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  1. https://riven.market/ This is probably the best reference your going to get.
  2. I didn't have an issue getting the grandmother tokens. then again, I dont care about any of her goods other then the glass... so there is that.
  3. I don't think that is going to happen due to the issues of plat scammers. you can dispute/reverse a charge on a credit card and have it canceled even after the trade is complet. the way that the system works, the plat you received in a trade is still tied to that original transaction, so if it is voided, that plat will be removed. The best outcome is that you loose the plat, the worst outcome is that your plat goes negative and you are banned. De does a bunch to prevent this, but people still do it. Now if you have an auction house, this becomes a far FAR larger problem and scammers can u
  4. 😄 Right now I have mine as Nelumbo Nucifera, the scientific name for the lotus flower. a freind of mine names it "Me a Stray Cat"
  5. Same! about the Ing i mean. I think it had something to do with the way they where made and moreover controlled. like from what I can tell warframes where, for the most part, smart, and could take on a lot of things. sometimes doing so stealthy. Necromecks are said to be dumb and pretty much just drones, without much in the way of a brain. So I figured it was the utility of a warframe outweighed producing many many mecks, and could be used for corrupt reasons without as much noise. plainly put 1 tenno is worth X number of mecks (probably like 10-100). Also, considering it has a skull in i
  6. So I like the idea, but A this is the theam of one of the frames alredy, and B they would not make as much money off that system. unless it has an unholy grind. SO I dont really see it happening but I like it.
  7. Not sure if this would be "Fan art" per say but <-< here have a thing and yes I know it doesn't work like this ingame Shy version https://i.imgur.com/NXiG2BH.png template if you want to use it yourself. took me all of like 26 min to make ... hopefully someone finds it funny 😄
  8. if you mean replace, def ivaras 3rd. never use it. would rather have a mobility ability.
  9. also should be noted that there are ability slots. so you may need to buy more slots for more frames. this isnt super SUPER exciting to me but there are specific things id get rid of on frames for better options if avalibule. ill get hyped once I know more.
  10. the way I took it was that its the thing that made void travel possible OR it was what made warframes themselves work. At some point tis been explained as somehitng on the lines of nanite magic, so this might be the core they spring from. Also there was a cowboy bebop epsiode like this where there is a dude who is permently a kid becasue of a warp gate accident, and then rappidly ages when he gets shot with a crystal that was formed from said accident. so perhaps this is some void magic that keeps the tenno from ageing... considering its called a clock it wouldnt be too far fetched
  11. Same :I was able to claime the twitch scarf thing for this month and that showed up but no gun ;-; ill just keep watching and hope
  12. well, for one thing Id rely like the exit program button on the log in screen back. due to servers being overloaded I cant log out without terminating the program, and would rather have an ingame way of exiting.
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