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  1. If everything required line of sight we wouldn't have so many braindead or AFK builds and insane map nukes every 5s to begin with.
  2. I'd rather have breath of the eidolon removed, this currency is useless and we get tons of it...
  3. I'm not saying that the warframe doesn't need help in terms of utility, it probably does, but then again I don't know much about it, however, it doesn't need insane mobility. It can have everything else, be it cc, tanking or whatever. However, being able to make the game a walking simulator for everyone else involved while taking 0 skill to play is pretty much the opposite of good and healthy design. If it took insane skill to play, I might be okay with that. Maybe. But it doesn't, it's just... Dumb.
  4. So is your answer. :) If you're fine with reducing the pool of playable warframes in PoE to 1-2 to be able to contribute to most objectives (except maybe the longer defense one, when it's a thing), I am not. First having one warframe completely dominating one game mode isn't healthy, then there's boredom issues (yes I need variety), finally, there's personal preference at play. I really don't like that warframe and it's collecting dust in my inventory, and I do hope it does forever. I'd rather play the old despoil nekros all day rather than zephyr. I have nothing against people enjoying i
  5. I have hundreds of thousands/millions of regular resources to the point that i'm already drowning in consumables and not doing any spy console puzzles because my ferrite pool is seemingly endless and ciphers are basically free to me, so no plains resources would be perfectly fine. But at this point the consumable itself is entirely pointless, why not making it permanent?
  6. No. If archwings were a one time permanent craft I would have no issue with other warframes flying all over the map. Then again I said this before, people complained about archwings being consumables very loudly and for a long time and the devs didn't do anything about it, so as a realist, I ask for what the devs may be willing to do.
  7. What kind of argument is this? Did I ever say 'remove zephyr from the game'? Then quote me please. And I want an exact quote, not a batS#&$ crazy twisted interpretation of it. I want one ability changed, that's it. The warframe will still be there and playable, it will have other things going for it. BTW my most played warframes are hydroid and ember (side note, I'm extremely satisfied with the ember changes and think the devs should go further because AFK/map clearing builds are still there). I have about 4% playtime on rhino and rhino prime combined, I simply use that w
  8. Yes rhino can absolutely facetank anything in the game except a handful of things, why would I deny it? It lets me kill stuff and not care about CC and incoming damage. That doesn't mean that I make the game not enjoyable for others. They still have NPCs to kill. They can still play the game. The issue with zephyr is that it prevents others to play the game when they are in a party, because their speed is unmatched and there is no trivial solution to that for players that doesn't either take a lot of time (crafting archwings over and over, ie fishing) or playing the warframe itself, which mean
  9. Parkour is a part of the game and that's totally fine. Then again zephyr isn't parkour it's just spamming 1 and leaving everyone else in the dust.
  10. Well I didn't answer you personally but I have tried to address some of that previously. Nova's portals are shared with the team and so is volt's speed. If there's one volt intentionally not sharing once in a while that's fine, I don't care, but I have yet to see that happening. On the other hand the zephyr space program is everywhere. In nearly every pub game there's someone rushing objectives with that warframe. What else do you want me to address? The fact that you say I'm wrong about charges being too energy intensive to travel long distances? Well I say I'm right. Wow. Now we're making pr
  11. You're the one taking it personally, I'm not. I'm not sure what your rant is about, I'm just bringing a topic that is apparently important to the devs, which is that warframe that makes the game walking simulators for other players get attention. There is no salt involved. Ultimately I don't care much about what they do, I don't care enough about this game for that, I'm just putting some light on a major design issue.
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