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  1. I have been grinding in Orb Vallis the past few days and have noticed that no ammo gets transmuted when I cast the probe. I will watch it travel literally right over top an ammo drop and it does nothing at all.
  2. Yeah, there are several bugs with this whole cutscene that still haven't been fixed. For one, where the heck is Cy's dialogue about "void translation" from tennocon? It was there, then suddenly its gone. The files are still in the game though. And the visual effects of the void jump are missing. Now it looks like my railjack just "poofs" out of existence. No fancy energy pulse or anything you would expect to see when entering hyperspace in literally any space game ever. Just one moment its there, then it just blinks away like it just de-spawned.
  3. I initially thought it was a thing related to Orphix, but seeing it only on the NW craft makes me doubt that.
  4. Same here. Did it with his acolytes too.
  5. None of my dojo rooms are displaying their "room message" anymore. Even ones that had one for years. This all started after Deadlock Protocol released. Even newly built rooms don't show any message.
  6. I have my own clan and constantly try to find new players (and clanless experienced players) to invite so as to help them. But nobody joins for whatever reason. And most of my friends don't play consistently enough to help me. That just makes these "challenges" more like boring busywork (which goes for most nightwave challenges). I want more stuff that makes players try something different or run a tough mission or really anything that is even somewhat interesting. If you want to force co-op play, just say "Play with other players" not specifically "Play with friends".
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