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  1. 33 minutes ago, SkadiNyx said:

    How is that possible ? 
    Looks like you're in a Shadow Clan, like me. We managed to get 3000 points with only 3 active players. So I get that you won't have the full package ( Neither will us, 12K points is just impossible for only 3 persons ), but the BP is at least really easy to get, since you need only 760 points in total. 

    I'm in a Storm clan :D But yeah, you are right, we had an old info about scores. My bad :D  BP is guaranteed for us.
    And still, this is wrong when your reward depends on other people actions -_-

  2. My clan needs over 12k points. We have only 3-6 active members. I, personaly, have a job. I was trying to farm this event. Very-very hard trying. My personal best score is 408 :D Some of my clan mates helped me with that stuff and we were playing over 2 hours in total to reach that score. Wanna guess how many points my clan needs now? 9k points missing. 1 day left.

    You locked hot-wanted weapon under the gate, that small clans (or clans with many innactive members) simply ain't able to reach. Bad idea. But you know that already, don't you? You saying I MUST play like 3-4 hours in a row every day, to get that weapon? Hek no. No thanks.

    After the mess with non-stop-increasing-grind-wall i left this game for a while. When i saw the mighty ignis wrath...yeah, i came back. Home, sweet home i thought. Wroooong. I've met even more stupid, more frustrating grind walls.
    I feel no fun while playing warframe, furthermore i feel like i'm failing my "duty" while i'm playing my game. Because now WF eats tooo much time and efforts for absolutely no benefits. Oh, did i say "eats'? I wanted to say wastes!

    Call it a rant if you want, nobody cares :D
    Game requires a lot of time? Yes, it does. Rewards worth a shot? No, they don't. Duty has something with fun? Nooope.
    So, in conclusion: i need to spent 1/4 of my day (at best) to play something i don't like, to get something i don't want. lol

    I like more a-year-ago version of this game, honestly.

    P.S. seems like my clan not going to get even a bp of ignis wrath...

    P.S.2  Woopsy, had an old info.


  3. Look at these alt helmets...then look at any tennogen helmet....then compare...feel the pain -_-

    P.S. Eh! And how i supose to like this game and developers team particularly, if you again trying to force me to play the peace of the game which i hate? Unbalanced, poorly thought content. Snow event is the same. Almost no-one liked it...aaand here it comes again. Nice.

    Instead of forcing your players to do what you want us to do, how about you try to make us want to play it by our own will (by increasing quality, better balance, better rewards etc.)? How about you try to make more decent PvE content? And well, we don't play PvP not because of our religion point of view, but because of the quality of that content. Sigh.

  4. I would be fine with that insanely increasing grind, if this game would become actually better day by day. But it's not.
    Quality of this game doesn't fit to the requirements of the grind.
    Farm this, then pray for RNG, then farm that and pray for RNG, while you farming something else to grind another thing. Hek it, i quit :D

    I loved this game, but what i've seen for last 8 monthes just a shame. It's like you had a girlfriend and one day she said "from now on, you have to pay for the sex honey, still love you...here is my bank account number."  (yeye i know, it's not really healthy example)

  5. Feels like they do not appreciate their community any longer.
    Instead of entertain (what MMO supose to do), this game forces me to play (grind) more and more. It requires the same amount of time and efforts as my work does. And there is no fun or worthable entertainment anymore. All we get is just some cosmetics (tennogen for real money btw, in-game shop stuff was abandoned for ages. Not counting deluxe), some weapons (most of them are mastery folder stuff)  and new sources of grind without any possible alternative (not counting pay2win). Nothing was done about balance (do not even try to say a word about rivens, they bring 0 balance), matchmaking (which still works bad), core mechanics etc.
    Really, i've starting to lose the desire to play this game, to be the part of this game. Now, all i see is time/money/efforts leecher living under the name of the old glory. And i would probably fine with it, if i could see how this game getting better using my resources. But it doesn't.

    #SaltySadDisappointed :D


    P.S. I do realize this topic is not about Hema itself. It is about developers policy forcing people to do more for the same (or even less) reward.

  6. For Hek sake, DE...."facepalm".

    P.S. Thanks Bunny! :D

    P.S. 2. And that reply of Steve to mutagen...lol :D It's like "No guys, samples drop good / dojo research costs enough. It's just you suck, go and farm better"

  7. 9 minutes ago, shadow0727 said:

    So cause has been identified, a solution has been presented and you would rather complain, rather then resolve the problem. I hope no one gives you the smallest ounce of sympathy

    By the solution you mean farming samples 24/7? Or join another clan?:D
    I guess the one who shall resolve the problem is the development team, not a player.
    And well...about sympathy...calling people a bunch of leechers...the smallest ounce of sympathy is not what you deserve either ;D

  8. 16 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    The Regen Mod (both Primed and regular) now grants temporary invulnerability to Sentinels on revive for a duration of one second + one second per rank of the mod. This means that with a maxed Primed Regen, you could see 11 seconds of invulnerability after the Regen occurs.

    Cheap bandaid. No,honestly! Does not matter how many times my sentinel will revive itself back, since everything above lvl 25 oneshots it very quickly. Invulnerability might be a good addition for something like increase of hp/armor/shields. But 11 sec after death...nah. Because next death will come in 12 secs. Repeat it 3 times. So, in fact it doesn't change a thing about survability.

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