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  1. I noticed that Titania prime floats but the normal one doesn't, i tried both with her own animations and with other warframes animations and the result was the same. Only the prime floats while moving.
  2. Eso es por que tienen una o más llaves dragón equipadas en la rueda de herramientas.
  3. As the title says, i noticed that my Apoc MKIII changes its colors but not my Photor MKIII. I wanted them to look like Star trek phasers but they always look white. Also, it would be cool if the color of some railjack abilities(Seeker Volley and similars, Ordnance,etc) changed with the railjack energy colors too, i want my photon torpedos.
  4. Before the update, i used to farm dirac from Veil Proxima since outriders most of the time dropped parts but now it seems that they don't drop them anymore and the new Crewships are bugged, they drop MKI parts. Also, crewships seems that very rarely drop parts and with the heavily diluted droptable(a lot of useless non-railjack stuff) from the mission completion reward, it seems that now is harder than before to get parts or dirac. Do you guys have any tips?
  5. Es posible entonces que sea algún problema con su proveedor de internet o algo más estará bloqueando el juego o haciéndolo funcionar incorrectamente. ¿Tu amigo intentó cambiando algunas opciones del launcher? Algunos de esos problemas se solucionan cambiando de DirectX en el launcher.
  6. Es posible que esté en "modo no molestar", se activa/desactiva con un comando de chat. Escribir /normal en el chat debería desactivar el modo no molestar.
  7. ¿Probaste fuera del simulacro? Yo la estuve probando ayer en júpiter y si funcionaba, quizá sea por la IA pausada.
  8. That's probably a bug, the falloff should only affect explosions created by weapons.
  9. TYPE: In-Game, Warframe Ability DESCRIPTION: Hydroid's Tempest Barrage explosions send enemies to fly away, making them leave the AoE which reduces a lot its utility, making it useless. VISUAL(Video Proof): REPRODUCTION: Just cast Tempest Barrage(With or without Corroding Barrage augment, the result is the same) EXPECTED RESULT: It should knockdown the enemies in place which allow the ability to hit them more often and pile them up in one place. OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies are sended to fly away of the AoE which reduces a lot the subsequent hits of the ability. REPRODUCTION RATE: 99% of the time they are sended to fly away, they only stay in place if they are pinned to the ground by other sources (Magus Lockdown, Undertow, etc)
  10. Explosion now only reduce accuracy, it doesn't CC anymore. Stacked Impact procs are the ones that applies knockdown now which it seems that they plan to change it.
  11. I just tested Tempest Barrage(With and without Corroding Barrage) and the enemies keep being ragdolled and pushed away from the AoE after they are hit by a few explosions, making this ability useless. I used to use this to keep the enemies stunlocked and then killing all of them with one explosion of an AoE weapon.
  12. Yes, the impact proc when is stacked, increases the staggering effect to a ragdoll effect. I just tested it both with the augment and without it, now tempest barrage is unusable.
  13. No se puede según esto que encontré en la página de soporte.
  14. This, i only have impact damage and it seems that most of the time it procs impact and sometimes corrosive when fighting grineers.
  15. Lo deben hablar con soporte, aquí hay una guía de como contactarte con ellos.
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