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  1. Rivens are part of the reason iv drifted to other games. If they where set stats or you had more control over them then I might be more excited by it, but Id rather have a universal riven that I can apply what gun I want it to be for, and then roll stats on or lock in stats with a high kuva cost rather then everything be chance. Destiny 2s mechanic of masterworking is pretty nice, and even tho the guns have random rolls, it usually gives you a choice between one or two perks in that roll list so its not as bad. However rivens are not going anywhere. they may DE too much money from trades. They might change the disposition but they will not cut one of there bigger revenue steams apart.
  2. I kinda like to be able to use my sword on them. like some sort of space knight.
  3. The only reson I use arch-wing is to get around faster. and the only reason I maxed out Hyperion thrusters and built an Itzal was to get around on the plains. otherwise, I probably wouldn't use arch wing if the Kdrives where esior to transverse tarrain with, but becasue you can fall off them and the fact that they cant go up some inclines just makes it a task in some areas. It should feel fast, not sloged down. Origenal archwing was almost ok. new archwing sucks. Sharkwing sucks more.
  4. @[DE]Megan Would you mind clarifying something- At the "end of the program" is our reputation going to reset along with the cred packs, or is it more like a syndicate with rotating seasonal stock that the tickets expire for?
  5. I agree on some parts of this. I still paly Desitny 2, and they have a similer weekly objective rotation with a few daily things to keep you doing stuff. it... gets old real fast. I rather dislike the seasonal way they do some of there stuff, at lest with some of it no longer showing up that is, and it looks like DE is taking that approach with this. I have a few freinds still palying and I am sure I will go up a few ranks.... but in the long run this might cause me to paly WF a bit less. I like being able to jump in now and again, but not somehitng i feel i have to do every week, or even every day to be relivent. D2 is worse about it because its tied to your overall power level. what it comes down to is this is a way to keep people palying it, for longer, on a weekly/daily basis... and im geting real sick of having games that do that.
  6. I see we are moving to the Destiny 2 weekly objective approach. not going to lie... not a big fan of that. I do like seeing new stuff and new things to do in this game, but not seasonal rewards that go away forever after the fact.
  7. Well, I didnt max out solaris yet becasue I figured I could do so with the new bonties. guess it will be some time befor I see this stuff.
  8. "Synth Charge Mod no longer applies to Pistols with < 5 Ammo Magazines (Knell, etc). Mod description has been updated to reflect the ‘Requires Magazine 5 or higher’ restriction."
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