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  1. well... ty Szuna for the gift. I will give you a gift in return next Thurday 😛
  2. i guess I will just leave it 😛
  3. should I give up on doing this weap becoz it is so much? (btw I am not able to lower clan lvl)(not clan leader) https://imgur.com/a/lyDAzoO
  4. I haven't even got my code anymore. You will get a new code every time you login from a new computer 🙂 Hope this helps.
  5. Yes there are in Canada, London 🙂
  6. I already have 2FA active already fae path ephemera here I come 😛
  7. Thanks for the info DE. I will be building my wisp for support and dmg using her ultimate 🙂 Defo will be checking out all the new bosses and mode.
  8. Tbh I was expecting the update not to be released this week. Thank you DE for letting use know.
  9. Yea I am waiting just like everyone else. Yes I am looking forward to the update. Let DE do there thing and make this update have less bugs... (even tho putting this update into the game can prove to make even more bugs like another MMO's out there)
  10. Tbh I don't mind when it gets here. I an just looking forward to the new mode.
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