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  1. It was actually less a MAYBE and more an EVENTUALLY as I believe Scott said there is a lot of animation stuff that would need to be done
  2. Well I figured I'd leave this tidbit/tech here given the topic of heavy weapons after the implementation of the Mech which well... I found the tech with the Mausolon so extremely large stretches aside; There is now a method to skip the recoil animation for charged heavy weapons →This works with the Larkspur, Corvas, Velocitus and the Mausolon charged shot When you fire a charged shot - you just simply double jump or alternatively; fire in the second half of the bullet jump animation. If done correctly the recoil animation just simply doesn't happen which for the Mausolon in particu
  3. Yes, the Mausolon is an Archgun which comes with a Gravimag installed by default so it has that goin for it.
  4. Survivability-wise Mechs are in an odd spot. Mine is currently 23 (should be maxed but affinity bug has rolled me back 4 times now) and rocking 2k shield and 4k health but the moment you run out of energy you just absolutely shredded. I've been running T2 Isolation vaults to try level mine and the infested just absolutely tear through your health if you run out of energy or don't have a form of heal with you. That kind of stuff aside here are some notes on what can and can't heal Necromechs: Can: Blessing (Trinity) Vome (Deimos landscape) Rejuvenation (Aura)
  5. Yeah, it's best to chase Helminth until Mechs have been bug fixed and balanced. Right now they're a complete mess
  6. I doubt extremely large amounts of the Necromech was tested. I'll have to update the post up top because since I wrote it I found 2 more bugs and have pretty much come to the conclusion that the base weapon the Mech comes with (the Mausolon) is the best one to run since it's literally balanced for use with the thing whilst: Phaedra and Imperator run out of ammo within seconds during level 50+ content Velocitus and Corvas have no mobbing potential I don't even dare look at what they did to the poor Larkspur The Cyngas is nearly unusable it has such a low ammo capacity
  7. Necromechs can use any Archgun with a Gravimag equipped but have severely reduced ammo regen (see the videos above). Like it took the Imperator a literal minute to regen 300 rounds.
  8. After claiming my Voidrig today I've been spending quite the extensive amount of time trying to level it - so here's some feedback from roughly 6 hours of Mech play time. Acquisition Farming for the Mech itself was far too painful. Ignoring the Day 1 syndicate grind the damaged components were far too rare, even with Nekros + Suicide looting before it was patched. Scintillant is far too difficult to acquire, even for only the 2 required for the Mech. The Necromech syndicate feels extremely empty after claiming the Voidrig. Mods are far too difficult to acquire, the 1
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