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  1. What bothers me at least on PS4 is that the achievements are already in-game on your profile but locked/greyed out for the time being. Per Danielle's post on Deimos launch, they haven't decided when or whether to activate them and make then into PSN trophies yet ("The following new Deimos Challenges are not available as Trophies at this time. We will keep you updated and let you know if that changes:"). In the meantime, I've already killed dozens of Deimos Juggernauts, rode velocipods, etc. If and when they activate the challenges, I doubt they will be retroactive which means needing to
  2. Now that both PS5 and XBox Series X launch dates (and prices) have been officially revealed, can you please shed some light on what existing PS4/Xbox Warframe players can expect from Warframe on these new consoles? Thanks in advance. From the PS5 Digital Showcase today, Fortnite (ugh) was shown to be a launch title on PS5. Kinda sad to not see Warframe, seeing as how it was one of the first launch titles on PS4.
  3. While hotfix #4 seemed to help, it just happened to me on one of the Isolation Vaults - the one that has a friendly mech in the hidden ring portal. After I activated the ring portal and entered it, I transferred to operator and tried to void dash, but jumped slowly instead. I proceeded to use the mech. When it died and I returned, I still couldn't void dash as operator. I made myself die, but upon revive, same issue. Only sometime around doing the t3 vault did the void dash somehow return. I'll try again tonight and if it happens in the same vault again, I'll update.
  4. For the love of god, please have this fixed before the weekend. I can't tell you how frustrating this bug is especially when doing Isolation Vaults. And please increase the specimen encounter/drop rate for the corpus researcher bounty stage, pretty please....
  5. Yup, see latest Hotfix #3 for PS4 and I believe in 29.0.4 fix for PC.
  6. Still so so many bugs. Near the Necramechs, your transference/operator seems to be affected. Sometimes when in operator, trying to void dash ends up jumping. Need to land and try again. Sometimes void dash just doesn't work anymore. Was doing a low level bounty earlier after doing an Isolation Vault. On 2nd stage of bounty when I need to get more kills than the Grineer, not even a single infested showed up in the area. I went further a little bit, activated one of the obelisk with operator. Infested appeared and I killed it but did not count. Went back to area, waited and waited an
  7. I can't help but mostly agree. I dreaded every open world since PoE/Cetus, and this might not be the end (Duviri?). Granted there are a ton of new stuff to obtain here, hence the need to grind out the wazoo for every single item. But the syndicate rank up grind is by far the worst culprit. Steve/Reb did say they were going to reduce the tokens required (Son tokens I think), so I'm going to hold off a bit. And I can't say again how much I dislike conservation. Freaking eye-straining footsteps to follow and infested attacking you everywhere making hunting these wildlife a PITA. Th
  8. Are there Mastery Rank points from ranking up Necramechs? I can see the Cortege and Mausolum necramech weapons on My Profile > Equipment as new weapons but don't seem to see any Necramech there.
  9. How do I subscribe to this club? I'm willing to pay the highest tier subscription fee to never have to do any more conservation... 😁
  10. What I'm more worried about is after you've already accomplished all of these challenges many times over, then DE decides it's time to make them into PSN trophies and you need to do them all over again, since they don't seem to register at this point. I know they are not difficult challenges but that's beside the point. So can we just do away with PSN trophies for this game from now on? You can just make them as internal challenges within the game and not tie them to PSN trophies (and I'm so hoping this is the case when PS5 WF comes out).
  11. Will we be getting hotfix 29.0.1 and future hotfixes as they are released on PC or do we need to wait for a bundle of fixes to be sent to cert?
  12. Yeah, same here. I think DE gave me a PC code instead of a PS4 code. I raised a support ticket so have to see how it goes. Here's a snippet of the email I got: ----------------------------------------- Below is the code for your prize based on your platform of choice. The code will expire December 31, 2020. TennoTrivia Ship Display: PC: 7XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXE -----------------------------------------
  13. Will we be able to deploy Distilling and Titan extractors on Deimos like on the other planets? Would be nice to be able to get some of new resources this way, albeit slowly.
  14. What I feared has come through. Now that all drops have been delivered, I still don't have the Athodai or Hydroid Prime. All that week, I received twitch drops from the home streams with no issues. All I can hope for is DE will somehow acknowledge that some issue has occurred because of unforeseen load, etc and will find some way to award the items (especially the Athodai) to the faithful watchers of the panels/TennoLive this year. Please DE, do hear us out and give us some good news.
  15. Don't forget that they are also planning for home stream drops tomorrow onwards. Will this create even more backlog? Adding to the chorus, I've not received the Athodai nor Hydroid and am very anxious with no further updates and no way to check status. During TennoCon week, I received all home stream drops up to the 500 ducats so my link must be good. If only DE could update a few times a day for BOTH Athodai and Hydroid drops, I think the community might feel more at ease.
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