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  1. Cool. Im still not going to sell things due to plat scammers
  2. I dont... not like him. hes not my fav mind you,but hes ok.
  3. you cant just unsee that. Why would you do this
  4. Iv never really had a problume with handing DE money. Most stuff is cosmetic or rush times anyhow. The best way to make plat is selling off prime stuff and hard ish to find mods. Or, if you can stand it, any of the aberations stuff (becasue f*&^ aberations). Part of the reson I do not do this however is because of plat scams that are more likely the higher price an item is, and it can get your account banned for someone eles doing something wrong. also https://warframe.market/ This is both a buyers and sellers friend. If your selling however, you have to stick to the price you put up, and its somewhat determined based on the lowest price listed. you can go into trade chat and try to get infalted costs, but at the very least use this to know how much things are worth.
  5. I really hate aberrations. Im probably not going to bother as this is one of the first things DE added that feels just plainly like a waste of time rather then at lest fun along the way.
  6. I dont like the mask. might be nice to get but... whatever.
  7. I have everything from him but the mask and the moter. But shattered thrown is up this week in D2 and that sounds like more fun. Hey at lest its not as bad as aberations right?
  8. In some of the first crossfire maps, they sort of have them. kinda. its more a transistion with a big gate thing you have to go throuhgt for whatever reason.
  9. Iv seen him three times, and Id really like to see a way to have him spawn more, or as a boss node. I like that you can trade the sledge parts, but with the motor being 200 somehting plat right now, im not going to bother with it and go back to palying something eles. DE is pretty good about not haveing exclusive stuff (other then prime chamber at lest) so im sure therewill be some way to get it otherwise
  10. I think if it where real, the stickout is to help deflect things or to help with movement. but ya, its kinda odd. I thouhgt it did have the pipes and am kinda disappointed.
  11. It kinda looks a lot like a non primed targis, or at lest has the same outline. I kinda like it (yet to get due to buged missions erilir this week) but ya, nothing I would be super pissed about missing.
  12. https://riven.market/ Its a free market. people can be stupid on both ends. but that tool helps.
  13. @[DE]Rebecca Could you guys look into this by chance
  14. same here. aparently both missions are not working. if you relog oir get more points, it goes back down without giveing rewards I bunred three forma and statues I was saveing for this and got nothing -_-
  15. I kinda like to be able to use my sword on them. like some sort of space knight.
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