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  1. (PS4)vinster

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    Yes, the list Steve drew on the whiteboard is indeed ambitious, and kudos if they can pull it off. My guess is that perhaps only 50% will materialize in 2019. Still, it's a decent amount of content if so. From a software development point of view, Warframe's codebase must be getting to the point of being unwieldy. If they truly are going to add all they listed, while still keeping existing content intact, I can't image all the testing/QA that is needed just to ship out future updates. Not only will they need to test all the new content but to also make sure all the old stuff remains unbroken. Hence, the 'picking up the pieces' Steve mentioned can only pile up as more new pieces are added, and more stuff needs to be maintained/tested. Regardless, 2019 does sound like it's off to an exiting start. Come end 2019, let's re-visit this devstream and see what really has been accomplished. No pressure, DE. 🙂
  2. (PS4)vinster

    Long Toroid Farm Crash

    I think the PS4 Orb Vallis instance has a bug and crashing when staying in OV for too long. This is an edge-case scenario that was probably not tested. Maybe caused by a memory leak. If DE can read this, do kindly do something about this. Details below. I know I could replicate it consistently back in Dec when I was trying to farm the 1 million meters kDrive challenge/trophy. Here's what I was doing then: I would be on my kDrive in the lake in front of the elevator and rubber-banded my controller sticks so that I'll go in a circle. I would then leave that running overnight (6 to 8 hours). When I checked back the next morning, and headed to the Fortuna elevator in OV, the PS4 will immediately crash out to bluescreen. I repeated that at least twice and reported the error via PSN error submission. The only way for me to 'safely' exit from OV was to abort to Orbiter (or maybe abort to Fortuna but I didn't try that). I would lose any pick ups via the abort, but the kdrive distance travelled would still be saved. PS: Don't judge me for this! I was going on vacation in end December and wanted to complete that insane 1 million meters on kdrive trophy beforehand. 🙂
  3. Personally, I don't care for another Open World and the accompanying brand new resource grinds. I'm tired of fishing and mining, as 'enjoyable' as they are. Hoping the riven slots limit will be raised (c'mon, I bet you must know the multiple players who have alternate accounts just to store extra rivens). If you do come up with a new tileset, please do not make it annoying to navigate with too many false entries or convoluted pathways. Stop TennoCon? I feel like TennoCon is somewhat responsible for the content drought, and you're compelled to hide a lot of stuff and focus on one big thing that you need to surprise reveal at TennoCon to justify people who are attending. Also, all the prep work and organization effort by the staff for TennoCon could be better used for testing the game and fixing issues. Stop messing with the UI?! Lol. I know you need things to look new and shiny, but you ain't fooling me, it's still mostly the same game! Sometime I feel the UI changes are just for the sake of changing since they don't add to any new functionality. The many bugs, although mostly minor that still plaque the game - fissure enemies spawning in ceiling/walls, kuva siphons in the ground, etc
  4. (PS4)vinster

    WTS Vectis God Roll

    It is a slow time for Warframe on consoles these few weeks. Suggest to wait until Fortuna hits consoles. More players will return then and I'm sure someone will buy your riven if priced reasonably.
  5. (PS4)vinster

    Fortuna Just Didn't Do It For Me

    Even though Fortuna1.0 hasn't dropped on consoles yet, I tend to agree with the OP. I have watched partner youtube PC gameplay, read about it everywhere, and been teased about it for so long from Devstreams before TennoCon2018, then more Devstream showcases after TennoCon, I'm just tired of it even before playing! Lol. Then again, been playing since April 2014 on PS4, so most of the 'magic' of the game has since melted away, especially so this year for one or more reasons. I was so hyped and excited for PoE when it first came out, was glued to twitch streams, youtube partners, etc. For Fortuna, it's more like, 'Oh ok, not again with the new grind!'. Not bad, but bigger is not necessarily better. DE is a great studio and have my respect, but I hope the next major update is not yet another open world. Railjack and New War sounds promising, but if they announce yet another open world at TennoCon2019, dunno, I may have to dial it back a bit and spend my money elsewhere. I guess there's still Fortuna 2.0 with the big spider fights and more. And no doubt more content tied to making us play on OV in the coming months. Honestly, this doesn't excite me like it once did. Not sure what can DE do to really up the ante for the next major release. It's a tough business but I hope they can suss it out and have the skill and talent to make the next major update something to really get excited about.
  6. (PS4)vinster

    UPDATE: The Sacrifice -- Twitch Drops Campaign

    What's the difference between 'Warframe Stream' and 'Warframe Partner Stream'? Is 'Warframe Partner Stream' a subset of 'Warframe Stream'? Or is 'Warframe Stream' just official PrimeTime, Devstream, PS4@4, etc? If so, there aren't any until TennoCon, right?!
  7. (PS4)vinster

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    I relented and finally made a Nuke Trinity build (with a decent castanas riven) and yes, spent the whole weekend and Monday soloing up to Zone 8 in elite onslaught. I believe this is the ONLY reliable way to reach Elite Zone 8 SOLO right now unless they tweak the efficiency and spawn rates especially for Zones 7 and 8. Zone 7 is a problem for Nuke Trinity because of the Ancients - they don't take damage from it and buff others, so I usually switch back and forth between my Amprex and Nuke Castanas. My efficiency on Zone 7 usually drops to around 40 to 50%. Once I hit Zone 8 though, Nuke Trinity is able to maintain the 40 to 50% rate. I hop about to pick up the 2 efficiency things and ammo while non-stop nuking all the time. But I'm so sick of doing Nuke Trinity and my guess is that DE will nerf her and hopefully tweak the Elite efficiency so that it is soloeable without her.
  8. (PS4)vinster

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Solo Elite Onsalught is impossible to complete rotation C (zone 8 ) alone. Is this the intention? If not, was it tested with solo in mind to Zone 8? For Elite solo, there is just not enough enemies and the efficiency drain is too fast/unbalanced. Can something please, please be done about this? Not everyone can play with a group of 4 always. Thanks.
  9. (PS4)vinster

    TennoCon 2018 Tickets (SOLD OUT)

    I agree and feel the same, fellow Tenno. The exclusive armor does look tempting so I may decide after all to go with Collector again, but will still be a long 'commute' from California. Sigh... Maybe DE can set aside Friday or Thursday for extra VIP/Legendary ticket holders? I'd be more than willing to spend more days there and pay more for a chance.
  10. (PS4)vinster

    TennoCon 2018 Tickets (SOLD OUT)

    The ticket site was actually live at least 2 mins before 2pm EST and when I checked, Legendary ticket was already sold out and is the only ticket tier I wanted to buy! Sigh, I'll most likely not be going, since I already went the previous 2 years as VIP and Collector. DE, if you're listening, I'm willing to pay Legendary ticket prices (and more), if you'd only make more available. Pretty please...
  11. (PS4)vinster

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1 (LIVE!)

    The above statement is not entirely accurate/true. This new login system only started, what 2 years ago? So Tenno playing since then and not miss (or miss very few) login days will get the Day 800 login reward soon. Those that have been with PS4 Warframe 'since the very beginning', which I believe is around Nov 2013, may not even get the Day 800 login if they failed to achieve 800 login days since about 2 years ago.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. Either way, this is misleading. My first thought seeing the '0' was that no focus had been gained for the 45s convergence orb period. Perhaps DE needs to implement another QoL fix for this.
  13. All focus points gained during convergence are not given while in Archwing on PoE and the convergence orb timer expires while flying. This is so annoying and another reason why we need to get rid of the orb. You could be racking up thousands of focus points after picking up the orb on PoE. Then you deploy your Archwing to quickly go to the next objective. When the orb timer expires while you're archwing flying, a big '0' is shown. So so sad. :(
  14. I know some people are ok with Convergence Orbs (Don't worry, it'll get to you in time...). But if you've spent any amount of time in the game, you'll know how annoying this can get. Sure, one can choose to ignore the orbs, but it's hard to when it beeps at you and consistently teases you to get it. This has also exacerbated with PoE. With a squad, the orb can spawn hundreds of meters away near a teammate who is far away. By far, what gets me is always the spawn on top of the sniper tower or when you're following your drone to safety and it spawns way behind you. This list of 'annoyance' is so big and there're so many use-cases that no amount of tweaking on the dev part will make it better. On the regular map, who doesn't like an orb spawn on a floor above/below you after you've taken the elevator? Or near a turret way back in the other room with no enemies? But more often than not, when you get the orb, either your challenge has been completed (30 kills, then orb spawns!), or I swear the enemies and eximus units just disappear! Hence, I will solemnly continue to upvote and applause all threads asking for the removal of the Convergence orbs. :) So DE, please re-consider and think this again even though you are working on other higher priority tasks. Pretty please!