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  1. Larger range for the direct slashes, cutting shockwaves ONLY on charge attacks, and more fluid combos. This is what I want to see.
  2. Atlas could have more intra-power synergy by allowing Landslide to turn the walls into rolling boulders. Atlas should be allowed multiple walls. Casting Landslide on a wall should zip Atlas to it (providing some additional niche movement utility) and knock the wall into a ball to roll in the direction Atlas hits the wall. This would free up the augment slot to turn the walls into something else. Maybe create rock weapons or something for the Rumbler. These rock weapons/armor would offer further synergy with the Rumbler augment, allowing you to create one truly monstrous summon. On the subject of the Rumblers, they should have NO duration. They should be a fire and forget utility to distract enemy fire and provide additional armor for Atlas. Rumblers should also be able to be commanded to some degree, perhaps pressing the key with Rumblers already summoned should set a waypoint for the Rumblers to defend. Also, Landslide should function a little more like Slash Dash so it can be used for mobility. This would also indirectly buff Landslide's augment, allowing you to lay "traps" of petrifying sand for enemies to cross over.
  3. The only change Excalibur needs is to simply cause Radial Javelin to be considered melee damage. This would make it subject to combo multiplier and stealth multiplier, as well as power strength, and could possibly warrant lowering the damage further. This simple change would give it un-forced synergy (not dependence, looking at you Oberon) with Excalibur's other powers and his augments, not to mention allowing the attack to scale into high end content. For your consideration: Radial Javelin base damage: 1000 Power Strength: 130% ; 1.3x (Intensify) Melee Combo: 1.5x Stealth multiplier: 600% ; 6x Final damage: 11,700 per javelin And this is only the very beginning of what it could become.
  4. This is the best suggestion I've seen for Gauss. As for Gauss' battery, it doesn't really do much on its own does it? It scales the powers to a degree, but you're not really managing the meter, it basically just stays at 80% forever until you use Redline (and Redline just isn't even worth casting). I would change Redline to a channeled, "cast and forget" type ability, but cause it to slowly drain Gauss' health if over the Redline. In addition to this, I would give Gauss some means of healing himself, perhaps tied to his second power. Maybe hold the #2 power to devour some of the battery to restore a matching percentage of Gauss' health, sort of akin to absorbing the kinetic energy. This would give Gauss a trickier moveset, and enable true management of the battery, all without sacrificing anything he currently has. Edit: One other nitpick I have; there's seemingly no way to color the hot version of the 3rd power differently from the cold version. I want a ring of fire and a ring of frost!
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