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  1. Yes, perhaps the first demo and presentation begun with 30 more or less people but... Why don't you take some time to check what 170 employees were enough to produce in 2013* (see spoiler below) and why is needed 310 in 2019? Is it the same game? The same content? The same amount of data and stuff that needed to address every single moment? *170 as of October 28, 2013... 310 after 6 years. Not that much of a change if you take under consideration the stuff they have put in this game all this years. 300+ people working on a F2P game? Not counting the possible outsourcing...
  2. I'm a big fan of Loki, already bought almost all the available skins for him and was really looking forward to this one, but... this new skin is not the one I saw and was ready to insta-buy. What really happened, only the creator and DE know, but its a bit shame to ruin that incredible and detailed skin into that more generic one, as fellow Triburos already said. Yes it is going to be in my wish/shopping list but the previous version was already "in my Loki's closet waiting to put on". Generally I like most skins, still there are so many amazing skins left aside. Congrats to all tennogen creators, you all doing amazing job, hope you see your work accepted and added in a following Round (and having those tenno-rounds more often).
  3. Your post was not answering even a bit of the OP question... Also what that B.S. I bolded in your message means? Is that how you always speak with people you don't know and you don't agree with what they are saying? The fun fact is that I already said its not "permitted" basically agreeing with your post, yet I only disagreed with that "IP tracking" thing you mentioned which is not a real reason or a safe method for DE to start banning people. Not even playing from the same machine (PC/console), because you know there are families with only 1 computer or 1 console shared among many members/kinds. Even with two machines under the same IP address, there could be two brothers in the same house, using different PCs or consoles yet under the same router, meaning they have the same IP and yes they can be in the same clan (perhaps their own small family - ghost clan) and share stuff/mods/warframe parts/etc between them especially if the one is more advanced and playing the game for more time. They could play the same missions together (if they have more than 1 PC/console) or on different times (if they are using the same machine - yet there is a difficulty there with the trades) without that being a breach of the at least vague TOS rules you are referring to. This very moment I am having plenty of PCs going online from the same IP, does this mean that all those machines are operated from the same person? Anyways, I never understood why someone should have more than 1 account in the same game, but on the other hand I don't criticize them for doing it. Thank you for your time, its been very constructive exchanging opinions with you.
  4. Common IP for user banning? And what if two individuals (lets say 2 kids, or a kid and his parent) share the same console and IP of course? Not to mention being in the same clan (ghost or even moon). Also in my country we don't have fixed IPs but dynamic, so the IP I have today, will be given to another user/client of my ISP tomorrow. So there goes the IP tracking. Don't forget there was the PoE launch where all the partners (with the blessings I suppose of DE) were playing with multiple warframe accounts, or were just starting new accounts for the first ever twitch drop parade when they were unlocking trophies/achievements/etc. Don't know if they kept them or interacted between them though. I know its not permitted but... many are doing it. To the OP StaticWhims Select something in your inventory, if it has the two arrows symbol mean its tradeable and can be transferred among users. Everything else is account locked and cannot be transferred. Check the image below. https://imgur.com/mrYVfq2
  5. Check if there is a filter active?
  6. Also take a look at: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki Just be careful of the lore or quest related spoilers.
  7. I had the Lotus ephemera delivered in my in-game inbox while I was watching two partners playing before the Art of Warframe. Yesterday and after you run the announced script, I found in my inbox the Nekros Prime I haven't received while watching the TennoLive. Hope soon everyone gets what they promised and put this behind us and enjoy what new stuff is coming. Thanks DE
  8. It was a great show and not only the final Tenno Live stream. I really like the Art of Warframe among other stuff a lot but when that countdown timer for the Tenno Live started, I believe we all boarded the hype space-train. I am going to take a small break during the summer (as always, its my annual gaming detox period) because this winter is going to be a really hot one and I don't think the greenhouse effect is to blame for, at least this time. Thank you DE ...for all the passion and hard work you are putting in our favorite game.
  9. Thanks for the opportunity and your kindness. I would love the repala syndana. Its on on my wish list for quite some time. Thank you!!!
  10. Ashisogitenno works without the space between the words, or just press the link. It would be better to remove that space from the first post, its a bit confusing. Thanks again for this thread.
  11. LoL... Wishful thinking put in paper (on screen tbh)... nice one, thanks for mentioning.
  12. Nice... Thanks DE for this small intermission nightwave. Thanks for the opportunity to get an guaranteed Aura forma (already built, saved me 4 formas there) since the arbitration seems to "hate" me and not dropping me one (aura bp) until now. And that Eidolon ephemera... saved me (?) farming Eidolons just for getting it (I still haven't got Fire and Shock but I hope they eventually drop...). I don't really mind the (just) 3 orokin cells, rift sigil and gamma color pack I already have in my inventory, I guess is a nice pack of gifts for newbies along with Reactor while Catalyst and formas are nice for Vets too I think I was just wondering if the 2000 endo are not enough for a 10K standings nightwave rank (even an intermission one when sorties and arbitrations give more) and why the 20K Kuva from Series 1 turned into 10K in this intermission (hope in Series 2 are not 10K again plz). Thank you!!!
  13. Thank you all at DE for the new update and all the new stuff you brought to us. Keep up the good work and looking forward for the TennoCon. I was just wondering if I am cursed or something concerning the Repair Kit mod. I'm killing the Domestik Drones at the Roplalolyst Assassination mission while was farming Wisp's Neuroptics yet I never got the mod. I can see it drop, it looks like a redish mod like Kela's Assassination mission ones, I can see it on the minimap, a friend has collected it on multiple missions but me and a couple of other friends in the same squad (and voice party), are all unable to grab it even with sentinels present. In an mission I was able to mark it for the others (showing as just plain "mod" like the orokin container special drops) even if they couldn't see or grab it and still its not in my inventory or at the codex. Anyone else having the same issues?
  14. ^^^ Yeap, now I'm getting that error message too: Also proceeded with unlink and successfully relink just to get the same message when visiting my account's page.
  15. On my account pages it reads: but when refreshing I am getting the: No need to refresh Mixer, you should be good to go! pressing the link in this OP that points to Mixer Linking Page is says: Account has been Successfully linked Still the error message remains. Is that going to be a problem for future "mixer" drops? I already got the Syandana without any problems, but it then showed the correct account linked.
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