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  1. To be honest, for me I mostly noticed it recently when I was running farms for Sovereign outcast. There was two or three Napalms every forty-five seconds and by forty-minutes I found that my health was being reduced to nothing regardless of how I dodged or what cover I used because the Napalm would just randomly fire. It didn't matter where the projectile landed, it just did two thousand damage on impact with a wall near me. I couldn't even see where it landed half the time because the Napalm would be under me shooting at the roof. Even when I turned invisible it didn't matter because of
  2. What? It's a mag, shields are the worst form of defense in the game and on top of that she has no armor value. Slash procs end her in no time, she's a glass cannon. Also, I did a lot of testing to see what could combat the Napalms... Frost is helpless if you rely on SnowGlobe. It can hit in a 10 meter radius, so at the very least you need >200% range just to be protected at the epicenter of your globe. Which is, basically, a full rank overextended and a rank two or three cunning drift. At that point, you have barely any power strength and you can't move from the cast point, it's lu
  3. But not to the extent the image jokes about. And I'm pretty sure we're weak to fire, so that number is basically nothing.
  4. Napalms are absolutely ludicrous and truly need reductions in all areas. They have twice the health of a Bombard and the same armor. Their projectiles at 5 meters away do slightly less than the Bombard rocket does when it hits you. Their projectile has a 10 meter AoE radius on initial contact that can proc heat, and also leaves behind a very high damaging ball of fire for something near 10 seconds. Unlike Bombards, their projectiles can't be destroyed with a long range melee attack. Edit: Before anyone says it, yes. We need this, and this will be our savior
  5. Should have 900 drops in Spy missions from Kuva fortress, a chance on every rotation. Would give you a reason to do those annoying missions.
  6. Reviving thread instead of making a new one. I mean, it's clear the Index is just like the raid, buggy gamemode that has a valuable drop and was abandoned shortly after implementation, but it would be nice if someone could come back and give us the option to disable the sabotaging specters that don't know how to use abilities.
  7. He hasn't been trolling. All his concerns are legitimate and, though not substantiated initially, have been elaborated in response to opposing arguments with civility. Please reciprocate that gesture.
  8. I'm not advertising to be perfect. I've only seen a handful of people saying how convenient the change is. I see quite a few more who don't really notice it's usefulness. That spoke volumes. Not everyone has to be as good as me, or even half as good. But if your argument are for these clinch situations in which reviving instantly saves the mission from failing, I must assume every hypothetical player is competent. An incompetent player that goes down protecting rescue hostage instantly revives and... Does what, exactly? Would this cycle not continue? Would they not get up and try t
  9. Nerf it, it's probably too powerful. Bow? Useful on more than one target when they're not standing in a line? LIKED!? Yeah no, nerf.
  10. Arcane Victory. Headshots have a chance to regenerate 2% health per second for 8 seconds on headshot at 8% chance. Any. It should be noted that these do not have to be headshots kills. So radial effects like Syndicate weapons, powers, melee, and the Zenistar disk all have a chance to start your healing. Though it's a low number, the ability to activate it from a safe place is valuable and should not be scoffed at. Other than that, all the arcanes go from terrible effects and lol prices (Arcane Deflection for nothing) to ludicrous effects and lol prices (Arcane Energize
  11. Do you understand why people laugh at shields? It's because they're a flat value. Inaros can tank damage that Harrow cannot, why? Because of the armor that applies Damage Reduction on health, but not shields. Also, it is not consistent to get headshots with non-thrown melee weapons. He is simply more effective with high AoE guns, or shotguns. Everything that you've said so far is quite general and rather vague.
  12. 5 seconds is ludicrous. Add 3 seconds, if someone switches 2 times (To Stay, then Extract, then Stay) then lock them to their last option.
  13. I'm not claiming to be an expert, I'm saying look at the other threads. They have more reasonable ideas. But if you would like: Your numbers I believe are too high in regards to what is possible to mod in, for example your Status and crit chance bonus with heat. Some I believe are too low, like your energy restoration for electricity. It would essentially make the rework fall on what the current Chroma is already falling on: Ice and Fire are the best, Toxin and Electricity are useless. Vex Armor and Elemental Ward are all that would ever be truly useful outside of Effigy Credit Farm.
  14. There are other Chroma rework threads that are far more reasonable on this very subforum; you should've looked at them. My feedback on this is limited to telling you that everything you've listed lacks a sense of balance. Bad. Plain and simple.
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