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  1. What positive aspect have elevators ever brought to the game? Even when they were brand new, they were just a gimmick, a shiny interactive novelty that you experience once and then hope never to see again. Nowadays they're a constant source of strife. Nobody benefits from elevators, besides jerks (trolls) who activate it by themselves on purpose for a cheap laugh. You either have to wait for others, or you have to reactivate it, wait for it, and get delayed to such a degree that your participation in the mission is practically nullified. And that's not even counting the worse possible situation: getting the elevator door shut in your face, which is just about the worst rude insulting gesture possible between Tenno short of Limbo rifting someone who's almost done hacking a console... Or Limbo rifting you repeatedly after you've asked to stop, or Limbo banishing half the map when you're sniping... Limbo's another problem but I'm not allowed to talk about him anymore. So be it. Please, I implore anyone at DE who might see this, bump this problem up the list. Just add a vent or some stairs next to the elevators that don't have one already. I'm so sick of having my playtime interrupted and spoiled by the annoyance of elevator bad manners. You might think this is trivial, but the frustration accumulates over time, and multiply that by the number of people playing... I don't know how expensive this peace of mind would be in development time, but I wouldn't be so quick to decide it's not worth it. I would lump in so-called "Friendship Doors" as well, but it feels like they've been added with some kind of hidden intent, so I don't think there's any leeway there, though I can't even begin to imagine what purpose they might serve or what they might improve in the game.
  2. 1000 micro-optimizations? That's a whole mini-optimization! This is a huge game-changer for me, not having to click to refocus before I can type or move. This is borderline grounds for 25.2.0 right there.
  3. A Trinity buff? That's a late April Fools, nothing to see here folks.
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