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  1. First, here's the crosshair I cut out. It ain't perfect, unfortunately. DE, please allow us one or more of the following: Disable the crosshair solely (at least, I couldn't find the option) Use crosshairs from other weapons (trumna being an example. It's right there, if you don't know what it looks like :D) Create our own crosshairs As of current, if you're on windows 10 (don't know about 11) You can use the Gamebar to get a free extension that allows you to make your own crosshair and use it in any game on fullscreen. This image does conform to its standards as... I'm using it. 100x100 png. I do quite like the Trumna's crosshairs, btw. Really sticks out as a clear but interesting crosshair. I made another one with a smaller accurate green dot with a black outline and I have some other more bland crosshairs if anyone wants them, so they don't have to spend so much time making them from scratch.
  2. You can actually even find light at night on the plains of Eidolon. It's a little annoying, but it is possible. Light is practically the default ability for Eclipse, with the Shadow buffs hardly existing.
  3. This especially I disagree with entirely, but of course I would. I'm extremely biased.
  4. You're just all over the place with this post. Weakest starter, but then you talk about high level? Saying volt has great augments, but then say Excalibur has no survivability until he gets augments? Firstly, Excalibur is the most popular starter frame. When starting the game, Volt and Mag's CC and damage abilities are more cumbersome to use than simply using Radial Blind and getting the results. Rather than making a shield for one direction and standing behind it, or putting a bubble on a few enemies that last for a few seconds, you simply blind an entire room and move on. This also provides a sizeable damage bonus for most melee attacks which is on average far stronger than guns are without mods since they won't have endo, credits, or the mods themselves. He has the best survivability out of the starters for people who do not understand the game. His health pool is average, his armor is slightly higher than average, and his shield pool is also average. While you can technically survive more easily with Mag due to having shield gating through using Polarize, that requires energy and quick reactions. New players aren't going to know: 1.) Shield-gating is a mechanic 2.) What enemies delete their shields in a second 3.) What enemies bypass shields entirely. This is why Mag is the least picked starter, and nearly no one recommends her to new players. Junction fights are the easiest with Excalibur. Radial Blind turns off most of their AI. Once they get to sortie levels of missions, Excalibur is still as viable as the other two, and in general still widely more applicable. Radial Blind is one of the most powerful CC tools in the game, it's main drawback is the lack of consistency when there are walls in the way. It allows him to do anything from defense to survival to disruption. Above that he can fall off, but "above that" is Arbitration and Steel Path, which requires completion of the entire star chart. If they lack mods and resources by that point all three starters would fall off in a similar manner.
  5. Cedo, Gaze(secondary), Cyanex, Mutalist Cernos, Basmu, Kuva Drakgoon. Zymos, Tenet Diplos when they finally fix it, Quatz, and finally. Kuva Bramma when placed on any specter.
  6. Unless you do math, sure. A universal bane mod would effectively go against the entirety of what a bane mod represents: Specialization against a faction. They are a massive damage increase at the expense, solely, of your attention before a match. Swapping to another configuration slot mid-mission, however, would be nice. Unfortunately, I have no faith what-so-ever in DE implementing a feature like this, or it actually working correctly even if they did.
  7. Magus arcanes, while one was listed there are several that will heal your Warframe. There is also the Vazarin Protective dash which will render your Warframe invulnerable for a few seconds, and heal for a large percentage of the Warframe's total health.
  8. Weird, it's almost like I'm the third post here. While you happen to come in and bring up topics adjacent to the thread at hand solely to attack the character of the poster, which could be reported. You had one sentence that could be considered a contribution, while the rest of the post is simply disrespectful and demeaning to not only the OP, but to anyone who just asks a lot of questions and happens to not pick up the game systems as quickly as other people. So again... Would've been better off having never posted.
  9. You can override the animation lock from heat procs by using things that would normally activate a finisher mechanic. Say, Naramon's Dash, Radial Blind, Sleep of most sorts, Zakti, or Bronco. But yes, I'm sharing the same opinion. An entire rework to parazon, and it wasn't caught by anyone that you're unable to perform parazon finishers if you hit enemies with Impact, Electric, or Heat?
  10. Would've been better off had you not even bothered to post at all.
  11. Stop playing. I'm not joking. Why keep playing a game you're bored with? Play something else that excites you again. Check back if you feel bored of that.
  12. It is brutally hilarious how your teammate just casually ignored your death, because the loot boxes were more important. Back on topic: No, these are mostly terrible ideas. They were nerfed because this isn't Dark Souls. they're not fun mechanics, and most of them aren't counterable. On a related note: Only two people even shoots nullifier drones. Behemoth Juggernauts are just larger, high stat juggernauts. Increasing the spawn rate of higher tiered enemies would be fine, however. It would be nice if we had more interesting enemies in the first place. Like an enemy that pretends to be one of your teammates, and doesn't try to kill you until you look the other way. Or a straight up mage, casting shields on other enemies, summoning miniature ice storms that slow down your animation speeds. Fire tornadoes that absorb your bullets to do more damage to you, but can be dispelled by a melee attack or if you have a weapon modded with ice. At least, those are way more interesting than, like, shooting osprey mines for twenty minutes or metas where Rhino, Wukong, and Nidus are the only non-annoying picks.
  13. You mean the search functions that already exist? You can already set the sorts from Forma Count to alphabetical to current level, type in weapon categories like "Rifle" "Sniper" "Shotgun" "Kitgun" "Zaw" "Kuva" "Tenet" There's really not that many weapons in specific categories.
  14. We have attention of Riven mods affecting the power of Warframe abilities, which most people disagree with and DE has specifically stated that they don't want that to be the case. Then they nerf Xoris for a similar reason. Then make a suboptimal nerf to Khora's Whipclaw which the entire community also disagrees with, but leave Rivens affecting these abilities because... We have stats on Warframe abilities that are swapped out, and many of these abilities have had countless posts and videos stating that they were bad and in need of buffs years before Helminth was even released. We've been asking for changes to status effects like Impact, Puncture, and Magnetic being garbage, and they've gotten changes that no one wants that did not change the problem with their status effects. There is no explanation for good feedback that is popular receiving no attention at all other than DE either willfullly ignoring it entirely, or not reading it at all.
  15. Pretty much all of the mods you are suggesting exist in the Conclave system already. I've been asking for nearly a year now for these to be moved over to the main game, as conclave is effectively abandoned by the community and the mods are interesting. For example, with a little bit of tweaking Calculated Victory could be a fantastic option for low survivability, high kill potential frames like Banshee and Meg. Adept Surge would be nice for players that want to move quickly through missions and pride themselves on being hit little if at all. Vital Systems Bypass would be useful on frames that rely on taking health damage for Rage or Hunter Recovery in order to regenerate energy.
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