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  1. With these months of data, can you please please please fix solo excavation power cell spawns, especially in Arbitrations, once and for all?! With some map tilesets and spawn points, it is mind numbly frustrating during the 4th or 5th excavator sometimes to just sit there and twiddle my thumbs while waiting for the power cell enemy to spawn. 😕 Or can you just spawn the next excavator within 100m of the last one? That way, the enemies can better track and follow you there quickly.
  2. On another note, can someone from console (PS4, XBOX1 or NSW) confirm that they have actually got either a Seeding Step or Blazing Step ephemera? I haven't seen any posts to this effect and wondering if it's bugged in our current console build? I'm so sick of the farming since I haven't got either of those drops yet and plan to wait for the next update if it is indeed a bugged drop.
  3. If the ephemeras were tradable, I could forgive the low drop chance. Personally, I'm tired of doing my solo 12 round (24 waves) interception Arbitrations and seeing nothing but endo and sculptures. For everyone that got it in 1 or 2 runs, it's people like us that have to now balance the math so that in the grand scheme of probability, it evens out. 😞 I feel that even the things trapped in the supermassive black hole Messier 87 have a better chance of escaping...
  4. You updated the display text, but the link still has the hardcoded dash, hence still broken!
  5. I saw a message from one of my alliance members that after 100 kills, he only got 3 freezing but no Shocking step. RNGesus has been fairly kind to me. Got my freezing step around 15 kills and Shocking step finally dropped for me on my 44th kill. Got 3 articulas too.
  6. Thanks for the update, Megan. It doesn't replace the lost time I spent redoing this challenge 4 times and worrying over it, but I'll take what I get. IMHO, ALL challenges need to be tested by the DE team and confirmed working/updated BEFORE being published live. Please don't release future challenges by just updating a config file with challenge details, pretty please.
  7. Same here. I did this 4 times now. Once with a squad of 4 and three times solo. I even re-logged before the last try. Please fix this mess. 😕. So disappointed.
  8. As a general feedback, I believe [DE]Steve commented in a recent devstream that they didn't think events, especially when tied to a reward weapon that gives MR points is a good idea going forward. Both Steve and Rebb said that time-sensitive events in the past have caused some grieve when people missed them owing to life, work, vacations, etc and they were hoping to avoid that (I'll link the exact devstream when I can find it). When I think of it, Nightwave is just one long, dragged out event requiring lots of commitment, the antithesis of what they just said in the devstream. Sure it doesn't have any new exclusive MR weaponry and the biggest new thing you would miss out is arguably Umbral Forma which I suppose is 'non-essential' to many. Then there is operation Buried Debts which rewards Opticor Vandal, another operation/event. Sigh, I wish they wouldn't give us hope like that and then just turn around and do the opposite. I don't oppose events, but can't always be there when they happen.
  9. To be honest, 8 Plains bounty requirement is a real chore. Even doing the minimum 3-stage bounty eight times is numbing. Also, accepting and capturing all tridolons in the night cycle doesn't count as a bounty completed. 😕 At least for the 9-invasion missions, each mission in that invasion counts for 1, so you technically just need to 'complete' 3 invasion missions. I suspect DE will tweak the numbers for future iterations, hopefully for the better.
  10. As much as this sounds like a good thing, please, please and pretty please do not make playing with friends a gate to getting the standing. We all have our own schedules, live in different time zones, have bad internet connections and sometimes just enjoy the solitude of playing alone.
  11. Looks like there was a slight delay. I know see my PSN trophy list updated. I guess sony updated their trophy list slightly later than the game update. All good now.
  12. Danielle, the new trophies are bugged. I just got the Stay Frosty trophy and my Warframe Profile says I've completed it. When I try to sync trophies, it gave me an error. On my Playstation XMB Warframe trophy list, I don't see the new 'Update 28' trophies added there. Can you please check? I hope I won't be denied the trophy now that I've completed it in WF.
  13. Awesome. Thanks so much for clarifying, Danellie! I'll do what Onder6099 posted a few messages back and remap my current classic settings to the new controller config page.
  14. I think we just have to wait until the update drops to find out. 😕 Not sure if DE's PS4 team or Danielle is even reading these follow-ups. Maybe they have but haven't responded yet. I asked a question earlier too about the touchpad and would also like to know if R1 can be remapped to quick melee. Maybe they don't think this is a big deal because most players are on the new controller scheme. Well, news flash, quite a few veterans that played the game and supported you when it first came out on the PS4 got used to the old controller scheme and like it, and now will be cursory dismissed. Sad but that's the truth I guess.
  15. The New Controller picture still shows the touchpad as useable for casting abilities. Only that the R1 button is now the Ability menu button. So I can still swipe the touchpad for abilities?! Sigh, years of finger muscle memory now needs to be retrained. 😞 . I guess it's partly my fault for not switching sooner, but yeah, thanks for yet another inconvenience..
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