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  1. I actually found that thread when I was originally searching for more info on the passives. However, I noticed that it was posted a year (maybe closer to two) ago. I assumed there may have been an undocumented change to the passives since then. When I looked on the wiki edit history for madurai, I noticed that the verbiage was changed from 'additive' to 'multiplicative' on 9/15/2018. Hopefully, someone who is good at number crunching in the simulacrum will be able to confirm the present state of the passive buffs.
  2. I have been doing some research on the madurai focus school and noticed the phoenix talons / spirit passives. Per the wiki, each of these abilities are multiplicative to other damage increases. The examples given were serration (phoenix talons) and hellfire (phoenix spirit). If I understand that correctly, then the buff for each mod would be as follows: Serration 165% * 25% = 206.25% Hellfire 90% * 25% = 112.5% So, with that in mind, I have a few questions: Is the wiki correct in stating that the phoenix passives are multiplicative to other damage increases? If s
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