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  1. Taking the current global crisis aside, I never like timed events since real life events may coincide, eg. Family vacation, overseas work trip, school exams, etc. I missed last year's Dog Days event completely since that exact 2 weeks it was live coincided exactly with my planned vacation. Fortunately, there were no significant rewards. I distinctly remember some devstreams back last year when DE said they will try to avoid events. Guess not. I suppose this game mechanic will eventually become a staple game mode once they sort out the issues and any exclusive weapons, rewards will then be obtainable.
  2. Several threads on this already and I'm beyond upset that this is happening. I don't see any PC users complaining with their update so looks like console related only with Amesha's Warding Grace not slowing anything. The sad news is that since all DE staff are working from home, I'm not sure if they are equipped or are able to fix it via a hotfix or submit to cert. None of the staff have acknowledged this bug yet and that's worrisome in itself. I've seen them acknowledged some PC bugs and Switch bugs but not this. DE if you're reading this, kindly send at least an acknowledgement or how you're going bro tackle this issue. Thanks.
  3. I've asked similar questions in few other past threads, including the last devstream thread. Seems like DE will only make the announcement when they are ready to do so. These were some of my specific questions for PS5 (and will probably apply to XSX too):
  4. Can you share some details/plans as to how Warframe will exist on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and support for current PS4/XBox1 once the next gen consoles arrive? I had some specific questions which I posted a while back for PS4/PS5:
  5. Same for PS4. For years, I've also had R1 bound to melee - from the year 1 controller layout where the PS4 touchpad was used for the abilities. I couldn't fish at all since selecting a fishing spear from the main gear menu will then prompt me to hit R1 ("Hold R1 for actions"), and nothing happens when I do. Apart from fishing, this has also caused numerous problems on Railjack. When walking around the Railjack, pressing R1 will do melee instead of bringing up the tactical menu (which allows you to teleport to other positions in ship use use abilities like Void Cloak). Furthermore, when in the pilot's seat, pressing R1 will lock the screen to the RJ abilities. You can launch Void Hole, Particle Ram, etc, BUT to get out, you need to hit the tactical menu button (left d-pad for PS4), THEN circle to exit. So after 5+ years of my old controller payout, I had enough of the nonsense and poorly testing bugs above and switched back to the default controls. So finally, finally now, I can fish and use railjack controls properly. But this shouldn't have been forced on me. I sounded this off in the PS4 update thread as well (linked below) but no one bothered it seems. DE and console teams at DE, if you're reading this, please please take a look. 😞
  6. Is there any hope for people like me who have the R1 button bound to melee? I'm still using the old, old year 1 PS4 controller scheme where swipe pad is abilities and R1 is melee. As such, while walking around on the Railjack, when I press R1, I melee instead of bringing up the Tactical Menu. Only when I'm in the Pilot's seat does R1 bring up the tactical menu for me to shoot Void Hole, etc. The Options > Controller Tactical Menu DOES NOT allow be to rebind the 'tactical menu' button away from R1. I thought this update would fix it. @[DE]Danielle, can you please please bring this up with the PS4 team, or let me know a workaround? In addition, I can no longer bring up my fishing submenu. When I select my fishing spear from my main gear, the lower right then says "Hold R1 for actions". When I do so, I'll just do a melee and that context menu goes away. So so bad... 😞
  7. At the valence confirmation screen when you have to type 'TRANSFER', wouldn't it show definitively what the final weapon element and % stat will be? The update notes should've been expanded for a few more use cases just to make it clear. The WF wikia has this updated info too. Look for the Valence Fusion section here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich
  8. Confirmed it happened to me on PS4 last night too. It looked like I was in bleedout state. I could shoot while in that 'bleedout' but after waiting for a long time, no prompt came up to self revive and no button presses of any kind worked except to bring up the menu. I had to abort the mission but luckily my failed attempt showed on my parazon/lich screen so it was not wasted in that sense.
  9. Best possible start is currently unobtainable on consoles with buggy 27.0.5. It will always be stuck at 4/6 crewships...
  10. I know it is with good intent that you're packaging all Empyrean updates plus the Kuva Lich QoL changes, but isn't the latter at least another 1 if not 2 weeks away? Then porting/coding those changes to consoles and sanity testing probably takes another week. Sending to cert and waiting for approval will add another week (since many changes). So by the time console gets it will be end Feb?! Why not just send the Empyrean fixes build out now (up to 27.0.12) so that Empyrean/Railjack can be playable in a week's time for consoles, and then package the Kuva Lich changes after?
  11. As a console player, can you shed some light as to how Warframe will be implemented on PS5 and XBox Series X next gen consoles since they will be launched later this year? Rumors are that the consoles are backwards compatible so theoretically, they will be able to play current gen WF. I had some other questions as well with regards to PS4 > PS5 transition. They are posted in this other thread:
  12. Why the recent push and focus towards RNG stats? Is this a sign of things to come in 2020 and beyond? Will ALL future Warframe mechanics now have RNG stats ad nauseam?
  13. Just wished you'd announce this sooner. I scrapped all my 3 vidar mk3 reactors on Monday (micro-managing 'cos 30 slots) since they were all crap values and now I can't seem to farm even one... 😞 I don't suppose you have any consideration for folks like me?!
  14. Tell me about it. I've got nothing but useless vidar mk3 reactors so far. 😞 The fact that it did not make it into the recent PC fix bodes badly for this ask. 4% drop doesn't address the senseless RNG stat. DE, wake up and listen to your most ardent players before it is too late.
  15. Can you please confirm that that 2% Vidar MKIII Reactor mission RNG avionics capacity buff or rework will be in the fixes as well? The only 2 Vidar MKIII reactors I have after numerous veil missions gave me +39 and +59 capacity and feeling more demotivated each day.
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