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  1. That's the problem though, I highly doubt it will be a few days later. If DE had waited another week, console with 26.0.7 could be sent to cert next week instead of this week's 26.0.6. However now, we'll get 24.0.6 (prob next Tues or tomorrow). Then we may need to wait until probably after Thanksgiving for 26.0.7 console build, then another week more for cert. While in the meantime, a new flood of grind complaints from console players will ensue which could've been avoided with just another week's wait...
  2. DE should've baked the 26.0.7 hotfix into the console update. Now we're going to be stuck with the .6 build with no lich trading, more dup weapons until who knows when...
  3. Regardless of whether one will enjoy the content and associated grind, OP's sentiment seems somewhat valid judging by the "drama lamas' of posts thus far. If the content was done well, there would be fewer of them. DE is in a bind wrt consoles. Because they did not release the arbs/Gauss changes in the interim, there really was nothing else to do for seasoned players. So now they have to release Old Blood in the unfinished state it is or else console players will complain more. But in so doing, you can bet in the following days after console release, there will tons of similar posts complaining about the grind again. Did DE think this through? Or are they not bothered and willing to take the heat until fixes eventually get released on consoles months later? Time will tell...
  4. However for us console players, we can get Seer, Seer, Seer, Seer, .... soon!
  5. Yeah, this has been brought up a few times now and still upsets me (see appended related thread). Seeing the backlash from PC's Old Blood, it looks like DE may be spending yet more time for hotfixes to PC, which means consoles get further delayed. Consoles really should have had that interim Arbs/Gauss changes. That would've allowed us to farm the new Arbs rewards and like you said, more vitus essense. DE never really explained why they wanted to bundle Arbs/Gauss changes with Old Blood. They just said they would, I'm assuming because they thought Old Blood was imminent then.
  6. On a related note, if I've already used up the 2 genetic imprints that my existing kavats had, does this mean I need to make 2 new Kavats so that I have imprints that can be made when each one is bitten? Or even if you had used up the 2 imprints, do you have an option to create a 3rd imprint once your kavat has been bitten by the feral Vasca?
  7. Fully agree with OP. I know DE is all hands on deck now for PC's Old Blood update (including the console programmers at DE?), but the Arbitration changes are quite significant in terms of rotations and rewards and leaving it in the old state on console for so long is unforgivable. I can't even farm for the new arbs arcanes in the meantime. 😞 I'm in no position to say how hard this change alone is to port to console for an interim update, but it can't be that massive?! Another reason not to put in together with Console's Old Blood update is the that the latter will be massive already and distilling arb changes into its own update and hotfixes will make the mainline update less buggy. DE, it's still not too late to let consoles have the arb changes update. Please listen to your us or at least give a reasonable explanation why this is not possible.
  8. Ditto. Apart from un-equipping the aura mod, the only other way is to replace it another aura mod with a different polarity and see that it gets accepted (green bonus polarity). My guess is DE will eventually do a QoL pass and find a way to show it as aura-forma'd. It's probably so so low on their priority list now that we probably won't see it for a long while.
  9. Since the theme is about past present and future, can you shed some light on how Warframe will continue (if at all) on the upcoming PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett consoles? I'm particularly interested in how our progress will carry over (if at all) as well as how trophies/achievements will carry over as well.
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