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  1. It's even more annoying that they edited the drop tables but still haven't "fixed" the fact that only Naramon lens drop and it doesn't rotate.
  2. Yeah, forcing Yareli out of her Niche to be something else is... yikes. I also hate he exaggeration that her abilities suck or "she gets 1 shot" which simply isn't true and just makes feedback feel dishonest and... useless. She does have issues with enemies that have armor, but that's also an issue present in every frame until they add bandaid armor removal/adaptive damage instead of fixing the actual issue. The whole "her 1 sucks" just feels so untrue when it's one of the best "1" abilities in the game. Sure it has a hard cap on CC, but it also has a higher damage potential than most 1 abilities which are meant to deal damage, and most "1" abilities that deal CC have such small ranges that they rarely affect more than a handful of enemies in a single cast anyway. "It doesn't fit the kit" is an argument without actual argument, because no one can make the pipedream of "always press W and kill things" be a good reality without making it akin to cookie clicker, which has been doing better than Warframe on it's steam launch. Her "1" is an useful ability, but sadly thanks to DE disregard for balance for so long led to vocal people thinking "no insta kill = bad". I'd say that her worst ability is Aquablades, it's mostly a defensive anti melee ability, akin to Mesa's 2 execpt it trades the damage buff for damage to enemies, but it's hard to justify using it when there's Merulina and you don't want to sit still with Yareli, and IMO passive damage abilities that reward you for existing shouldn't be a thing. But people will complain regardless. Now they complain Merulina can't be modded, if she could be modded they would complain they need to play K-drive more than just the quest to get the mods and they hate it. It's the usual game of whack a mole, but I hope DE doesn't play that game, because more often than not they tend to ruin the content to please a vocal minority instead of making it better. Sadly some of her actual issues (I like her 4 for being instant, but it does lack something to spice it up instead of making it cookie clicker nuke, or a cost decrease) get drowned in the sea of "Yareli sucks" and "Aquablades don't deal enough damage when I AFK next to the enemy, therefore not effectively playing the game and using, IE, guns". I wish other areas that need attention got as many complaints as Yareli does, but you can't just beat the "content creator said bad, must follow what they say".
  3. Honestly kinda disappointed that... over a month? after the announcement of these changes and no effort/change was made to make the holokeys a better system, and instead go with the worst "fix" possible for the issue at hand. It doesn't fix the frustrations with the Void Storm rewards, it doesn't fix that Revenant parts are a terrible reward to have on a rotation (after obtaining each part once/twice it's nothing but a credits cache, the same goes for EVERY warframe that drops on a rotation including bounties), and the holokeys as a currency will end up being yet another useless currency in the long run once you extinguish the rewards, leading to void storms losing all value from 1 reward tier. There's a currency, there's a shop, it shouldn't be hard to move Sevagoth parts to the shop, add some more evergreen rewards and make the Holokey drop chance higher (because Sevagoth wouldn't drop anymore), boom, you'd have a solid mission reward system in place that could easily be updated, but nope! We get the worst fix possible and all feedback on that thread was wasted. It was good to know about the change early, but boy it feels bad to hear about a mediocre change so early on and see no effort to make solid content instead. By the end of the day, it's no wonder every game mode is a wasteland if you refuse to make better reward systems. Ambassador drop changes seem decent, but sadly the gun continues to be a mess and alt fire mode changing is beyond terrible and it ruins the weapon's versatility. No fixes for Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs either, not sure why this mod hasn't got any fixes while the others ones did.
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs stacks are added or removed inconsistently VISUAL: https://youtu.be/fTbqxTHg7Nw Timestamps in the description. Ignore potential visual "glitches", Chroma key was on without noticing. REPRODUCTION: Hitting heatshots at varying Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs stacking buff durations EXPECTED RESULT: Stacks should be added. Stacks should be removed one at a time when timer expires. OBSERVED RESULT: When timer duration is higher than 10 seconds it tends to work correctly, when between 8 to 10 seconds it tends to increase stacks up to 4 but no more than 4 (HARD TO REPRODUCE), when below 8 seconds it tends to reset timer but does not add stacks, when below 5 seconds it tends to reset the timer but REMOVES a number of stacks often down to 2 stacks. When timer runs out all stacks are removed (unlike other Galvanized modes such as the multishot ones). REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens very often and very noticeable due to low duration timer. This is a literal copy/paste of my own post because despite having a video attached, it seemingly never got seen by anyone and the bug still persists, greatly reducing the usefulness of this mod, anyway all relevant information is there with a video and it's incredibly easy to reproduce. Even if the current mechanics unique to this Galvanized mod are intentional, they should be changed anyway because there's no reason for players to lose stacks when killing with headshots and the duration should be addressed (not sure why the mod with biggest effort involved has the worst timer).
  5. Nice. Now if only the accuracy got fixed tho, but at least that's something. Meanwhile no fixes for the Crit Galvanized mods having their stacks completely screwed besides having lower duration than the other Galvanized mods, plus seemingly not working on the Athodai (at least the buff icon doesn't appear, but hard to see if it's working when the stacks aren't working properly on any other gun anyway)?
  6. Welp? More is more, but it doesn't change how bad the drop tables are. This is a decent bandaid but a poor fix to the problem at hand. Just remove Sevagoth from the drop table, add him to the holokey shop while expanding the shop with evergreen offering like Relic packs for those that maxed those weapons. Increasing the amount the holokey dropped amount won't fix that Sevagoth Parts are nothing more than a 3.5k credits cache after the 1st~2nd acquisition and both items only increase the frustration of farming either of them instead of having an unified system. Sure, now I get more which is good, but there's still a very big chance to get a 3.5k credits cache that is of no use. Face it, parts on rotations is a terrible way of promoting specific nodes that instead of enhancing the game only make it frustrating and makes people hate those game modes. If you already have a currency then expand that currency instead of making it obsolete faster under the pretext of "but you farm things faster". This feels like a poor attempt to make people want to play together. Perhaps forcing multiplayer is detrimental to the game and good concepts could exist if multiplayer stopped being forced and instead was an option (eidolons is a good example of good MP content but that wouldn't exist with forced matchmaking, explore that more, stop diluting content to make matchmaking the way to go).
  7. Cool, if only Galvanized Scope got a fix so it works properly on all guns and doesn't have it's stacks timers completely screwed up, or the Buzlok worked, at all.
  8. Cool, but meanwhile Galvanized Scope is very much broken. Also no Buzlok fixes, a gun that not only haven't got a 2+ years old bug fixed but now it's completely broken and unusable because the alt fire does 0 damage.
  9. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Scope stacks are added or removed inconsistently VISUAL: https://youtu.be/fTbqxTHg7Nw Timestamps in the description. Ignore potential visual "glitches", Chroma key was on without noticing. REPRODUCTION: Hitting heatshots at varying Galvanized Scope stacking buff durations EXPECTED RESULT: Stacks should be added. Stacks should be removed one at a time when timer expires. OBSERVED RESULT: When timer duration is higher than 10 seconds it tends to work correctly, when between 8 to 10 seconds it tends to increase stacks up to 4 but no more than 4 (HARD TO REPRODUCE), when below 8 seconds it tends to reset timer but does not add stacks, when below 5 seconds it tends to reset the timer but REMOVES a number of stacks often down to 2 stacks. When timer runs out all stacks are removed (unlike other Galvanized modes such as the multishot ones). REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens very often and very noticeable due to low duration timer.
  10. Happens on my side too, which adds on top of it's already bugged accuracy.
  11. Are you telling me the Hounds have the one thing people (including myself) have been suggesting for Kubrow/Kavat for quite a while?
  12. I've updated the concept, merged 2 Moas into 1 but also added the new Grineer Rideable Mek. Notes Section is now a spoiler to make the post smaller as it's mostly extra information anyway. Flavour text was added besides for the Drone Moa. Later I might address some stats like Energy, or the lack of thereof. Archived ideas that got shelved will be in the spoiler below.
  13. This feels like it will only benefit the new Sister's flux rifle and any other that is beam based because using the Exilus slot on regular non 40 point weapons tends to be an awful experience as you need to polarize nearly all slots to be able to fit 1 extra mod. Not even sure why Split Chamber still costs 15 points. Don't get me wrong, that's a good change, but until we get the cost of many primary/secondary mods reduced, that slot will be vastly useless and won't fulfil it's purpose. It hurts my brain how some of the best guns in the game are the ones that don't need to sacrifice anything to use that slot. Overall... Meh? We didn't need power creep, seen pages and pages of people complaining that this power creep is pointless, yet all you did was mostly increase the power creep and reduce the mod cost for the So so Galvanized mods and increased the cost one of them when mod points on non 40 point weapons is at the breaking point? Edit: Oh, and Arbitrations... I can't say I enjoy playing that and getting 1 vitus every 10 minutes, if I'm lucky enough to even get one. I Don't think that reason why feels that genuine. I'd guess it's because the Steel Path alerts already give people plenty of Essence even if they can't beat the game alone because there's always someone spinning on public anyway. This change just seems geared towards making the mods take longer to be grind for, even worse when there's only 1 mission per hour and only ENDLESS. Can we have something good that isn't endless for once?
  14. Ever since I saw a rideable Moa art piece by Liger-Inuzuka I’ve been wishing that DE could make that happen. Fortuna happened and I always thought it was the perfect place for enemies to be seen riding Moas as their own personal vehicle, but it didn’t happen. And now we have the Necramechs and my itch is bigger than ever, so I decided to put some ideas together, theorycraft what could be possible and see if others would like it too. To note that I’m focusing more on mechanics rather than stats, so you will likely not see things like damage numbers, energy costs and the like. My point is to conceptualize and IMO stats are secondary unless examples are needed, but I can always update that later down the line. The Rideable Moas These aren’t normal Moas, they use the Bursa body design but are slightly bigger and you ride them in the back. Sadly I can’t make art to show a representation of this, and I’m not posting Liger’s art because… well, it’s not mine, but you can easily find his art tho, or you can think about what you see in MGSV *winkwink*. Below there’s the 2 types of Moa we can obtain. NOTE: The ability order isn’t definitive so don’t give too much weight to the order placement. Shield Moa This Moa is more based on the traditional Bursa design and abilities. 1 - Blinding Beam Focus light into a beam, blinding your enemies. Fires a Beam that Blinds enemies On contact the Beam will Scatter Light in all directions dealing Blind Status in a radius Notes: 2- Energy shield Deploy an energy shield that absorbs enemy fire. Crouch to divert energy from the locomotion module to the shield module increasing the shield’s efficiency. The Moa will deploy a frontal shield with 2.000 Health (+armor) 3 seconds invulnerability Absorbs damage during invulnerability period and adds it to the shield’s total health Enemy melee attacks against the shield will deal Electricity status to the enemy While “crouching” the Shield reduces incoming damage by 50% Melee while crouched costs 100 shield Health to perform an Energy Shockwave Same range as regular Shockwave but deals the Lifted status Energy Shockwave Shield Health Cost is affected by Power Efficiency Notes: Extra Idea: Shield size is increased while crouching. This is something to consider but this will be added later to a different ability anyway. The idea is to allow the Moa to protect targets or players while crouching by making the shield bigger. 3 - Whiplash Tether (TBD name) Throw a mine that slows enemies in range and pulls them Tap will throw a mine that will slow enemies within 12 meters Mine lasts for XX seconds When duration runs out the mine will pull in all enemies in range and Staggers them Hold will Invert the mine’s functions Pull in > Stagger > Slow Notes: 4 - Bunker Mode/Hoverdrive mode Bunker down to become an impenetrable shield or engage the enemy with superior speed. Bunker Mode Hold to Activate Bunker Mode forces the Moa into a crouch position and it cannot move Shield will receive 90% damage reduction and it’s size will be increased Hoverdrive Tap to Activate The Moa will fold it’s legs and hovers slightly over the ground In this Mode the Moa will move at higher speeds in ANY direction Shield does no get any Damage Reduction bonus in this mode Other specifications During Bunker/Hoverdrive mode some AW Gun stats will be slightly increased, such as Damage, Fire rate, charge rate, Critical Damage, Critical Chance and Status Chance. During Bunker/Hoverdrive mode a “Focus Ring” will appear on screen Missiles will be fired from the Moa’s legs when the player attacks enemies Missiles will home in on enemies inside the Focus Ring Missiles have a fire rate of (tentatively) 2 (missiles per second) per enemy up to X enemies While not firing the Moa will accumulate up to X000 damage Accumulating rate should be tied to Fire Rate and damage per missile Accumulated damage will be added to the missiles when the player resumes firing Notes: Drone Moa This moa is based on the Tarask Moa, spawning drones and commanding them. 1 - Spawn Drone Tap Spawns a drone, up to 3 total. Hold to rotate between 3 types of drone, Heat, Electricity or Cold drone. Heat drone will fire highspeed Heat based projectiles at a single target Electricity Drone will Tether to a single enemy dealing Electricity damage Cold Drone will deal Cold damage in a thin cone shaped area Drones can move independently but will prioritize following the Player Spawning a drone after reaching the limit will destroy the oldest Drone Notes: Extra Idea: Spawning a new Drone when the limit has been reached will decrease the cost by 50%. If you already had 3 drones but wanted to change elements, you don’t lose all energy previously spent. 2 - Command and Overdrive Commands the drones to attack a specific enemy or follow a player Overdrive increases the Drone’s Fire Rate by 50% Overdrive is cast together with Command Overdrive lasts XX seconds Overdrive buff can still be obtained if no enemy/player is targeted and the energy cost will be reduced to XX energy Notes: 3- Connect and Repair Connect links the Drones to the Moa and gives 50% Damage Reduction to the Moa/player and Drones Drones DO NOT receive the damage they reduce, damage is simply reduced Connect has no range limits When enemies damage the Moa it will heal the Drones by the same amount Lasts XX seconds Note: 4 - Delta Attack Spawns a 4th drone that attaches to your AW Gun and modifies it into an Exalted Weapon AW Gun becomes a powerful laser Every drone will come back to the Player placing themselves around the AW Gun in a triangular shape and will connect with the 4th Drone Every drone will add damage to the Exalted Weapon and their own elements Drone Elements do not mix with modded Elements Command will be deactivated and can’t be cast Overdrive can still be cast but it will instead increase the damage Bonus the drones offer to the Exalted Weapon Notes: The Grineer Mek Inspired by the very animals they use in combat and the animalistic Corpus Proxies, the Grineer developed their own rideable robots, named the Mek (better name pending). These robots have very limited AI that does not do much alone, but with a rider this unit is a powerful threat. Visually they should resemble Drahk/Kubrow and Hyekka/Kavat, but with heavy armor and very “industrial” design. They should be bigger than the Corpus Hyena (boss) but not by a lot. I did take some reference screenshots and it might not be a big problem when it comes to clipping. They use a new kind of poison developed from Ghoul blood that infects their victims, once they die their Corpses will explode, spreading a paralytic poison. What about robots? Like the weapon mods with a similar function I shall ignore that question! That’s all for the sake of simplicity though. They are heavily armored, their armor value should be quite high to make up for the fact that they rely on the armor stat instead of Damage Reduction abilities. Drahk Mek 1- Paralytic Bite Mek will Lunge towards the enemy, bite and inject them with a Paralytic poison made from Ghoul Blood, turning it’s victims into time bombs should their life expire. Tap to lunge and perform a quick bite Bite inflicts “Ghoul Infection Type 1” and Cold + Toxin procs Enemies afflicted with Ghoul Infection will explode on death Type 1 Corpse Explosion deals Cold + Toxin procs within 10 Meters Hold to lunge, bite and hold the enemy in the Mek’s mouth While being held the enemy will suffer constant Toxin procs and “Ghoul Infection Type 1” Tap again to throw the enemy Thrown enemies will proc Cold + Toxin in a radius on impact with an enemy/surface Enemies cannot die while being hold and their Health will be locked at 1 Notes: 2 - Gastric Ballistics (WIP Name) Opening its mouth the Mek reveals a cannon that fires shells with high concuss capabilities. Mek will open its mouth and fire a ballistic shell On contact with an enemy the shell will deal Puncture damage On Contact the Shell explodes, dealing Blast Damage in a radius Explosion Deals Impact and Blast status If an enemy is being held by “Paralytic Bite” they suffer 300% of the explosion damage value as Puncture damage as the Shell punches through them Notes: 3 - Full Exhaust Mek will rev up its engine and let out a thick cloud of smoke that makes it hard to pinpoint and will stagger those that breathe in the lingering smoke. Alternatively Mek can let out flammable chemicals from it’s exhaust to ignite the floor. Tap to start letting smoke out, lasts xx seconds Enemies will be less likely to hit the player and homing projectiles will lose tracking Smoke trail lingers for X seconds Enemies that walk into the smoke cloud will suffer a short stagger and Blast status/accuracy debuff Hold will release inflammable chemicals that will ignite the floor in a 10 meters area and persists for XX seconds Notes: 4 - Dual Miniguns (Exalted Weapon) Mek will deploy dual Miniguns that spread devastation among the enemy. Front Legs upper section will open up and reveal a pair of Miniguns Miniguns have their own separate modding section Alt fire will switch the miniguns’ firing more to semi auto but will fire bullets from all it’s barrels at the same time and at a reduced fire rate Alt fire has a short falloff range but high fire power Notes: Hyekka Mek 1 - Paralytic Claw Mek’s claws will be coated with Ghoul Paralytic poison and Slashes the enemy, turning them into living ticking bombs. Lunges towards the enemy and performs a wide slash Enemies hit contract “Ghoul Infection Type 2” and Cold + Toxin procs Enemies afflicted with Ghoul Infection will explode on death Type 2 Corpse Explosion deals Cold + Toxin procs within 8 Meters Notes: 2 - Laser Tail Fire a laser beam from the Mek’s tail section, setting enemies ablaze. Tap to fire a heat based Laser straight ahead Hold to fire the Laser in a sweeping motion Both modes feature infinite Punchthrough against enemies and only enemies Laser has 100% Heat Proc rate Does not interrupt actions such as firing or ADS Notes: 3 - Machina Roar A Mechanical Roar will echo through the battlefield making the enemy question should they attack you or not, while also interfering with their weapons and decreasing their firepower. Mek will perform a Mechanical Roar, striking fear on its enemies Enemies within xx meters will suffer a damage debuff and will be less likely to attack the player The Roar will echo in the area for a short duration (IE 5 seconds) Notes: 4 - Claw Combo (Exalted Weapon) Mek will deploy the full strength of its claws and the Tail laser will form a heat blade, leading to a powerful combo that decimates the enemy. Mek will melee with it’s Claws and Tail Claws have their own separate modding window Tail Laser’s power is focused on a much smaller length but with high cutting power Does not disrupt the usage of other powers Exalted Weapon attacks do not deal “Ghoul Infection” The Guns This part isn’t different from what we already have, your own AW guns will be mounted on top of the Moa/Mek. Sliding When the Rideable Moa “slides” it will fold it’s legs and deploy wheels which are found in the back of their legs. An example of this exists in the Gauth Bracket (legs) of the companion Moa that you build in Fortuna, I will likely add a screenshot of that here later. The Mek will simply run faster and have slower turning like the Necramech. The question about the “Stamina” issue is a different can of worms, but I’d like to think that they can Slide for a good duration. To Hover or not to Hover I think the Hover see in the Necramechs would work just fine on the Rides. Nothing to note. Melee This could be a much bigger topic but since Necramechs don’t have access to melee and the Moa design also makes it extremely hard to fit in, I will simply continue with that design in mind. Rideable Moas do a quick stomp and release a small Shockwave that knocks enemies back. Grineer Meks will either headbut to knock back or swat the enemy with their legs to push them back. What about the Orphix We can go towards 2 different routes here. 1 - Operator rides the Moa/Mek when you use Transference, guns are mounted on the units so they shouldn't have much trouble operating them, but might look rather iffy visually but also kinda cool. 2 - Father retrofits our Moa/Mek with Necramech technology, developing the Corn Rider with more modern technology, a much slicker/smaller version of the Necramech Corn Pod that is now shaped like a human. In this case it would be a cool to unlock a new skin when we get Father to transform our units. The Enemy Rides For the enemy I would like to see them being introduced in 2 types, the simple type that is easily found in Orb Valis/PoE and then a “mini boss” version that has some of the same abilities that we use on our Rides and appear in Orb Vallis/PoE (when threat level is high) and any other tileset (again as a mini boss type, not a regular trash mob). For the Grineer in specific I think it would be funny to see them have a variant that wields a spear and tries to joust at full speed. Closing Thoughts Some people might think “but why?”, and honestly I just like it when things are fun and offer additional variety that also builds up the enemy as well. I would love to see Corpus/Grineer riding their Moas/Meks through the roads in Orb Vallis/PoE, or showing up as mini bosses in other places. Anyway, I’d love to see if anyone else would like to see this kind of things, because I know I do. I’m all up for discussing ideas and opinions.
  15. This would be great, until you consider how multiplayer works and how selfish players can be. Overall, this could be even more interesting if we had proper VIP targets and not "trash mobs, but slightly stronger". Meanwhile the best VIP in the game isn't included in the list (nor the Sentient, shame).
  16. At face value this is nice, but this bothers me: Perhaps the issue is that Steel Path was poorly done and poorly balanced? Still, the divide exists regardless, but I can't help but feel that you just made every non steel path even less interesting with the jump in power creep, and there's no actual hard mode (SP ain't it and it's an island worse than all others). Yes, when you progress and "go back" enemies get weaker, but SP isn't progression, it's side content, when a good Hard Mode would be progression that didn't require me to go back to play on content that is universally relevant (Kuva, Relics, RJ, etc). Farming this items will likely be one of the worse things to do in the game due to how SP in one of the worst Islands in the game, and adding more items doesn't make it better, it makes it WORSE. What we need is a proper Hard Mode that reduces islands, not otherwise. It's also worth noting that if the Arcanes don't limit "1 kill per shot", then you just massively buffed AoE guns a lot more than anything else (they can be buffed to max much faster, this matters too), you know, the other problematic gun type besides melee? Perhaps they should've got their own Arcanes. While the actual balance changes are nice to see, I Can't help but feel this is mostly powercreep and not much actual balancing. Gun variety will continue to suffer unless properly balanced (you know, by tiers [MK-1>Vanilla>Variant ala Prime/Kuva/Syndicate/ETC] and not by MR), plus fairly disappointed in how this new system creates both powercreep AND artificial scarcity. Edit: To also not that minus recoil is a very situational thing that more often than not something you don't need at all, so the Deadhead Arcane will often give an utility buff that most guns don't need, reducing the amount of buffs to 2, while Merciless gives 3 good and always useful buffs. This continues the trend of hurting non AoE/auto fire guns while benefiting everything else far more.
  17. New abilities, yes, cool. Invigorations? Why? Weekly powercreep? We don't need this kinda of thing. I understand that you might want people to use more Warframes but I feel this will miss the point and there could be better avenues in the future (*cough*rouguelike mode*cough*). Not to mention you just opened yourself for people to ask for permanent (and needless) buffs too. Didn't expect much, but somehow feel a bit disappointed that Helminth isn't being used to level the playing field for Infested guns. Edit: Couldn't this be a gear item? I always feel like Gear is a side thing no one uses, more relevant items could help.
  18. Note: If you are looking for a way to make it shorter, this ain't it. Mobile Defence is one of the few non endless missions that I enjoy, not too short, not too long, team composition doesn't punish you. Sadly it's old and tired, it needs changes to modernize it and make it more rewarding. It can also be easily rigged for a guaranteed win which makes it feel boring and empty. This is a wordy post, so if you don't want to read a big wall I made bullet points with the important things, all the rest is explanations for the most part. My main point is to address specific issues: CC + timer = no incentive to play beyond pressing the CC Key Lack of rewards For the first issue, my suggestion is to use Demolisher units. Those units help Disruption be more challenging and fun, their properties ensure that the player cannot win by simply using CC (but you can still slow them down). If we are protecting a target, why wouldn't the enemy send such units anyway? Of course you wouldn't just strap in those units to MD and call it a day. The following are main change to MD missions and the Demolisher units spawning there: In Tier 1 planets the Demolisher units EHP shouldn't be much higher than a Heavy Gunner Demolisher units do not insta destroy the target, instead they reduce the target health by a percentage (this would require testing or be based on the number of Demolisher per target) Between 1~3 Demolisher units spawn pet target, number depends on enemy level/mission tier Winning condition is based on the number of Consoles successfully defended First point is simply to guarantee that changes to this mode do not punish newer players, instead weaker versions teach them the ropes. Second point is to address that you still have to defend the target unlike how Disruption Conduits aren't destroyed by regular enemies. Rather than insta kill they only deal a percentage of the Target's max HP as damage. On any level their damage to the target will be high but never a 1 shot kill (unless other enemies damage it enough for the first Demolisher to destroy it). I think that 30% per Demolisher is a good number because even if on max tier the demolisher they can't destroy the Console alone, but can still deal up to 90% in damage which is a lot but at that tier players should know what to do and shouldn't allow it to happen, if they do then it's a good indicator they need better gear or learn more about the enemy. Third point is to increase difficulty/complexity. Yes, higher level enemies deal more damage and are more resilient, but that alone doesn't increase difficulty due to how we also grow stronger. This also addresses the fact that low level players don't have as many tools, but as they obtain more gear they also obtain more ways to deal with the enemy, in this case CC/defence abilities, so an increase in Demolisher units will also promote players to be more active rather than killing 1 Demolisher and calling it a day. To also note they spawn 1 at a time and not all at the same time. Initially I had higher numbers but it felt like it would be a bit too frantic or make it seem like it steps too much on Disruption's toes. But that still means 9 Demolisher per mission at max tier, versus 4 Demolisher per round in Disruption. Forth Point is to address the higher challenge that come from the other changes, and to bring it closer to other modes like Spy which usually don't punish a single mistake with a mission failed screen, but instead gives less rewards (this will be addressed later). Winning Conditions are as followed: Tier 1 and 2 missions: 1 Console successfully defended Tier 3 and Alerts: 2 Consoles successfully defended Sortie: 3 Consoles successfully defended Now the Second issue, the lack of rewards. For each Console successfully defended the player gets a reward Killing all Demolisher gives an extra reward This is just like how Spy works for the most part, the more successful you are the more you get. I'm not going into specifics, but we have to consider that Mobile Defence isn't exactly a place for Veterans nor is a long mission by any means (90 seconds at max for 1 rotation isn't a lot), so wouldn't expect the rewards to be anything special, but they could however help newer players grow. While a credits cache or a resource bundle is nothing worth noting for a veteran, they would still be nice rewards for players still are working their way through the star chart, and certainly is more than what we have now. A reward for killing all Demolisher would make MD a bit like Bounties where if you are better or work harder than the baseline you are rewarded for it. This is another way to promote players to get out there killing the enemy instead of calculating their loses so they can go read a book. This is the rotation where you would have a good chance to get things like Relics. I say Relics since they are always nice to get, but maybe in certain places like the Kuva Fortress we could see other rewards like Kuva? Rewards can be a hard topic due to how easily they can make parts of the game feel like they aren't worth doing, and that's not my goal. IMO those changes would make MD feel more modern and rewarding, while still keeping it's main gameplay intact. Sadly for some my goal isn't to turn it into another capture like mission that ends in less than 90 seconds, rather I want to make it feel more modern, challenging, fun and rewarding. TL;DR Demolisher spawn in MD and nullifier Limbo's 4 so you have to kill them, there's also more rewards. The bullet points hold all the important information ;D
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