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  1. First time I did with Loki (on Gian Point) invisibility didn't work although I swear I didn't get hit. Repeated it with Loki second time and it worked. First I went invisible, then took extra care to disarm (with Augment Irradiating Disarm), then shoot from afar and made sure I didn't get hit in any way. Agree with (PS4)trontor that this task should be re-looked at. Now I fear for the rest of the Railjack and Lich related new tasks - have they been playtested properly?
  2. One of the contributing factors of the 'bad releases' was how they did it for consoles, they didn't wait until major hotfixes were in before releasing them to consoles. Case in point was Railjack release for consoles(PS4, Xbox) just before the holidays. It was released to us in almost the bad state that went out to PC. Then PC got a few important fixes before the holidays like reactors adjustment, crewship not-spawning fixes, etc. Consoles were left in limbo over the holidays and we didn't get those much needed fixes until mid-Jan or later I think. Well, guess where all that additional disgruntlement came from?! Consoles, while generally behind, usually get a more polished version of the release, thus mitigating some bad feedback, but for some reason last year, DE decided to release stuff to consoles at almost the same time as PC. Sure, we got new releases faster, but any much needed fixes after just took way, way longer because of console cert process and holidays. I hope they learned something from this... for one, don't use major events like Game Awards and TennoCon, etc to rush things out or overly hype things up, and make sure you can fix things fast on consoles if you want to rush it out to us! Well, at least Rebecca has acknowledged the bad releases a couple of times now. I can only hope DE has learned something and will right the ship going forward.
  3. Echoing others again: Can you please add the Basmu riven as a possible Rifle Riven Mod unveiling? Or do we have to wait until the next cert update for this? Either way, a response as to why this can or can't be done now will be appreciated.
  4. As people have mentioned here, the PS5 is basically a souped up PS4. It's just like buying/building a more powerful PC. It's unlike the PS3 where that architecture was completely different/alien then. Mark Cerny and Playstation also confirmed the vast majority of PS4 games will run on PS5. Some "poorly" written games for the PS4 may not handle the increased speed/power of the PS5 hence Sony cannot confirm all PS4 games. Hence, it should be just as simple as launching Warframe on your PS5 with your original PSN id, and you should have al your stuff. I doubt DE will differentiate between PS4, PS5, PS6, etc since it is tied to the PSN id (assuming similar architecture going forward). And I presume playstation players will be able to play with players from both PS4 and PS5. I do have other miscellaneous questions that I haven't got DE to notice yet. It's posted in the thread below. Things like trophies (achievements), etc.
  5. Taking the current global crisis aside, I never like timed events since real life events may coincide, eg. Family vacation, overseas work trip, school exams, etc. I missed last year's Dog Days event completely since that exact 2 weeks it was live coincided exactly with my planned vacation. Fortunately, there were no significant rewards. I distinctly remember some devstreams back last year when DE said they will try to avoid events. Guess not. I suppose this game mechanic will eventually become a staple game mode once they sort out the issues and any exclusive weapons, rewards will then be obtainable.
  6. Can you share some details/plans as to how Warframe will exist on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and support for current PS4/XBox1 once the next gen consoles arrive? I had some specific questions which I posted a while back for PS4/PS5:
  7. Is there any hope for people like me who have the R1 button bound to melee? I'm still using the old, old year 1 PS4 controller scheme where swipe pad is abilities and R1 is melee. As such, while walking around on the Railjack, when I press R1, I melee instead of bringing up the Tactical Menu. Only when I'm in the Pilot's seat does R1 bring up the tactical menu for me to shoot Void Hole, etc. The Options > Controller Tactical Menu DOES NOT allow be to rebind the 'tactical menu' button away from R1. I thought this update would fix it. @[DE]Danielle, can you please please bring this up with the PS4 team, or let me know a workaround? In addition, I can no longer bring up my fishing submenu. When I select my fishing spear from my main gear, the lower right then says "Hold R1 for actions". When I do so, I'll just do a melee and that context menu goes away. So so bad... 😞
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