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  1. I want to be able to do that, just for the sake of removing that fuzzy/blurred image of the "unfinished" quest from my codex!!! I know, I shouldn't listen to my friends calling me in a squad and saying as a "vet" its not necessary to do it, you can just skip it, its OK. Many years later, doesn't feel ok seeing that my codex is almost complete except of that locked quest. Please DE
  2. Nice additions the Umbra Mods and the login milestone reward blueprints (Zenistar, Azima, Zenith, and Sigma & Octantis) to Simaris' Offerings. Please, could you also add sometime in the near future the login milestone Primed Mods (like primed vigor/fury/etc), so we can have a double one with less ranks? Also... please, please, please fix that Codec - Quests fuzzy icon for Vor's Prize to completed or give me the ability to play it again so it changes itself.
  3. Hello there... I don't really know if the idea is already on the table from another member (already 216 pages!!!) or if I have discussed in this forum before or just mention it with my friends playing warframe but for quite some time I have a dream and now I am making it a proposal... for a baladeur (?) or joker (?) or copycat Warframe. What does this mean? you may ask... This Warframe can be assigned in the Arsenal section 4 different abilities from any existing warframe (even the added in the future ones) in the terms that a) abilities must much their "category"? and b) only abilities from warframes you already own. Meaning that on 1st ability you can assign an first ability from every warframe you already own like Loki's Decoy, on the 2nd (any second one) you could choose to put Rhino's Iron Skin, on 3rd (any third) the Chaos from Nyx and at 4th (any fourth) Mesa's Peacemaker!!! That's a set of random choices of abilities I just made... the combinations are "almost" infinite and up to every players liking. The warframe can also uses the corresponding augment for any of the chosen abilities if its desired. It's not that important the main stats of the warframe (health, shield, armor, energy, etc) or even the passive (I can't really think anything interesting atm) maybe even the passive could be selectable among all the rest Warframe's passive traits (but there are some passives that "lock" with warframe's abilities like Nidus if I'm not mistaken.
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