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  1. It is nice that you give your opinion, but this opinion is wrong. A resource has no cap, but 1 Orokin cell for me is the same for you, so they just need to link your number of Orokin Cells to the item Orokin Cells and they are able to raise the number till infinity. Ask yourself, is the same possible with Rivens? I cannot look into their database or their issues, but I am 95% sure that the cap on rivens is definitely a database/programming issue. And the last 5% is just there, because I rarely tell people that I am 100% sure.
  2. Honestly, there are only 2 situations in Warframe when I start to sweat: 1. no energy (no protection via shieldgating in a high pressure situation) 2. I am being CCed (no protection at all, once your shield gating invulnerability is gone) Everything else can be remedied by hopping into Operator and hiding. Well, even 2. is remedied easily by Primed Sure Footed, taking away one of the 2 major headaches the game has to provide. So do not take away the the last headache as well.
  3. A dedicated environment needs: - a datacenter (with security features like e.g. admission control, air conditioning, redundancy (which can be super, super expensive, depending on your SLA) - rackspace/racks - servers, a lot of them - power (yeah, that also costs a lot) - bandwidth - security - switches - people who administrate the environment - maintenance contracts, people who maintain the environment physically etc. I probably forgot a lot of things, but just look up what a server costs and you can see that this is a very expensive endeavour. So how are small companies/games like Paladin doing it, you asked? You need to think what your workers are doing once the core game is finished: In competitive shooters your people are maintaining the game environment, like the dedicated environment. In coop games you need to develop new content all the time. So how is WoW doing it? Well, if people pay you 15 bucks per month in addition to the storefront, plus expansions, plus game services, you will find a lot of money that you can use for everything. I really wish to know how much money people are putting into their Warframe account per year, but if our clan is any indicator, people buying a Prime Access is very, very rare and some people brag about "how they never put any money into warframe" and laugh about those that do. But I don't have the numbers. If I had, I could tell you more about why they are not setting themselves up for a dedicated environment. One reason for sure is that people are econimical/greedy and they want to keep the cash flow like it is and not sacrifice 100k a month at least just to avoid host migrations.
  4. Everyone does and this is why it is so outrageously bad to put the weapon that hast cost 8 Forma into a dojo for credits 2 weeks after the event. I defend DE at every corner of this forum, but this is one of the worst thing I have seen from them. And they pulled the same stuff with Orphix Venom when father got the event weapons shortly after the event for father tokens. If you farm the weapons in the exclusive events, this grind is actually HARDER than 2 weeks later when the weapons are available for everyone for dirt cheap.
  5. There are more clueless players than useless warframe.... a lot more, hell, a motherload more.
  6. The best "frame" for speedrunning exterminate missions is a fast frame with Kuva Bramma with Firestorm and Primed Sure Footed.
  7. I put Ensnare from Khora on her 1. Works flawlessly and makes her a CC monster. There is a bug where I shoot the bolts, they clearly hit, but they do nothing. Other than that, she is one of my fav frames, because she makes every fight super easy.
  8. Ranting about something that is no problem makes you look crazy and stubborn. Just ask for help.
  9. I need to be honest here: When Nyx came up, my heart stopped beating till I knew that they did not change her that much. That would have been awful, since Nyx is one of the most amazing Warframes for Steel Path or other hard content (sisters, liches)
  10. That is really interesting, because I have read that Firestorm only counts for the explosion, but not for the tentacle pull in. Edit: Yeah, tested it and your imagination is a strong thing, man. Does not work on the tentacle pull in.
  11. I play the game for a couple of years now and anything that even resembles something of a challenge has been greated with hate and threats in the form of numerous postings on the forums. Have you been in the forums when they were planning the melee nerf and the rifle buff? Every day you had 5-6 new threads with players panicking that there superiority might be damage a bit. If there is something challenging, people will watch videos, copy builds and playstyles till they finally can overcome the challenge, leaving the hard work to youtubers and overframe.gg and then ask for more challenging content. The definition of hard content for a majority of the players is: Hard content that I want = something that is doable by me and gives everyone else a headache so that I can feel good about myself. Oh and before I forget, hard content should of course not be about health or damage for the enemies, it should be some magical thing that makes the game harder somehow, but enable the players to kill in instances of a second still. And please, do not even think about damage resistance or nullifieres, they are "cheese". Hmm... what do we still have? Ah yes, let us talk about AI in a horde shooter. Let the enemy duck behind cover, lure the players into traps that.... BAMM haha, Kuva Bramma with Firestorm, got you! Whole screen cleared with one shot. I have played when the game was hard, when noone was able to do damage properly, because players have not figure it out yet. And I have seen Snipers that one shot you. In the end, snipers were nerfed, shield gating was implemented There are a lot of hard things in this game: Steel Path, Eidolons, Arbitrations, just to name a few. But if you have the right tools and know how to mod and build and synergize, yeah, they are beatable. But this is just the nature of the game.
  12. Rep only via mother tokens, you will need the other tokens as well. For rare mats google: deimos obelisks, there are 3 (iirc) which are easily farmable, only do the easy ones. and buy a ressource booster and don't sprint, just remember that Warframe is a Marathon
  13. Two things that should not go with each other: no clue AND proposing a nerf
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