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  1. Experiencing the same issue. 2 out of 3 completed from the previous week. Socketed a third after recovering the act and it didn’t register.
  2. When will we be seeing a focus on clans and dojos? Clans are simply disappointing to create or lead and there’s no incentive to have one outside of research. Clans NEED to be more relevant. As of now, I feel like it is a waste of time and resources. I WANT to be proud of my clan and my dojo, but there’s nothing to be proud of. Will we see active discussions about improvements and features related to clans? That is an area of the game that has got to listen to player feedback.
  3. Regarding Dojos 1. Will we be able to login and start our games from dojos instead of Orbiters? Dojos still feel like a gimmicky destination/hangout instead of the clan HQ. 2. Will we see any focus on offline editing tools, wire mapping, or any other advanced and precise decoration systems after Railjack? As a clan leader with a full time job, I find very little time to actually edit my dojo and make it something unique to my clan, not to mention the layout being completely atrocious. Regarding Mods 1. Will we see the implementation of “Umbra Formas” with the Orbs? Many builds are entirely gimped due to the high gain-high cost of the mods. 2. Will all Augments be considered Exilus mods, or will we see “Augment Slots” on frames? This would allow us to augment abilities without gimping a build for that ability. Thank you for the past 5 years. I truly look forward to the future of this game.
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