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  1. I'm really torn about Empyrean, it could work or fail horribly, that's such a dramatic change at all levels that it's really hard to tell. Who's going to enjoy playing the meta game on the ship while the rest of the team is playing on the ground? Won't people be frustrated with the metagame assignment? Is it going to disturb the casual and chill atmosphere of casual games when you have to rely on another team to do something for you? If not, is it going to be conflicting with the increased difficulty we've been promised? I have no idea. We'll see. Can't say I'm excited but i'll watch how it evolves with interest.
  2. So why can't we get her parts now and have to wait while it's already in the cash shop? That's a practice I can't condone and encourage. First the terrible grindy, uninspired wolf battle pass that removed catalyst alerts then this, when are you going to stop that crap?
  3. Sorry but I don't like it, it's too time consuming and too much stuff i don't need or don't want to do anymore. I am MR 25, nearly 26. It allowed me to play a few times a week for an hour or two so far, but now you expect me to do invasions i don't need, plains missions i don't want to do anymore, deal with the eidolon recruitment chat toxicity, doing Simaris tasks i've been done with for YEARS... Seriously? Is that all the content team can come up with? That's disappointing. Are you so desperate for cash you need to create compulsion loops to increase retention and monetization? I was thinking the game was doing well. I was also under the impression Warframe was made by passionate devs, not by the sales department. Now I don't really want to play warframe anymore because there are all these cool things locked behind stuff i've done too much already. Good job I guess.
  4. I really don't understand people sometimes. There's a setting called "automatic resolution scaling" in the graphic options. Use it. You could even play in 800*600 if that's your thing. You don't need a random piece of software like that, it's completely outdated and the game does it better natively.
  5. This. I hope they ban low spec machines from hosting at some point. Latency is one thing, it's bad but not as bad as a desync because someone's hosting on a toaster.
  6. Some sort of Ryzen 3, 8gb of ram and a gtx 1050 or a RX 560 should give you a good warframe and even present day gaming experience (with minimum/med settings for the latest games). That's for the minimal budget. If you want more, the sky is the limit. I also strongly recommend a SSD unless you like loading screens.
  7. Or if you want windows 7 & 8 compatibility, and something that isn't in the hands of another corporation. There is no good reason to chose dx 12 over vulkan, saying otherwise merely shows that you know nothing about game engines.
  8. PC parts do last 10 years if you want them to, but we're talking about low tier parts from ~2006 at that point. That was 13 years ago - on the cheap. If the game has to move forward and benefit from new technology, these antiquities have to be left behind at some point. These parts are worse than a current day consoles, and console specs are incredibly garbage.
  9. Will there be a plague star equivalent for Fortuna?
  10. 3 updates in 3 hours... Are you kidding me? You couldn't put mesa and fortuna in the same one and wait a bit?
  11. FWIW i'm having a normal-ish drop rate for medical debts. And I'd hate having the drop tables cluttered even more with that crap, it's not like they're useful once we're done with the syndicate. Think long term before you ask for your immediate needs.
  12. On the other hand there's a NPC selling debt bonds in Fortuna. You guys need to explore a bit...
  13. Damn I really enjoyed the new difficulty and was hoping it would be the new standard after 4 years of uninterrupted power creep.
  14. Give me a month of warning and I will loot and plunder the plat balance of others like there's no tomorrow. It would have been glorious but it's better that way as I would have otherwise scammed unaware players without much remorse.
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