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  1. These past two - three days I tried some rivens and mods linked at clan's or aliance's chat boxes and as far as I can say they all worked just fine... I'm thinking if it had something to do with me being in a squad or mission when I was having these issues as I was playing mostly solo these past days or the issue is completely fixed somehow.
  2. Every time I press to view a linked object in the chat box, such as a linked mod, resource or weapon, my game "freezes" in that screen and I cannot do anything. It reads press O (circle to exit) yet it doesn't work nor either other button or even the cursor. The only two things that really working for me are: 1) long press PS button and close application (dah) 2) if I am in a squad already to wait for the players to start a new mission in order to bypass that screen into the loading screen for the mission (or in the case I am already in a mission, just to wait for he mission to
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