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Hmm where to start. I joined warframe back in December 2013 and loved it ever since. Warframe was 1 of the few games i started playing when i was experimenting with online gaming back then and it stuck with me. I also enjoy open world games (sand-box) like Grand Theft Auto and fast paced action games like Call of Duty.

In real life i guess i'm kinda a quiet person around strangers but love to get up to mischief with my friends. I'm currently 23 years old and still studying. I'll be completing my degree in the next few months and then off to work D: I've had a few part time jobs on the side for work experience and such. Eventually i'd like to relocate to America or maybe Canada and settle down.

I love movies/series aswel. More series. I'm an addict! I have a bad habit of watching episode after episode promising myself its gonna be the last but it never is ^^ I'm not gonna list my favorite series here as the list would really be too long xD but some really good ones i'd recommenced are Arrow , Agents of shield , The Flash , The walking dead (if you love the zombie genre) .

I love anime aswel (not that fan service crap) A really good friend of mine introduced me to it and i've been watching since. Some of my favorites are Bleach , Naruto , One piece , Hunter X Hunter , Tokyo Ghoul and a new 1 airing recently God Eater.


But beware xD


In the last few months i've also taken an interest in kubrow breeding and managed to get quiet a few rare kubrow colors. I will update this with pictures in a few days of all the rare colored kubrows i managed to mature.


I'm currently warlord of my own shadow clan. I started it after i gained experience in game aswel as the resources to fully fund it myself.

Here's a pic of our clan emblem (copyrighted and watermarked)


And yeah that's about it! If you wanna chat about anything be it games/movies/anime or just general stuff and need someone to talk to just inbox me and we'll take it from there! Don't be shy!

Also if you need help don't be afraid to ask.

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