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  1. So... what exactly is the point of aura formas? There's only one useful aura anyway.
  2. Way to completely miss the point DE. Permadeath was the sole interesting thing about arbitrations, one of their good points, and you're removing it. The problem with arbitrations is the sheer tedium, they just take far too long for how little you're getting. 30 minutes to start getting remotely worthwhile rewards? What a joke.
  3. I've tried 5 runs tonight, 2 were successful while the other 3 were spoiled by bugs. The first was the door back out of deck 12 wouldn't open, the second was the phase 2 orb not spawning, the third was the door into deck 12 not opening. It's lunacy that they set a time limit on these events when they can't even make them work properly by a few days short of the end.
  4. Right, so you 'fix' the ability to nuke all of the vents at once. But you haven't fixed the infinite loading entering deck 12, you haven't fixed the phase 2 exploiter orb not spawning at all, you haven't fixed the incredibly basic melee issues. You guys ever heard the word "priorities" before?
  5. Yup, they completely broke their new flagship content, then swanned off to enjoy their weekend. Now they're back at work and they're still not fixing it. Considering the bugfixes didn't even work, a rollback would seem in order.
  6. Orb Vallis matchmaking was completely broken by this patch. Can't join a group on Orb Vallis, nor be joined by anyone else. This needs to be fixed yesterday.
  7. I only got Hildryn today, but here are a few things that leap out at me: General: I love the concept, finally a true shield based frame, and she's incredibly fun to play. But, having said that, she's deeply flawed as she is right now. One change I'd like to see is an addition to her passives that prevents damage penetrating shields. She's supposed to stack shields, slash and toxin procs simply going straight through are going to kill her while her 4000+ shields sit there looking confused. And that's if your shields haven't all been drained away by your own abilities. I get it, she's experimental, making someone's energy and shield pools one and the same. But if you're going to do that, you need to put some serious thought into making sure her sustainability is there. Right now it's fine for regular star chart stuff, but end game content is not somewhere Hildryn fares well right now. Balefire: Very nice ability, very fun, but needs some touching up. First up, don't change the physics or feel of it, I love me some ragdolls. But they need changes from both balance and QoL perspectives. As far as balance goes, why would I ever charge the shot? I'm not going to drain a large amount extra shield to deal a small amount extra damage. The charge shot needs to have a higher damage multiplier than cost multiplier, the cost you're paying for that charged shot is the time it takes, there's absolutely no need for an exorbitant shield cost, especially since this is going to be used on top of Aegis Storm and possibly Haven too. QoL-wise, it requires an unbelievably dainty touch on the mouse to make a completely uncharged shot, so much as clicking the mouse button a bit too hard makes the game classify it as a charge shot, and slows me to walking pace. It needs to be made a bit more forgiving for run and gun play. Secondly, let us aim down while using Aegis Storm, it's frankly odd that you don't let us do this. And here's the biggest QoL issue, this one is criminal, and it's the camera. Most guns, when held, give you a clear view past your frame at your crosshair and the enemy/object you're aiming at. The Balefire Charger is held in a different pose though, Hildryn holds it out to one side... blocking most of your view of your crosshair. This gets worse when you're flying, at which point your weapon almost perfectly blocks your whole target. If not for the fact that it's basically a grenade launcher you shoot beneath your opponent's feet, I'd never hit anything. Seriously DE, we need to see, this is something you need to fix yesterday. Shield Pillage: This one needs some serious work. It's a nice idea with poor execution. If you're against Corpus? Great! Grineer? Not so great, armour's numbers are lower than shields, you're frankly not getting good value from draining armour, there really needs to be a multiplier present here. And God help you if you're against Infested... The unevenness of this ability spoils it badly, it's useless against a third of the enemies you fight, and mediocre against another third. Change it such that it's equally viable against anything, maybe just simplify it do deal damage and heal shields accordingly. Also, we need to be able to use this during Aegis Storm. Haven: I scarcely even considered using Haven, simply because Hildryn is already incredibly starved for shields, your abilities drain away your shields so fast as is, I really don't have the luxury to be worrying about allied shields... Perhaps give Hildryn herself damage reduction to her shields while this is active, based on her current armour (or maybe just a nice flat value). I'd frankly also be happy to see the offensive part of this ability gone, along with the high cost. Perhaps something for an augment? Aegis Storm: Great fun, too expensive. The energy cost per enemy is far too high, meaning the capstone of Hildryn's arsenal is at its least useful when you're in the most difficult fights. If you could use Shield Pillage at the same time, perhaps the cost would be justified, but instead we're stuck with sky high shield costs with an occasional drip feed of energy orbs as compensation. One of my thoughts is that any enemy killed by Balefire while affected by Aegis Storm automatically drops an energy orb. Another is simply to cap the energy cost relative to its base cost. Another is to simply reduce its costs by a significant margin. Conclusion: Hildryn is a great idea, and a very worthwhile experiment in frame design. But there's a reason shields aren't viable for tanking, and it's because they have no damage reduction. Simply giving a large pool is nice and all, but then we have the likes of Inaros getting over 8000 health and getting good damage reduction from armour on top of that and not having to spend that health on abilities. Meanwhile we're taking full damage from everything shot at us and taking damage from our own abilities, I thought self-harm was supposed to be Garuda's thing.
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