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    Hotfix 18.4.1: Operation Shadow Debt.

    Nice, thanks DE
  2. Love using this program to the present day Thanks for making this, it helped me with all of my weapon builds I love mod manager function for adding recent mods like Primed Fast Hands and etc.
  3. dyrak55d

    New Contest: Wyrmius Take Over!

    Excalibur superjumped on you? xD
  4. On latest stream they said "Cataclysm toggle is under testing and some little changes under work", so i hope they come with something added for 3th ability.
  5. The best idea i heard so far
  6. dyrak55d

    Hotfix 15.5.4

    <------ Emergency Exit ------> | | | V
  7. dyrak55d

    October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!

    This! i wanted it for a ages!
  8. dyrak55d

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #44!

    yet another stream i haven't watched ._.
  9. dyrak55d

    Hotfix 14.1.4

    Thanks DE
  10. dyrak55d

    Hotfix 14.1.1

    Thank you DE! 14.1.1 RedText:
  11. dyrak55d

    Hotfix 13.5.1

    Thanks DE! Hotfix 13.5.1 Redtext:
  12. dyrak55d

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    13.4.0 Red Text:
  13. dyrak55d

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Corpus Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Shield MOA Behavior: They are look like normal Shockway MOAs, but in a red color, they rushing forward of other Corpus units and covering them with their shield, all projectiles and bullets will ricochet in direction of shot when they hitting the shield. They have welded shield on their gun, and because of it they can't shoot while they shielding Attack: When seeing a enemy they would most of the time facing enemy in Shield mode, and ricochet all shots. After some time, when they charging a shot, you can easily shot them. Time of the charge is 2-3 seconds, like a Railgun MOA, but shooting a powerful lightning with big electric damage. After a shot, they transform into the shield mode again, until they will charging a new shot Environment restrictions: none, they not bigger than a Shockway MOA, and can get in any corridors easily Some of my MS Paint art: Look and shield: Shielding: And function
  14. The almighty Glaive! Screenshot by dyrak55d