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  1. No, it's just a Leverian thing. Ash just got his Leverian added. Once you have Ash (regular or prime) at max level, then you can search his Leverian room for the prex card. It's essentially an orbiter decoration. All Leverian rooms have a prex in it, you just need to max out the frame to find its card.
  2. Just found it. (Spoilered just in case you want to find it yourself.)
  3. Thanks for breaking the access hatches on my ship. Can't exit my Railjack either in missions or in my dock. When using the hatches the screen fades to black and I just get plopped right back ontop of the damn hatch. I literally have to slingshot to get out of my ship during missions or fast-travel in the dock.
  4. Problem with that browser fix, I don't even have IE on my computer. Got rid of it after getting firefox, because who even keeps IE anymore? So unless I missed something, there should be no cache for IE.
  5. Was trying to get Ansel to work in Warframe on steam. It keeps saying I "need a supported game" yet on Nvidia's official list of Ansel supported games it says Warframe is one of them. I even seen some people recently using it for screenshots on the Warframe reddit. I have no clue why it isn't working. Anyone here who knows how to get it working? Would love to get some super-resolution capturas.
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