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  1. I am experiencing an odd issue when trying to view some of my builds. The page won't hide certain portions it normally does after loading. I've tried clearing my cache and restarting the browser to no avail. I saw some of the previous comments pertaining to ad blockers and that seems to be what is causing my issue. I use firefox and have the ad blocker ultimate add on installed. I've included to screenshot links showing what happens when I turn it off: Before After
  2. Here's another point I forgot to add in my previous bug report post for Hildryn's ability calculations: Baelfire Cost per shot is affected by ability efficiency
  3. I found a few bugs with some of the calculations on Hildryn's abilities: Baelfire Damage is affected by ability strength Explosion radius is affected by ability range Haven Link radius is affected by ability range
  4. Regarding the blank weapon templates, would it be possible to add a save feature? I love using them for kitguns / zaws / theorycrafting / etc. Being able to keep those builds would be awesome.
  5. I think it's absolutely epic that you've continued to provide support / updates despite not playing the game anymore and with a heavy workload as well. Mad respect. I have used your site for a long time and it has always been an invaluable resource to me. Thank you.
  6. Two people on the wiki have since confirmed that the mod increases critical chance and critical damage (not base damage).
  7. I noticed that the mending splinters augment is missing for gara. Also, oberon prime shows 175 energy at max rank instead of 262. On a different note, I appreciate the heck out of what you've done with the site. It has been unbelievably helpful to me over the years.
  8. I noticed that the crit chance on the Sancti Castanas is showing 23% but the wiki has it at 24%. I double checked the stats in game and saw 24% cit chance there as well.
  9. I can confirm that the Warframe search builds window is now properly aligned. Sorry for the delayed response but it was a rather busy weekend for me.
  10. My screen resolution is 1440 x 900. It's a smaller monitor so I really can't set the resolution any higher without causing the icons / text to be too small to see well enough. Hopefully, it will be possible for the search window positioning to be adjusted on the web site. In the past, I don't recall it being out of place.
  11. Thank you for the recommendation. However, the problem is the same even when I resize my web browsers to full screen.
  12. I would like to report a bug pertaining to searching builds. The browsing screen is aligned so that part (or all) of each build description is cut off. This makes it impossible to read the entire description or even view some of the builds. I've tried using the search feature in firefox, chrome, and internet explorer. All three web browsers produce the exact same results. I even tried clicking my mouse scroll wheel and it only gives the option to move up/down. I've included a picture for reference:
  13. I was able to successfully link my archwing build to my warframe build. Thank you for correcting the issue.
  14. I would like to report a bug pertaining to build linking. I have a warframe build and I am unable to link my archwing build to it. No choices are given when I click on the archwing drop-down button. However, I do have the option to link my warframe build to my archwing build. And, I can see all of my archwing builds (including the one I'm editing) on the warframe drop-down list.
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