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  1. As the title says, i read that their kills don't give affinity, if that's true, then that's a big discouragement to not use them when leveling stuff and intrinsics. Yeah, i used Railjack to levelup my stuff since i have the Nat Strict error(can only play in Solo) and the Railjack kills count as squadmate kills.
  2. The art and sound team always do a good job is also cool that derelicts spawn more often. I like Railjack, i really do but the Corpus Proximas have the same problems as Scarlet Spear, that your Railjack doesn't matter at the end since you will be 90% of the time on foot. They already have a good mix between Railjack combat and ground combat with the grineer Proximas, i don't know why they didn't implemented them in the first place also, the way they implemented the new missions in Corpus Proximas totally invalids the command system.
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