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  1. Calm down Jim. Put the gun down. To be serious this is a buff across-the-board having all the buffs instead of arbitrary ones is a pretty sweet deal. To be more realistic a lot of people only used Titania for the razor Wing in the first place just like a lot of other warframes are only use for one if not two abilities at all. Most of these Warframe is consist of valkyr, Nova, and inaros. Really the only Warframe I can think of that has multiple uses that you still have to drastically change builds for is Equinox being either sleep or bleed and bonus damage which would be part of bleed or burst heal and that's about it. So far Titania I think this is at least a step in the right direction. (Edit) To be more clear: WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER SEE INSTEAD DONE TO YOUR FAVORITE FRAME?
  2. Never said SHE was insane. What's happening to the people around her is. Controlling someone's mind and telling them to fight their own people is pretty insane. Casting chaos to confuse everybody and make them fight each other is kind of insane, almost like its CRAZY PERSON coming at them. And even the slang form of the word insane is used for absorb how the enemy can't seem to do damage to her but she seems to just reflect it back. (Edit) I just remembered the existence of the grineer manic. Manic is the deviation of the word Mania which is also a synonym of insane. So if you were to tie this in the grineer attacking each other would make it look like they were manic or even insane which is the same word essentially. insane adjective in·sane | \(ˌ)in-ˈsān \ Definition of insane 1a(1): exhibiting a severely disordered state of mind : affected with mental illness (2)law : affected with insanity(see INSANITY sense 2)criminally insane b: unable to think in a clear or sensible way : CRAZYinsane with jealousy—not used technically 2: used by, typical of, or intended for mentally ill people
  3. I really do like most of the changes with how NYX is being reworked. Mind control might actually be viable now which is awesome because I actually try to use it to cause some kind of CC and it works out rather well other times it kind of falls flat but now this might change that. Psychic bolts is being reworked we'll see how that goes it looks good so far. Absorb looks Spectacular Now. This passive doesn't need to be on this Warframe in fact I would say this is designed for Mesa more than anybody. I would suggest instead a Insanity field that grows by 1 meter up to 12 and has a Decay rate of 5 Seconds per stack up to 12. Enemies that enter the insanity field what instead have one of three effects happen to them 1: Nothing. They have a chaos like stun and then move on. 2: they start firing on their own people and in the case of the infested become a personal minion until death because you have otherwise convinced them that your hive mind is stronger. Because lephantis lore. 3: they start screaming and end up in the fetal position and take bleed damage from their head and the psychic pressure having a complete meltdown 1940s insane asylum Style. This properly would define Nyx as a psychic frame and go with her kit of causing disorder and chaos with now a touch of insanity. I would really hope that this makes it to the Warframe making her extremely unique in playstyle.
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