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  1. What happened: 1) Squad up with clanner (he's hosting, we're in invite-only mode) 2) He clicks the Plains on the starmap to go directly there 3) Use the little hut outside Cetus to take a bounty 4) Complete the bounty, and take the same one again 5) I (client player) can no longer pick up items Screenshot: (note that I am out of ammo for my Komorex and missing energy) Humorously, vacuum continues to work, and I CAN pick up some items (resources, credits) as my operator. However, totally unable to collect anything with my Warframe, even in Archwing. This actually happened twice, so it seems fairly repeatable. During the missions I was using my operator, my exalted weapon, and my archwing, but it reliably didn't happen until the second bounty.
  2. I used to maintain a thread where I kept track of long-standing issues. Thanks for carrying the torch for me. With that said, a lot of the things in your post are more preferential than "issues". You'll have more luck spreading your message if you stick to actual bugs instead of "things I don't like and want changed." Just some friendly advice. The actual issues from your post:
  3. I'm having this glitch apropos of nothing. Frequently as a client I'll switch to semi mode, fire one time, and then the weapon will reload. While I'm standing directly next to the floating magazine. Very irritating.
  4. I'll sign this. Very annoying to accidentally enter the wrong dojo. Done it quite a few times.
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    Warframe Builder

    It's not the fault of Warframe-Builder -- the whole internet is having issues today. It seems there's a backbone provider in the USA that is having major issues for the last 36 hours or so. Many sites and other games are down or running very poorly for a lot of people. Before you make remarks like this, maybe you should check http://www.downdetector.com/ to see if others are having issues with other sites. There are a dozen or more computers and hundreds of network connections involved in taking you to your favorite websites; don't assume that an outage or problem is the fault of the site you're looking at.
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    Warframe Builder

    The "Virulent Scourge" mod is busted on custom/blank melee weapons. It seems to add 120% toxin instead of 60%.
  7. You used an Aura forma, not an Umbra forma. They are different things.
  8. Judging by the rest of his post I do think he meant "should be".He seems to be against "scripted phases" and what not. Then again, he also says "one that you can't beat by simply killing it before it kills you". So I don't know. Anyway Knight_Ex, I haven't seen any issue void dashing outside of the boss fight; I've blitzed through the Ropapolyst's map at least 30 or 40 times. No issue.
  9. So I wasn't gonna post in this thread again; I even had unfollowed it. HOWEVER, one of my clanmates remarked on it, so I wanted to put the issue to rest. Skip to the very last section past all the pictures and stuff if you just want the TL;DR. ———————————————————————— The thing is, it's not about "lower-end machines." One of my best real-life friends is a guy named Zak Killian. He writes for a website called The Tech Report. TechReport more or less invented the modern method of benchmarking games using frame times instead of simple average FPS. TechReport is the reason that, when you go to LinusTechTips or GamersNexus, you see 99th-percent or 95th-percent measurements. You can read the original "Inside the Second" article here, where Scott Wasson talks about how average FPS tests don't tell the whole story. I enlisted his help to help ME show YOU the reality of what anisotropic filtering (AF) does to performance in modern, open-world games. This attitude that anisotropic filtering "doesn't have a performance hit" is a really common one and it's just wrong. It's always been wrong, but particularly in the modern age where the triangle count of games has grown so fast, it's even more wrong. I think this attitude may arise from the fact that AF is much less demanding than classical multi-sample anti-aliasing, and the two are often conflated. ———————————————————————— To test performance what we did was ride a K-drive around the back side of Fortuna and through the woods on the new Plains. Testing was done on Zak's machine, which is a Core i7-8700K with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Not exactly a "lower-end machine." We felt that it would be too difficult to reproduce a combat benchmark, so we stuck to the simple, easily-reproducible K-drive ride. If anyone wants to know the exact routes I can produce videos that demonstrate exactly that. While riding, we recorded gameplay with the Open Capture & Analysis Tool. This is a free and open-source tool that measures game performance, then spits out a CSV file with the data. OCAT can also generate simple graphs of the data, so I'll present those graphs for you here: The image above graphs frame times for our test runs in the Plains of Eidolon. Our test run starts from the Cetus door and heads roughly north-west, following the road-like paths. You will note that enabling 16x anisotropic filtering in the Nvidia control panel produced even worse performance than stepping up to 4K. For the 8x AF tests, we used the in-game option, and left the Nvidia control panel at "Application-controlled." This second image graphs frame times for our test runs on the Orb Vallis. Our test run starts at the Fortuna gate, circles around the left side, goes around the back, and then continues slightly past Fortuna on the north side. Once again, enabling 16x AF in the Nvidia control panel produced worse performance than increasing the resolution 67%. Let me say that again: doubling the anisotropic filtering samples hurt performance more than a 2/3 increase in resolution. ———————————————————————— The loss of performance is bad enough, but you'll also notice that in both cases the red line has more ups and downs than the other lines. That implies a hard performance bottleneck somewhere, and it manifests in the gameplay experience as what we call "micro-stutter." Have you ever been playing a game, and felt that it was running at a really low framerate, like 30 FPS, but when you look at your FPS counter it says 60+? That's caused by micro-stutter. Micro-stutter is NOT exclusive to SLI rigs as people once thought. It is in fact somewhat common, especially on laptops. Lots of things can cause it. The most common culprit is power-saving measures, but another thing that can cause micro-stutter is when you have a major performance bottleneck. I touched on this earlier in the thread, but enabling such a high degree of anisotropic filtering is overworking your GPU's texture units. Large portions of the work of rendering in modern 3D games are not done on programmable processors. They're done on fixed-function compute units. The two most important ones are the Texture Units (TMUs) and Render Output Units (ROPs). Your GPU only has a certain, fixed number of these types of compute units. That means its ability to do these things is fixed at a certain rate. It's popular to think of the GPU itself as a pipeline. Data comes in, gets mangled by various types of functional units, and then finally gets shoved into memory by the ROPs. This happens sequentially, so if you overload any single type of work, the whole process is going to slow down. When you enable 16x AF, you're causing that part of the GPU workload to skyrocket in difficulty. That makes the whole process slow down as a result, which drops your framerate. If you want to check our work, you can download a 7-zip archive that has the test data and Nvidia driver profiles used for testing. ———————————————————————— With all of that said, I do want to take a moment to eat a little humble pie. In my earlier posts I insisted that the difference in 8x and 16x AF would "never" be obvious. I do stand by that statement with regard to the outdoor, open-world areas. The natural environments don't need that much filtering. Buuuut, my reviewer friend chided me for being so dismissive of higher AF levels, since the difference CAN be pretty obvious. In particular, Warframe includes a lot of indoor areas with long hallways that use detailed repeating patterns on the floor. These kinds of environments are the perfect showcase for anisotropic filtering. Here's some example images I took myself on the Uranus underwater tileset: Sorry that they are not from exactly the same angle. I couldn't get there because of the stupid box in the way. I'm sure you can guess that the second image has 16x anisotropic filtering forced in the Nvidia control panel. There's very little visual difference in the images aside from the distant floor pattern being quite a lot clearer. It certainly is possible to see the difference here if you're looking for it. That's the key though, isn't it? You do sort of have to be looking for it. I mean, I don't know—maybe it stands out strongly to some people. I want to stress that this is an absolute worst-case scenario for the texture filtering. Most hallways in the game are not quite this long and flat. Personally, I don't think the difference is worth the performance hit. I've been using 8x AF in Warframe (and everything else) for a long time. ———————————————————————— Another argument that people have brought up in this thread is that it's wrong to remove the option. I've said this a couple of times in the thread already, but ultimately in principle I do agree. The option should remain, as far as I'm concerned. My argument is simply that DE is justified in removing it. Having 16x AF enabled, as we've shown, causes a massive performance hit outdoors. Consider that this game has millions of users. If even 0.1% of people foolishly slam all the settings to the top, you're talking several thousand people making forum posts and support tickets. It's a whole lot simpler to just remove the option. "Save people from themselves," as Steve put it. To finish off my really, truly final post in this thread, here's what my aforementioned reviewer friend Zak had to say on the topic: TL;DR—DE is justified in removing the option, so just force it in your driver control panel if you really need 16x AF.
  10. Yeah, sure, it has its utility, no question. Same way with Garuda's 4. That was kinda my point though. It's not game-breaking, so according to a lot of players it's useless. That said, I actually was thinking of his 3 power, Undertow. My bad, I haven't played Hydroid in ages and ages. Just to be clear in case anyone is confused, I don't feel that way. I use a lot of "bad" powers all the time. For god's sake I play Titania and rarely use Razorwing. It's a ton of fun to spam her first three powers. More effective than you'd think, too. Basically, I see the OP's argument as "Garuda's 4 is not as good as I would like, so she is bad/underpowerd." And I was countering that by saying "even if it is, that's fine."
  11. I use Garuda in sorties. Pop dread mirror and go to town with the Imperator Vandal. It's a blast. With that said, I almost never use her 4. Frames having a less-useful ability or 2 isn't that unusual. Do people get a lot of use out of Trinity's 1? Chroma's 1 (or 4?) What about Mesa's 1? Hydroid's 2? Excal's 3? Gara's 3? Valkyr's 3? Nekros' 1? Zephyr's 2? I'm not saying these powers are useless. Garuda's 4 isn't useless. My point is that having a weak or underpowered ability, even if it's the frame's 4th ability, doesn't "ruin" the frame. Garuda's base stats are underappreciated I feel. Did you know she has 300 base armor? This puts her below only Valkyr, Atlas, and Chroma. She also has 270 energy, which puts her behind only Baruuk, and the prime versions of Saryn, Chroma, and Volt. Her passive ability synergizes nicely with her third ability, which in turn means she has effectively unlimited energy thanks to her second ability. Her first ability is one of the only things in the game that can no-sell attacks with no real limitations beyond duration. Her 4th ability... eh. It's never going to kill things as fast as I can with my weapons, so I don't see why I'd bother. Do I wish she had a better 4th ability? Sure. I also wish Hildryn didn't look so silly while using her 4th ability. Or that Trinity's 1 wasn't so redundant. Or that ... you get the idea.
  12. Yeah, I think most veteran players are probably familiar with this work-around, but it doesn't anymore due to the client-authoritative doors update.
  13. Nah, operator form doesn't work. Nothing works. You CAN be Switch Teleport'd through the door by the host, but that's the only workaround I've seen. It's definitely the small round Grineer doors on the Galleon tileset, unless @skbenga has seen it elsewhere. I'm not squirrel_killer, but he probably meant "it seems that when the doors won't open for clients, they can watch the host stepping through what is, for them, a closed door." It's pretty simple; in case someone is confused it just means that to clients the door never activates and remains closed under any circumstances, while the host can traipse right through as the door works normally for them.
  14. In that blown-up, static image of a literal worst-case scenario? Yeah, sure. Practically speaking? No, you can't. He is full of it and I'll prove it for you. Here's a screenshot of that same place with 8x AF (max ingame): And lest you think I've cheated somehow, here's the full shot. In fact, I have a whole folder ready of anisotropic filtering comparison shots. I encourage anyone who doubts me to peruse them. The change he's showing in his comparison shots is a change of resolution, not filtering quality. You know how I know? That surface is 3D; it's geometry, not a flat texture. You can't improve the clarity of geometry with anisotropic (texture) filtering. Once again, he doesn't know what he's talking about and he's made a fool of himself. In his defense, he clearly does know that he can turn it on in the control panel as he's supposedly done so. With that said, you're right—if it's such a big difference and so important to these guys, why would they not be forcing 16x AF in the control panel globally? The answer is that it isn't, and they would never have even noticed the change if Megan hadn't called it out in bold in the patch notes. This thread is stupid and should be closed. I'm disgusted that I've wasted even this much time on it.
  15. Because people like you, who don't know any better, slam it to 16x because "it's da bess!!" and then complain when their game runs like balls. It doesn't make any visual difference, ever, and it does have an impact on performance, particularly on AMD and Intel graphics adapters. Because every single surface has to be sampled a full sixteen times over, the performance impact ramps up dramatically with the number of visible textured surfaces on screen. As I said in my original reply, in principle I'm with you on this. But in practice this isn't the hill to die on.
  16. Really. You can see the difference in the 8x and 16x image there? No you can't. lol. And you don't know what AF is, because if you did you would never have made this thread. All you know is BROO THEY TOOK MY SETTINGS DOWN FROM MAX BROOO!!!
  17. Except that's not what anisotropic filtering does at all. I'll explain it in detail a minute, my clan has me doing some stuff with them. To be clear, this is the same situation as you telling your doctor that taking an extra multi-vitamin cured your cancer. You don't know what you're talking about. Even if you did, your pictures are not illustrative. One picture has the rocks rainy and glistening, and the other picture doesn't. Any minuscule difference you would see in the rocks is utterly obliterated by the gloss shader. Here's what AF actually does: LUN3DM5, no AF- LUN3DM5, 8x AF- LUN3DM5, 16x AF-
  18. That image is a joke. Anisotropic filtering does not cause that difference. lol. Where did you even get that? I'll make some demonstration images.
  19. Multi-pass SMAA is just applying the same filter over and over. Given that SMAA is in effect a smart blur filter, all you're doing is blurring things more and more. They removed 16x anisotropic filtering because it's a significant performance hit when there's a lot of geometry (as there is on the new plains) for absolutely no visual benefit. I agree with your sentiment. I'm right there with you on the whole "PC gaming is about user choice" thing. I really believe DE is too, at least Steve. The thing is, in these specific cases, what you're asking for doesn't really make sense. If you want nicer anti-aliasing, maybe add a reply and a like to my thread over here asking for super-sampling options?
  20. You know it's funny, the dev team seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from Devil May Cry 5 lately, which I am totally and completely on board with. Maybe they could take some inspiration from that game's Qliphoth levels for the area design of a new area where K-Drives and even on-foot movement are the most efficient way to get around. I mean you could argue that that's already the case for most of the game; most of the starmap for sure, but those aren't big open-world zones. It COULD be interesting to have what is essentially a Grineer Galleon or Corpus Facility open-world area with a fixed layout, just extremely massive. Missions could take place going from A to B, on small parts of the map. That's all getting a bit off-topic though. ;つД`) I wish someone at DE would reply to these posts at least. Even a "thanks for posting, that idea is interesting" (or, on other types of posts "thanks, we're looking into it" or "thanks, we understand" or "thanks for the feedback" or "thanks for the kind words") would let us know that our voices are being heard by somebody on the inside.
  21. Warframe definitely needs horizontal falling damage. So I can kill myself every time I play my 300%-Strength Zephyr.
  22. Your post might get more attention if you explained what you are trying to show in these shots. I don't see the problem.
  23. Well, I think we have a bit of a philosophical disagreement there. This is a question of where your rights end and mine begin. Do you have the right to waste my time? I mean, that's what you're doing when you join my bounty and derp around on a K-Drive. You can bloviate about personal freedom all you want but the reality is: You signed up for a task and are lollygagging instead of doing the task efficiently. Your post is pretty aggressive, by which I actually mean defensive. It seems like someone got onto you for using a K-Drive in bounties. I'm not saying that happened. That's just what it sounds like. Whether or not it happened, you clearly have the opinion that people aren't responsible for how their actions affect others. So if I decide to bring a bunch of unranked weapons with no mods into a level 50-60 mission, that's fine, right? Or if I elect to participate in voice chat by shouting in the mic, that's OK too? After all, "you don't control people's actions, they do what they want to." And I shouldn't get annoyed with them for doing what they want, right? I hope those extreme examples have made you realize the error of your ways. It's a very silly viewpoint. Obviously, people are responsible for how their actions impact the experiences of others. There's "controlling another person," and then there's "having reasonable expectations for the behavior of others." They're not the same thing. Flouting conventional expectations of behavior might be fun, but it's also inconsiderate and self-indulgent. If you want to K-drive around in bounties, sure! I'm down for that. I like K-Drives; I think they're fun, and I like riding them. But if you don't say "hey let's ride K-drives" I'm going to use my archwing as any reasonable player would expect others to do. And then I'm going to be annoyed at you for lollygagging instead of efficiently working toward completing the objective as a team.
  24. Eh. You can. I don't mean to be rude, but this really is a bit of a "git gud" scenario. Make use of boost in combat, make use of the side-rolls and Y-axis (up/down) dashes. I've used the Amesha on the plains for tens of hours with little (not "none", but "little") difficulty. Ultimately I agree with your post overall, especially this part. Nerfing things to make other things better in comparison is just terrible game design. Again, though, Scott isn't wrong. Being able to blast across the entire Plains in a matter of a couple of seconds is ... pretty game-breaking. I suspect DE's reaction will probably come in large part down to how many players ARE using the Itzal this way. If it's a lot, then their change will probably be more moderate. If it's just a few players "abusing" the archwing this way (I don't feel that it's an abuse), then it will probably be more severe. In any case, I don't know that there's a really good answer for this.
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