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  1. At first let me say, that I never said it is not possible, but I have my doubts. I'd be super dumb to believe that my skills are the end of all, because I am not a gold medal winner, so how could I? And secondly, 21 second videos are not great to take my doubts away. Don't bother with editing, just upload the whole thing. If you really did 49k without exploiting, kudos to you. That is far beyond everything that I thought possible. When I got between 2500 and 3000 kills, I never imagined that more than double is possible without exploiting.
  2. Feel free to post a video on a Grineer tileset. Can't wait and would still watch it. The highest we got on a Grineer tileset was 25k and I thought that was really high.
  3. I do one exploiter fight every other day (I want the ephmeras) and did not encounter any gamebreaking bugs. All missions finished just fine. I am just in the process on doing K-Drives, because I am closing in on MR30. Never encountered any gamebreaking bug, not even small bugs for that matter. Everything runs super smoothly. Oh yeah, now that we talk about it, there are one or 2 spots in races that rocket me over the whole map. But once you know where they are, you can avoid them easily. And this is the problem with exaggerated rants like yours. They read it, ask their QA "hey guys,
  4. I have a question: Titania has no vacuum for me in her 4. I have heard people say that this is a toggle and you have to enable the vacuum. But I cannot find this toggle. Can you guys help me?
  5. Thanks, I bought it, did not even know that Ticker sells Orbiter stuff (thought his "secondhand" it is about buying bonds for plat) and that thing is pretty neat <3
  6. Same here and that argument is used so often, I wonder if it is a substitute, because they have no experience with the topic at all.
  7. I agree with most of your posting, but Nyx 4 is not complete invincibility. If you ever go against higher enemies, the ability is gone in a second or less and is no longer useful at all.
  8. Have you ever played with your clone? The AI is so bad, it barely attacks at all. So do not play with Duality at all. That'd be my advice.
  9. I needed to know exactly what we are talking about here, since I did not have the biggest experience with Nyx: So I formaed her 2 times and brought her against Steel Path and Sortie. Here is my review: Ability 1: Way better than people here claim it to be. You can get shields, health and other interesting things from your victims. You can take guards in rescue missions out of game. Actually this is a great ability and it is fun to find uses for it. Way better than a dmg ability. Of course I was not able to figure out the true value in 2 days, but I had fun and if worst comes to
  10. I only had 2 bugs: - the early bug that you could not leave your mech any more - The Necramech weapon did not get any exp and rank ups (they tried to hotfix it like 3 times and it is so broken now that under no circumstances I got it to rank up only once in the last week :D) The bugs were not gamebreaking so no, I don't understand your rant at all.
  11. I think "bugs" are way too often an excuse to rant on the forums. The mission came up pretty often lately and I never encountered any gamebreaking bugs. But yes, the mission comes up too often. Iirc it came up in steel path dailies a lot, too, with the added "bonus" that Acolytes seem to be unable to spawn in that mission.
  12. Maybe my English is too bad, but I don't understand what the OP is saying. I can read the words, but it does not make a lot of sense for me. Is this whining about content that is not even released? If that is true, congrats, you have outdone yourself.
  13. There are hundreds and hundreds of weapons in the game. But if, god forbid, ONE SINGLE WEAPON, HOLY COW, I AM SCARED TO WRITE IT DOWN, IF ONE SINGLE WEAPON IS A BIT HARDER TO GET, WE NEED TO RUSH TO THE FORUMS TO COMPLAIN. There are other games out there, if you do not get the weapon in the right time, it will be unattainable, but DE are kind enough to actually make it happen that you can still get it. But no, let us complain! You could also farm the platinum to buy the weapon on the market and it is not even that expensive (200 plat). But no, rush to forums and complain. You co
  14. I think you do not play the same content as I do. And you said it yourself: "I have never been in any content where Inaros ever needed shield gating". You are just not playing high level content then.
  15. Nyx is bad if you play lvl 20-50, Nyx gets better the higher the level. She has the easiest to achieve 100% armor strip in the game. The worst frame in the game is by far Inaros, because he cannot shield gate, his only ability is 1 (2 and 3 are beyond terrible, 4 is mediocre and only ok with the augment).
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