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  1. Since DE refuses to work on pvp/competitive content, which is the only true endlessly repeatable content there is in Warframe, I'm ready for Warframe 2. Fresh start. Keep nothing. New foundations, overhauled damage and modding systems.
  2. It depends on a lot of factors such as AoE or not, rate of fire, built-in procs, base element and so on. I'll build an all-purpose Baza with viral + hunter munitions, however my kuva chakkur is built for corrosive with internal bleeding.
  3. I'm not sure it's a good idea to give new players nearly 1M credits, it delays the need to socialize and use the in-game chat, it creates drones not players who are invested in the game because they bond with others and use all the tools at their disposal.
  4. I could be wrong, but I don't think there will be more unless they desperately need to appease the community in some way. Yes they said there would be more, but let me tell you something, I've been around, on and off for 7 years and while DE promises a lot of things, they rarely deliver. Even some of the stuff they showcase at tennocon gets shelved for whatever reason, such as the Stalker mode. I'm sure they're cool people so I won't call them liars (lying requires an intent) but they can't keep their mouths shut and will always promise more than they can deliver.
  5. We have too many melee weapons already.
  6. One of my kitguns is called "MK1-Braton". Sometimes I get complaints. I love it even if I have to resist the urge to explain them what a Verminsplicer is.
  7. Nyx is also fairly accessible, and she's far more powerful than Oberon will ever be.
  8. I don't understand why people keep saying Oberon is essential. I haven't used him before being like MR 20 or something like that, the game is so easy mode these days all you need is rolling your face on the keyboard and stuff dies anyway. Healing is completely unnecessary.
  9. Add to that "play as the stalker" which was never added either and yet it was clearly shown at a Tennocon. That's why I couldn't care less about that now, I know I'm going to be lied to with stuff that never makes it to the game and disappointed when I remember it.
  10. Speaking of that, yeah, some mobile games have richer and deeper content than Warframe when you think of it.
  11. Everyone says this is the finest community they've ever seen. To that I answer: start trading. This is one of the most toxic communities I've ever seen. Never in my life I have been mocked or insulted because someone didn't like my prices except in Warframe. And it's not the free to play mentality. I've played other games where others were nice and considerate during a trade convo, maybe saying stuff like "oh sorry that's not for me". But here, bring the profanity. Add that to the fact that typically money brings the worst in people and you have quite an explosive recipe. I've noticed the fights and trolling too and I personally call the place "Maroo's Brothel" because frankly it's more fitting with the atmosphere.
  12. This. I'm on the "I want a challenge not to be bored" side of things and either way would be fine. Challenging instanced content is far from impossible, Anthem and Destiny have done that properly and they have less resources at their disposal than DE these days so it's not a matter of "can we do it?" but "do we want to?". Instead of working on their 4th iteration of the plains of Eidolon which is getting really tedious and overdone by now with Duviri or whatever it's called, maybe they could surprise us and do something new for once. As it is all we have is the steel path which is a bad joke because it's the same old crap we've had for 8 years with 100 extra levels and a few uninspired rewards tacked on - if the "reworked" Jackal is all their designers can come up with maybe they need new hires.
  13. It affects me since they are in my missions and cheese the game. Maybe I don't want the game to be cheesed and want to enjoy risks and some struggle? It's like bringing limbo or khora to (mobile) defense, it's stupid and boring.
  14. If you want new relics with almost no effort (nothing wrong with that mind you), you're probably like me and have an excess of syndicate points.
  15. That sounds to be overly complicated for a problem only the 0.1% faces. Don't get me wrong, I have hundreds of relics, probably close to a thousand, so what? There's a search filter. Want a lith t5? Type t5, tada, it's there. Problem solved. You're welcome. And if you really want to get rid of them, gift them to unaware noobs, it's a poisoned gift that will bring hours of frustration as no one ever makes groups for them and they're never getting the gold part.
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