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  1. I have 2 problems: 1. I have used Hydro in such a fight and a weapon without mods and it was waaaaay too hard, so nerf everything that is better than a weapon without mods 2. I use way too much sarcasm to get my points across. On a more serious note: Think of Warframe as an arsenal of tools. There are tools for every situation, here are some examples - Necros for farming - Banshee for hard fights - Nyx if you need defenses stripped (like coin master) - you bring Khora if you need high kill count of normal enemies - You bring Trinity if you need loads of energy - You bring a slash weapon against high armor and so on and so forth Don't ever come to the forum and complain that a hammer is good at hammering nails into the wall. This is beyond stupid.
  2. So, let me get that right: One of the oldest Warframes with an ability which did not change for 7 years is now out-of-hand powercreep? Are you for real? The core issue is smart use of the tools available in your arsenal. Same goes for OP, who has no clue at all about the game.
  3. You will keep both, I guess. A merge would mean so much headache, I doubt that it will come to this.
  4. Isn't it weird that they designed a K-Drive quest for a warframe that is designed around a K-Drive? Maybe see it like this: If you don't enjoy the K-Drive stuff, you won't enjoy the new warframe and this is DE warning you about it.
  5. I think you don't know what "a lot of Endo" really means. Try farming Endo with a mod drop chance booster in Arena. You'll get 3.5k every 2 minutes if done correctly. Loading times included.
  6. If there would only be something in the game to lower armor. Oh wait, there is, plenty of stuff! Hooray, we are saved.
  7. Does Khoras CC work against mobs shielded by drones as well? I would have gone with infested as well, because they outrun their invul drones, making them useless. Oberon with augment would be my pick as well, due to invul, speed Nova, yeah, why Banshee? Thanks a lot for the insight
  8. Well, you can run the daily SPs for about 25 steel essence per day (with boosters), which sums up their numbers pretty fast. Other than that, it is down to 4-8 SE every 5 minutes in endless (with boosters + cat buffs).
  9. Yeah that makes so much sense, I somehow acquired thousands of steel essences while not being able to kill the enemies, that makes so much sense! Oh and if you think arbitrations are easy, you are in for a treat :D, because you either live with horrible drop rates (till 45 minutes in) or great drop rates and content way harder than Steel Path. Arbitrations are the only content in game, where you can actually fail a mission without stupidity being involved.
  10. Yeah, why do the devs want us to actually play their game? That is a VERY good question. No wait, it is not.
  11. I hate it that they are moving this to arbitrations. People who say that this is easier than Steel Path have no clue. Yeah, the first 1 hour might be easier, but drop rates of Vitus Essences are so bad in the first hour that you basically need to play 2 hours to get something worth your time out of it. After 1 hour you have indestructible, non-CCable mobs with tons of damage, which will ruin your day. Add to this the "perma" CC thing and you will see people fail the mission in droves, which means - no loot for you -. Last but not least, Vitus Essence drop rates are so incredibly bad, it will destroy the casual gamer here :D Oh the tears in this forum, can't wait to drink them all to get my strength back that I lost about all the crying and complaining about the changes. Which result in us having to play the worst content in the entire game: arbitrations. Whoever had that idea, hats off to you, the hate train is on its way to you :D
  12. I see that argument everywhere.... but isn't it great that a lot more weapons become viable? At least 50% of all guns will be viable, but people are angry, because there are another 50% which won't be viable? So stop the upgrade and leave all 100% behind? What is your reasoning?
  13. Have you checked for a fishing hotspot? Have you taken out your spear?
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