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  1. I don't like turning off damage numbers because one of the best parts of warframe are seeing the gigantic numbers pop up and seeing the orange or red crits. It doesn't feel as good if I don't have physical display of my damage. Plus this is only really a problem that fast firing Snipers face so like 2. It seems like an overreaction to turn off all damage numbers for all weapons when it only benefits one weapon.
  2. There currently isn't an option to turn off specific scopes; it's all or nothing and the zoom level and sniper combo is only shown when sniper scopes are enabled. The Komorex in particular changes it's fire modes depending on what level of zoom you use so not being able to tell until after I fire is kinda annoying. It's not a major issue for most Snipers I know, but I wouldn't even mind a halfway solution like just enabling zoom and combo readings at least.
  3. Maybe it's just me but I find it hard to keep track of the scope reticle when firing at any enemy. Would it be possible to have the reticle match the pointer color or give it a different shape or something. https://imgur.com/a/DJe9qND? Can't seem to get the gif to load sorry.
  4. This isn't for changes you would like to see or something that DE promised which changed before release just stuff that you think should be reverted to a previous iteration. It can be for anything like Mods, Warframes, Weapons, or Gameplay Systems.
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