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  1. Fix it myself how? I've never heard of people "giving themselves" achievements in Warframe, if that were possible it's definitely something DE would fix. That 1.4% you're seeing are devs and founders.
  2. Real helpful replies there, thanks. How often does it work for you guys going around telling people what to use or not use, and what to worry about or not? It's my business if I want to put a badge on my Steam profile saying I completed all the challenges in Warframe. Why does that bother you?
  3. Checkmate. If an achievement slips through the cracks you're screwed, it seems.
  4. I just submitted a ticket to Steam, I'll report back when they reply.
  5. I have the same problem with the Joyride achievement. Contacted DE support and they told me they can't reset individual achievements or cause Steam to register it. I haven't tried Steam because they're notoriously sluggish and unhelpful most of the time, and why would they even agree to manually tweak achievements that are recorded outside of their system? Tough luck, I guess... Until DE implements something that validates Steam achievements every login, maybe? I've never played Warframe without the Steam client, and I only have one account... the only thing I can think of is I had network problems when it synced the session I got Joyride and Steam didn't receive it... I tried doing Joyride again by setting waypoints across the plains and repeating until I was fairly sure I was well over 10k meters, but it didn't help. I don't know how Steam's achievements API works but maybe they can recheck achievements whenever you do them and credit them to you again if you don't have it...
  6. Posts like this make me wish this forum had downvotes
  7. You can model loot farming as a binomial distribution with your desired item's drop rate as chance of success, and the remainder of probabilities as the chance of failure. I use this binomial calculator to figure out the probabilities. Let's plug in your numbers and interpret the results: Probability of success: 0.51 (51%) Number of trials: 7 Number of successes: 1 --------- P(X=x) = 4.94%, you had a roughly 1/20 chance to get it EXACTLY once. Doesn't paint a complete picture though. P(X<x) = 0.68%, you had less than 1% chance to get less than one. This is where you are... so yes, you were unlucky. But people get 0.5% mods all the time! Your situation is not that weird. P(X<=x) is just the previous two added up, not that interesting P(X > x) = 94.38%, you had that much odds of getting MORE than 1 mod P(X >= x) = 99.32%, and this is the inverse of P(X<x), says the same thing Disclaimer: I barely passed my Stats & Probabilities classes, so there might be some errors in how I think about randomness. Farming is a mental game, and when you hit these strings of bad luck, one thing I like to do (or liked to do, I suppose, since I own all mods now) is to turn it into a game of "how big of a streak am I going to get". Another thing I like to do is to use the calculator to set myself a probabilistic goal. You had a 99.32% chance to get at least one... Try to get to 99.5%! Turns out only a single extra run brings you to 99.67% chance of getting at least one mod. It quickly converges to 99.9999999% after a certain point... In the world of cloud services, there are expressions like "nine nines of reliability" or "11 nines of file durability". By that they mean your service will be accessible 99.9999999% of the time (nine nines in total, including those before the decimal) or that 99.999999999% of your files won't be corrupted. The calculator I use shows that by 20 runs, you'll have at least six nines chance of getting at least one. The calculator doesn't get any more accurate than that, I think it actually hits Javascript's decimal number precision limit internally. Mark down the times you did your runs and who you were with, and if you do 20 runs without getting the mod, in my opinion you would be completely justified in submitting a support ticket to DE giving them your farming log and this probability calculation (though I can't tell you what their response might be). Personally though, I'd be surprised if you didn't get it in your next 3 runs. Or 4, or 5... who knows? It's RNG... All I can say is that you're on the extreme verge of getting one. If Nekros still works for that, maybe try bringing one? If you consider that the player base is 40 million players, there's bound to be a lot of freak improbabilities. I feel like that would arbitrarily make random players unable to obtain random things for themselves... Which is why I personally believe there should be a probabilistic cap of sort, an internal counter where if you try and get something, it starts counting your runs, and after X runs where you would've had 99.5% chance of getting it, you get it automatically. And after you get 1, or 2, or some number depending on the item, it stops counting and RNG works naturally (i.e. you're not entitled to getting a Pistol Amp every 10 runs like clockwork forever, to use this example) Good luck, Tenno!
  8. How many host migrations per day do you get, OP?
  9. Speak for yourself, I think that Titania augment looks mighty useful, it might encourage me to use her some more Problems so numerous that you couldn't even cite one or two as examples. Problems you supposedly care about so much and don't want them to keep being forgotten, yet you don't even mention them. That'll help. You minimizing the recent changes doesn't make them any less broad in scope and deep in impact. Do you have any idea how intimidating it is for any company in DE's position to revisit the freaking damage system, the very core of the game? Believe it or not, 100+ people are capable of both refactoring old content and preparing new content. But even ignoring that, would you really be cool with a 6-12 months new content hiatus in order to revisit those "many abandoned aspects of the game"? No, you'd be among the first to complain. I know because your post was 100% nostalgia, dramatizing and making it all about what you want, as if everything else DE does is worthless because it doesn't cater to you specifically. Not even the shadow of constructive feedback in sight.
  10. Limbo onetricks panicking brings me immense pleasure
  11. I'm looking forward to playing with Professional Camellia Sinensis (Pro Tea) 😛
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