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  1. Hildryn is amazingly strong in the right hands: 1. Her 1 is very strong if modded correctly and can compete with the strongest primaries in game. It makes Hildryn a nuking frame that can even compete with the likes of Volt or Ember. Just do not use the charge and instead cover everything in her shot and nothing will be left standing (except you go for very high difficulty, but Ember/Volt face the same problem). Hell, it can even outdamage/outkill Volt in ESO, even though you need to do a lot more :D 2. Pillage, one of the strongest abilities in game, strips armor and shields like the
  2. Frost is definitely a bit outdated, but he can easily hold his own in Steel Path. Use 4 and 254% strength for 100% armor strip, which enables him to do all content easily. Use 3 when you are under fire, because the health of the globe scales based on the dmg you take in the first 3 (4?) seconds after casting the spell. His 2 and 1 are on the weak side, but this is fixable with Helminth. I need to be frank with you though... if you really put one week of work into Frost, your result is really bad. If I were you, I would start with reading his WIKI page, there is a lot of info that you seem
  3. Try to bring a Nyx with you and strip his shield. You will kill him in a nanosecond after.
  4. Well, I noticed a difference in damage based on difficulty. So if you don't dodge successfully in lvl 1, you can shrug it off, but with lvl 9999 mobs, you are open for your demise after one single hit. But hey, maybe I am just a bad player if I cannot dodge everything. Just make a video with lvl 5000+ mobs and show us how you "easily" dodge all the damage. Just play Inaros without the safety net of shield gating and let us see how well you do. But since dodging is "easy", no trouble, right?
  5. Depends on the difficulty you play in. If you are talking about Sortie diffculty, yeah, you might still be ok, but anything higher and you get a problem. Play Disruption for 2-3 hours and you will see where the problem is.
  6. I think shield gating would be much, much better without the existance of the Dragon Key.
  7. I'd love to have a non-standard skin for Garuda, but the deluxe is not my taste. I hope even though I put it mildly and carefully that you guys know what I mean.
  8. Wisp is among the best frames in the game and very welcome in any group. There are frames in a far, far worse condition, so don't beg for buffs. Wisp gets an augment, that is good and if you don't like it, how about not equipping it? I for one will try out the augment in every situation that is not static. For example in Extermination it enables me to play a Wisp when before I'd rather play any other frame than dropping the 3 buffs every 45 seconds.
  9. www.google.de -> warframe best polymer farm $$profit$$
  10. IIRC this screen was in long before the second dream quest. It was hinting towards the stalker. But it could be that memory is making fun of me.
  11. You should try and use a search engine with the words "best gyromag farm". 2nd result is: https://www.framemastery.com/how-to-farm-gyromag-atmo-and-repeller-systems/ It says that you should farm Profit Taker Bounty2 and you have a 25% chance for Gyromag Systems. I have done it, yeah it is not the most interesting grind, but you are done with everything in 2 hours max. If "Heist 2" is the same as "Profit Taker Bounty Phase 2" (cant check atm), then I simply don't believe you. I mean, it is theoretically possible to roll a D4 and go without a 4 after 300 rolls, but if you tell me, I s
  12. "After months of grinding"???? Seriously? This is so completely exaggerated or you are doing it very, very wrong or play only 1 minute per day. If you want a serious discussion about this, don't enter with such an overexaggerated statement.
  13. Question for Devstream: When will there be an update, where I can sink my teeth in as a veteran? I must admit, I was a bit disappointed after you teased Call of the Tempestarii for so long and after 1 week, I had 2x Sevagoth, every weapon and was back to old content. Say about Deimos what you want, but at least I spent weeks in it and still go there from time to time. Another question: Will you expand on the Steel Path idea? Because I really like my 5 daily steel path mission for Essence. It is not super difficult, but at least I cannot do the content blindfolded while rolling my hea
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