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  1. Is anyone having an issue viewing the silver grove page? It's just a black screen with the page dots and warframe logo at the top.
  2. I never get to catch these streams, this'll be one of the first! IGN: Redshrapnel Twitch: Resrab
  3. Luranres

    New: Codex Art Contest 2.0

    Short and sweet. Who doesn't like a Mag meditating in space?
  4. This is my first Prime Time. Very excited! Twitch: RedstoneDisc PC: RedShrapnel
  5. Luranres

    New: Grineer 'stache Creation Contest

    Crappy editing skills aside Captain Vor was told that Christmas ornaments put on a moustache confuses the Tenno and can be used to replace the Seer's ornaments. He calls his new line of Orokin crowd control The Cerberus