been removed from the rotation.
  17. did you folks try lowering all graphics settings to minimum as mentioned before? This game surprisingly supports resolution as low as 800x600, and if your computer can't cut it with that, then well... On top of that, you can go into your GPU control panel and change create a profile for Warframe, and set everything to minimum there too. The game will look terrible, but it's just for now. As a last ditch, you can try one of those "game optimizers" that close out a lot of unnecessary background stuff in your OS to squeeze every last bit of memory and CPU cycles for the game.
  18. I might as well post this here; feel free to add your own tips: After finishing each page, go back to your orbiter and read the comic sitting next to the Codex. Mag Locks (7500 standing, Ventkids Rank 1) adds +30% "grind magnetism," which may help with grinds. Inertia Dampeners (12,500 standing, Rank 3) adds a "+4 point multiplier to trick score". Not sure how much it helps, but I was able to do the 50-point tricks just by charge-jumping in place. If that doesn't work, just jump off a hill and hold the trick as long as possible. The mods are tradeable in case you have any friends who are willing to buy them for you, but they shouldn't be necessary for any of this. You can only use a secondary weapon on the K-Drive, so equip something you're comfortable making headshots on. Hit your weapon swap button to equip it. 3000+ standing in a single K-Drive race: This should be easy; find the longest K-Drive race you can, often the ones at the edges of the map. Every day there's usually at least one that gives 4-5k or more in one race. Fortuna races are very forgiving so you can drop to normal speed or even hop in your archwing if you mess up. Tricks during the race may increase score(?) Backside Skyrocker (Page 3 and other three-button tricks): Press and HOLD the first two buttons, then HOLD all three, e.g. Left + LMouse, then Left + LMouse + RMouse. Make sure to release the buttons before you hit the ground! 500+ points in a K-Drive trick chain: Exit Fortuna, take a left, and find the big pipe behind the building. Jump up and grind this pipe (press Shift before landing on it). While grinding, charge up your jump, and before the end, jump, switch directions, and grind the same pipe again. You'll get about 500 points per grind. This also works for the 20-second trick time on Page 5. 5 seconds of air-time: Get in your Archwing, fly straight up. Switch to your K-Drive via gear wheel or hotkey, and enjoy your flight. Holding Left Mouse or other tricks may slow your descent on the way down(?) Five 10x combos (Page 5): Use the pipe behind Fortuna for this too. Grind the pipe at normal speed, then do a quick jump, and press Shift (grind) TWICE in mid-air for +2x or more. Do this a few times before getting to the end of the rail, or switch directions and grind the pipe again if you need more. Don't get too frustrated if you can't get it all in one day; it will take at least 48 hours for all the Clan Dojo rooms and research to build Yareli's components before the main blueprint becomes relevant. She's not going anywhere so don't torture yourself!
  19. 😆 can you guys keep this as a "feature"? I'd love to just surf through stealth missions.
  20. Dear Gamers, "RNG is RNG" isn't any more intelligent or wise than complaining about about RNG. If you're gonna bother to make a post, might as well try to be a little more informative? Anyways, it's already been explained but a probability doesn't necessarily guarantee a fixed outcome; 50% chance on a coin flip still means you can flip the coin three, four, or more times and land on the same side (even if it's unlikely). Look up "distribution curve" to see it explained in visual form, although I don't know if the traditional bell curve applies to fixed probabilities. Basically, most people (around 65%?) will get around 10 tries for a radiant relic (solo). Some people will have to try a little more, and then there are the very un/lucky bastards who will get it their first try, or not get it the entire Prime unvault. Game devs often don't really fully understand RNG either, which is why some games just go for pure RNG and let those few outliers suffer. To DE's credit, Warframe has other options: public group silver/gold lucky drops -> sell for plat -> buy for plat, or perhaps less tedious, organized relic sharing. As you can see here, if a full group runs radiant relics, your chances of getting the rare drop is 34%. Best of all, everyone still only pays 100 void traces each. It'd be pretty awesome if DE put in an automated relic sharing group finder one of these days. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Void_Relic#Drop_Chances Also, if you're running a relic that you have a lot of (e.g. Lith), you can afford to use fewer traces -- save those traces for rarer ones like Axi or Neo relics. And if you get a resource booster from login or whatever, those will double your void trade drops so find a quick capture or sabotage mission and speed run it! I sometimes do that and "bank" my excess traces by making radiant relics in advance. If speed running is boring, then you can always just do normal public fissure missions too -- more traces, more drops.
  21. guns lots of guns lots of also the new Corpus warfan that only exists in my imagination
  22. uhh yeah, if you're using Loki and you can keep up invis long enough, then you'll manage to kill a lich eventually as long as your weapons are reasonably modded. Some enemies can find you in stealth, but I don't remember any problems fighting them as Loki or Ivara. The only time you'll be significantly vulnerable is when the lich first spawns, because they tend to spawn right next to you and fire immediately, giving no time to react... but you have shield gating, or just revive and invis. And Bubonico has unlimited ammo so I can't see how you'd possibly have any issues 😅 Most enemies in the game don't require any special shield-stripping setup, including liches. For all the tech they invest into their Kuva Liches, you think they'd remember to install the anti-stealth module too?
  23. next up: warframe power mods that scale with combos and kill counts
  24. Slot the Rush mod because constantly ninja-hopping through a level is tedious compared to just toggling sprint and running. Add on subsumed Fire Walker and Amalgam Serration, and most frames can outrun bullet jumping! I'm sure I'm not the only one who does it but I don't see too much of it. I wish there was a shotgun equivalent 😔 also do you think warframes have pockets? where do they put all the stuff they pick up? Can we get some warframe cargo shorts? Or maybe a fanny pack?
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