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  1. Let me clarify a few things. I have nothing against people bringing one lvl 0 weapon along with two good ones in any kind of mission. In the same vein I'm not opposed to people bringing lvl 0 things in non combat missions like sortie spy. I've done that myself in the past. What really bothers me is two players leeching off me and another guy because they don't want to bring their glorious lvl 0 weapon to some lith spy fissure or hydron instead and queued for arbitration because why not. The result is 20 minutes in a defense mission when it should be 13 to 15. The topic here is max level c
  2. DE, you have to do something about that. High level missions are magnets for xp leechers and they take twice as long to complete due to people bringing that kind of crap. Arbitrations, sorties and elite sanctuary are full of players taking their lvl 0 gear expecting a free ride, resulting in a very upsetting experience for the fool who's bringing decent equipment.
  3. Races don't give standing indeed, only standing for tricks done during the race give what they should. It's not really playable without the standing from races honestly, it takes way too long.
  4. I mean, they should drop from random NPCs, they're not even as valuable as a bronze mod...
  5. What? If anything I'd get rif off that trash, it shouldn't be in the loot tables of bounties, it's completely worthless. I always feel a little insulted when this obnoxious thing appears on my screen!
  6. Self damage cannot be channeled through link. First it gets rid of the problem forever, then it's consistent with the rest of the game. Rhino and harrow can't use self damage to buff their abilities so the fact that trinity can do that is very inconsistent. There's no need to nerf the castanas either, the fact that it's cascading means it's killing more stuff.
  7. Spores spreading on death is not coming back and for good reason, it was too prone to AFK and too passive. Now building and playing saryn requires some thinking, planning and skill. A few clues: - Don't go for max range on a spores build. 145% range is plenty. If you want to preserve your spores damage you can't wipe the map constantly. You need stuff to spread it on, so fresh NPCs. It's not up to the devs to tweak the game rules so that playing saryn can be braindead again. Instead, adapt to the rules, especially spawn ones. - Don't go for max strength in low/mid tier level con
  8. I agree that rescue doesn't feel very epic. I'm fine with spy, it's just nothing special in that case as no one kills anything. What's the point of having lvl 100 npcs if we don't interact with them?
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