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  1. Same thing happened to us in a mission (not sure I think was extermination). Alarm has sounded because an Corpus glass was broken. I went to the nearest console to hack open the doors, someone else beet me to it, but I completed the hack successfully in order to hit myself against the "green" closed door!!! Two of us stayed behind while the other two players reached safely the extraction and ended the mission.
  2. Usually I'm doing this kind of missions with Loki as its my fav. Yesterday I did it with long duration Octavia and my favorite slide attack murdering polearm. I have to admit that, it was much easier with Octavia than Loki. So I believe that if you choose to play with Octavia and a good - fast- ranged melee its going to be a walk in the park for you too.
  3. I had the Lotus ephemera delivered in my in-game inbox while I was watching two partners playing before the Art of Warframe. Yesterday and after you run the announced script, I found in my inbox the Nekros Prime I haven't received while watching the TennoLive. Hope soon everyone gets what they promised and put this behind us and enjoy what new stuff is coming. Thanks DE
  4. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zenith https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sigma_%26_Octantis Personally, I enjoyed most the Zenith while I don't really like the Sigma & Octanis because I'm more of a polearms player, but that's me.
  5. This was the first time I didn't get the twitch drop (I've got the ephemera immediately but no Nekros prime for me yet). I believe it might have something to do with those 30 minutes consecutive instead of cumulative as a rule. A small even unnoticeable internet or service hiccup (even if the streams chat was still continued going nuts) might be the cause we all got screwed over this. Perhaps not necessary or entirely DE's fault (perhaps its twitch's fault or our ISP's don't know) but they sure need to find a more stable and secure way to deliver on they promises concerning the twitch drops and bypass all the issues many of watchers almost on every stream have. [EDIT] Got my Nekros Prime delivered in my inbox after DE run the script announced here:
  6. It was a great show and not only the final Tenno Live stream. I really like the Art of Warframe among other stuff a lot but when that countdown timer for the Tenno Live started, I believe we all boarded the hype space-train. I am going to take a small break during the summer (as always, its my annual gaming detox period) because this winter is going to be a really hot one and I don't think the greenhouse effect is to blame for, at least this time. Thank you DE ...for all the passion and hard work you are putting in our favorite game.
  7. This year's TennoCon and Tenno Live was a great show!!! ...as always one might say. I watched almost all the streams (except the cosplay contest - I was busy at the time). I even watched 30 minutes or so just before the Tenno live, while nothing was scheduled yet there were some partners-streamers playing warframe so I stayed and watched it. I watched all the Tenno Live announcements, the videos, the discussions from the beginning to the end (ended up being more than 1 hour I think) despite the fact that in my region was several hours after midnight (was weekend so I could do that). I like watching tennocon shows so this was something I was planning to do. I got my ephemera almost immediately at the first stream (The Art of Warframe - very nice stream) but until now I am still waiting for the arrival of Nekros, I don't think I am going to get one to be honest because if everything was fine I should of got him immediately - as always - so I'm sure something went wrong while I was watching twitch this Tenno Live show. I am not going to make a report to support or try to find my comments on the twitch chat during the show to deliver the proof that I was watching actively. Its too much of a hustle for me and I don't really care that much, because I already have Nekros Prime, multi-forma'd him and fully fashionframe'd to my liking, I think I even have the spare parts and tons of relics if I want to build him again. Yet I think there is a serious problem with this year's Nekros Prime drops and I don't think the fault is on the viewers side. So stop blaming those who say that the didn't received what they 've been promised. Twitch live drops always have problems (remember last year with Ash prime?), especially if >300K watchers are live, a hiccup from the service or on our side (perhaps a mild internet issue for a split second) and those 30 consecutive minutes (instead of cumulative) are broken and might be the real reason why so many of us are excluded from this twitch drop. Perhaps those drop hamsters could check again their data sheets and check how many hours we all watched instead if we watched for 30 consecutive minutes. The fact is that ithey promised something to all their viewers, so they must find a way to deliver no matter what. On the other hand, after all the work, those announcements, this great free game they are giving us, its not fair to bash DE for any misfortune with the twitch drops (...and the time tables for release ), even if they need to find a more secure way for the future. Thank you. [EDIT] Got my Nekros Prime delivered in my inbox after DE run the script announced here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1110546-all-platforms-the-missing-nekros-prime-twitch-drop-from-tennolive-2019-script-complete/
  8. Thanks for the opportunity and your kindness. I would love the repala syndana. Its on on my wish list for quite some time. Thank you!!!
  9. I have that strange feeling that the video looks "next gen"...
  10. These past two - three days I tried some rivens and mods linked at clan's or aliance's chat boxes and as far as I can say they all worked just fine... I'm thinking if it had something to do with me being in a squad or mission when I was having these issues as I was playing mostly solo these past days or the issue is completely fixed somehow.
  11. Every time I press to view a linked object in the chat box, such as a linked mod, resource or weapon, my game "freezes" in that screen and I cannot do anything. It reads press O (circle to exit) yet it doesn't work nor either other button or even the cursor. The only two things that really working for me are: 1) long press PS button and close application (dah) 2) if I am in a squad already to wait for the players to start a new mission in order to bypass that screen into the loading screen for the mission (or in the case I am already in a mission, just to wait for he mission to end). On my wife's account (still on the same PS4) everything works as intended, so its not the game itself but somethig with the account or settings perhaps? Generally we can see inconsistency between the two accounts (on the same PS4 console). Strange things happening on one account not happening on the other, like (with almost the same settings more or less): on my wife's account Mesa's regulators always have some lag and when I call the 4th ability and press fire at the beginning my warframe still shoots with the selected weapon, unless I stop and give the ability some time before I press the fire to shoot with regulators (something that in high levels is almost deadly to do).
  12. Ashisogitenno works without the space between the words, or just press the link. It would be better to remove that space from the first post, its a bit confusing. Thanks again for this thread.
  13. It happened to me and not only at the Plague Star event but in PoE bounties as well. It just stuck under a tree. The Plague Star though is well know among our usual squad and that is why one of us is always Loki to teleports it if stuck.
  14. Same thing happened to me too at PS4 in two missions back 2 back in six full missions total. I should have 18000 standings yet at the 5th mission I received only 1000 but the strangest thing happened at the end of 6th mission. I checked the report of mission while I was waiting at the gate for the last player to arrive. It showed that I got 3000 standings and a total of 16000. When the last player arrived and the mission ended it said my reward was 3000 but the total was now 13000. On top of that the same thing happened to all the syndicates standings, the steel meridian and red veil, meaning that the problem is not necessarily related to the plague star event but all the missions and iits random and not so clear everytime. I have a video and screenshots available if needed. [EDIT] Same squad mates on all missions. Always leaving Plains and returning to Cetus. Different hosts on missions 5 & 6 but not me on either of those. The 1000 on mission 5 was at the report table before we leave PoE just right we finished the boss and fly towards the gate (meaning that it didn't change just stole me the full reward from the phylaxis and catalysts we have put). At mission 5 my HUD was stuck and didn't show mission objectives or progress, was completely empty. At mission 5 I was the last to enter into Plains. At mission 6 I was the second one after the host.
  15. LoL... Wishful thinking put in paper (on screen tbh)... nice one, thanks for mentioning.
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