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  1. To be honest, I just think they need to tune the Orphix missions a bit so its actually possible solo. Its obvious they just copy-pasted the event version of the mission and that's it. Orphix wasn't really balanced for solo players, but rather a proper team.
  2. I have no indicators at all. And for some reason my hud completely disappears when I enter a mech.
  3. How do you even do volatile? I did everything I was supposed to, but there were no more pipes anywhere.
  4. The fact that nobody here can agree on anything just goes to show how terrible forced multiplayer is. Nonstop bickering and insults being thrown around between self-entitled brats on either side. DE can make what DE wants. Only, what they want is more money. And new players are the only ones bringing that in. So look at what new players prefer to get your answer as to what it will be: co-op or solo.
  5. Still having this issue in 2021. Every single time I run the FIRST bounty of the day, it always loads without a bounty even after waiting up to 35 seconds after accepting before entering the map. I am getting sick of this crap. Its wasting my time and forces me to keep reloading a bounty until I get a squad. Takes at least 15 tries before getting any actual squads WITH a bounty. No network issues, I got FIBER-OPTIC internet ffs. I don't pay nearly $100 a month for high-end internet just to be told its all on my end. Half the time, I get a squad with someone who gives me a 300+ ping even with t
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