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  1. I was very scared for a sec but it looks like my 98-point reactor isn't going to be lower. :D
  2. OK I'm confused. I have 27/30 wreckage, so I scrapped one I had repaired (a reactor I'd since replaced), and the capacity DIDN'T free up. Is a repaired wreckage a PERMANENT loss of that slot? Can we only every repair 30 things, even if we trash them after, before we can no longer collect any wreckage? This seems really... brutal and limiting. Or (and this is what I hope), is the wreckage counter bugged?
  3. DE is notoriously bad at drop tables. It's very possible they've broken something. There was a period of months where you could not breed a Chesa kubrow out of farmed eggs, only bought ones. There were rare crates that did not have the Mantis parts in them that they should have. There was an acolyte that didn't have its rare mods. These are recurring issues for them. I can only assume their dev tools for creating/updating drop tables is very unintuitive.
  4. So I just got this but I'm not sure if it contains 5 relics, 8 relics, or 8 x 5-packs. Anyone know for sure? I have far too many relics already to be able to tell the difference in my stash.
  5. Warframe's fine. You're burned out. It happens. Take a break. Come back if you want, or don't. There's not a game in existance that you're expected to never outgrow. But hanging around being a bittervet doesn't do anyone any good, least of all you.
  6. Using Nekros' Shadows of the Dead skill after killing enemy ships from a railjack turret summons, and immediately detonates, multiple enemy fighters inside the hull. Hilarious, and great for scaring the bejeebus out of your squad. Coming back aboard from Archwing mode may cause you to wield both your arch-gun and arch-melee while on foot.
  7. Came looking for answers, found only questions. I repaired a reactor, let it run the full 12 hours. Got told it'd consume a wreckage slot. What even is a wreckage slot? We have 30? Are they consumed permanently? Can you scrap something taking up a wreckage slot? Where can I see what takes them up? Wiki has no info yet.
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