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  1. Archmelee is unusable in regular archwing mission Blinking away from enemies, stagger alot because of blinking to object Note: Used Agkuza with Extend Mod
  2. Okay, the whole point of crimson branch currently just for trading lich. But should it be more in depth about lich in overall (like requiem, etc) So, how about a REQUIEM Vault Basically, people can store their copy of requiem, then they get some requiem clan credit (e.g New / 3 dot = 100 cred, 2 dot = 65 cred, 1 dot =30 cred) They can also buy requiem, either with same price, or with additional tax. To make the market wheel spin, we do need a couple of requiem mod, so, in the building material, just request X number of requiem mod for each mod . (X scales with clan rank) Also, clan leaders (or Treasurer, someone with high hierarchy) can trade between clan in alliance too for stocking purpose (not with credit, just normal trade but facilitated not consuming personal daily trade, also available in bulk trading)
  3. Speaking of K-Drive, will you fix the leaderboard scoring with glitch? (Race timer reset with activating bounty which makes you score MAX cap). Kinda ruin the best part about k-driving.
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