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  1. If you equip the Dullahan Mask and then unequip it before backing out of the attachments screen, your helmet slot will say "Dullahan Mask" and your frame will have it's default helmet on. And if you then go to change out frames, the glitched one will be headless. But the head will return when not in the equip screen.
  2. My game stutters like crazy but only in Orb Vallis and only after spending 30+ minutes in Vallis without exiting. Exiting Vallis and re-entering also causes this immediately even if I literally spend only like 2 minutes before exiting. It seems like the game isn't properly purging RAM of leftover data. POE does NOT cause this at all. I can easily max this game out and regularly play at 144+ fps. In Vallis, I get 90-100 fps even when flying in archwing or even riding my k-drive. Even Gauss and his Mach Rush does nothing to my framerate. My rig isn't some RTX beast either. CPU: FX 8350 Black Edition - Stock Cooler GPU: EVGA 1050TI SC 4GB RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz HDD: Western Digital 3TB NAS 5400RPM My temps are very good even for using the stock cooler. Warframe never uses more than about 2.5GB of RAM. Even when I run Firefox in the background with a youtube video playing in HD 60fps (I listen to podcasts and stuff when I am grinding) and multiple other tabs, my RAM usage is at like 80% at worst but often 65-70 on average. Without Firefox, 50% or so. My PC is just fine. Even my disk usage is well below the max even in Vallis while tearing across the land on my archwing/k-drive. My framerate does NOT drop with this stuttering, surprisingly. And my system resource usage reports nothing different than usual. But for some reason, I still get frequent stuttering on long/multiple visits to Orb Vallis. And that stutter is less pronounced when running regular missions after my Vallis visits. But it is still there in some capacity. Loading screens also have long periods of black screen before finally showing up and longer load times in general even when returning to orbiter. Also, when returning to orbiter from Fortuna after Vallis, I sometimes get blurry textures for a bit and a 10-15 second freeze. Then it returns to normal and the textures load in fully. During this time, using the arsenal is slow and also stutters while just rotating my frame. When is this going to be looked at? I have had this issue since day one of Fortuna.
  3. I completed it by getting a bunch of pobbers. Mostly common ones. But every other perfect capture didn't count. Even if the animal I captured was something different.
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