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  1. I just noticed that none of the sentinel / kubrow / kavat mods can be downranked.
  2. Below are some bugs I would like to report: Overshield / shield cost per second for Hildryn currently goes above the energy efficiency maximum of +75%. To test this, I added a maxed rank narrow minded, fleeting expertise, and streamline. The details screen showed the cost to be 1.8 for both of the channeled components of aegis storm. In game, the best I could get was 6.25 which lines up with the cap. Navigation to linked builds seems to be broken. I created an Ivara build and linked my Smeeta Kavat build to it. However, when I clicked on the navigation link, I received a page error.
  3. I found a few bugs with the Warframe mods: Intruder is now a parazon mod. I was unable to place Preparation in the main slots or the exilus slot. Also, there is a typo in the name. EDIT: Preparation only shows "+%" in the hover over description until it is downranked / upranked. Then, it properly displays "+100%".
  4. I created a Sancti Magistar build and noticed that the wind-up time for heavy attacks is showing 1.2. When I tried the build in game, the wind-up time was 0.5.
  5. I checked the values for an unmodified Cyngas and they are correct. However, after I saved a build for it, the puncture damage is higher than it should be. I removed the damage buffing mods from the build and unchecked the crit / multishot modifiers. Below are the numbers I saw: 76.320 impact 47.520 puncture 48.960 slash Impact should be the same as puncture. Also, I noticed that the value beside the "STATUS / SHOT" label is NaN%.
  6. Stats have been updated for all Archwing weapons and is now live. If there are any other issues with the stats please do let us know. I just noticed that the Imperator (Vandal) still show 40 base damage instead of 22. Also, the Cyngas has a base damage of 600 (200 per bullet) instead of 141 (48 per bullet). However, the damage values for atmosphere mode appear to be correct.
  7. This may have already been reported, but I've discovered 2 bugs regarding sniper rifles. Setting the zoom level no longer shows the modified stats (i.e. +crit chance / damage, +headshot damage, etc.) and some of the combo counter values are missing. Per the wiki, sniper rifles still raise the combo counter by increments of 0.5 instead of 1. I recently tested that and found it to be the case.
  8. I recently started using warframe builder again and noticed an odd bug. When I navigate to the homepage, it doesn't show that I'm logged in despite having checked the 'remember me' box on my previous login. However, if I click on any of the other category links at the top of the page, it shows me being logged in. I'm using Firefox and it is set to allow cookies. I even tried clearing all of my cookies / cached files / etc but that did not fix the issue.
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