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  1. I agree. The timing of this pack couldn't have come at a worst time for console players. I know they have explained the reasons of wanting to include Kuva lich QoL changes, etc, but honestly, they should've sent 27.0.12 last week for consoles cert first. The Kuva Lich QoL, Glass Maker and whatnot can be included in another build a couple of weeks later. I don't think cost is factor. They proved that in the few rush certs end of last year for Empyrean. C'mon DE, you can do better.
  2. Best possible start is currently unobtainable on consoles with buggy 27.0.5. It will always be stuck at 4/6 crewships...
  3. I found that during casting an ability, the casting animation will prevent you from getting grabbed. Eg. while casting Nova's molecular prime and the scorpion grineer or infested ancient hooks you, you're not affected. This requires timing and more often I get it more from luck than being able to predict it.
  4. I know it is with good intent that you're packaging all Empyrean updates plus the Kuva Lich QoL changes, but isn't the latter at least another 1 if not 2 weeks away? Then porting/coding those changes to consoles and sanity testing probably takes another week. Sending to cert and waiting for approval will add another week (since many changes). So by the time console gets it will be end Feb?! Why not just send the Empyrean fixes build out now (up to 27.0.12) so that Empyrean/Railjack can be playable in a week's time for consoles, and then package the Kuva Lich changes after?
  5. The problem is not so much that 27.0.5 was released to consoles before DE went on break that was full of bugs, it's that they knowingly released it to consoles with no hope of fixes until way way after the holidays. At least PC got 27.0.9 before DE went on break which addressed a few issues (resource buff, avionics trading, etc). DE should've known console ports + cert will take several weeks, so even if they came back from vacation, it'll take at least that long to get the fixes out to console. Ideally, DE should've released Empyrean after they came back and then followed up a few weeks later with 27.0.11 fixes. We would've have a smoother experience. Then again, console players would've complained over the holidays that they had no content. 😕
  6. As a console player, can you shed some light as to how Warframe will be implemented on PS5 and XBox Series X next gen consoles since they will be launched later this year? Rumors are that the consoles are backwards compatible so theoretically, they will be able to play current gen WF. I had some other questions as well with regards to PS4 > PS5 transition. They are posted in this other thread:
  7. Why the recent push and focus towards RNG stats? Is this a sign of things to come in 2020 and beyond? Will ALL future Warframe mechanics now have RNG stats ad nauseam?
  8. I sincerely hope this will be fixed for PS4 soon. My r1 is melee and I'm using the "original" controller config where swipe pad is used for abilities. There is no way to remap the tactical menu button from r1 from the options controller tactical tab. When I'm in the pilot's seat, thankfully I can still hit r1 and use the Void Hole, Particle Ram, etc. However, when I'm walking about in the ship, I hit r1 and I melee instead, with no way to bring up the tactical menu so I can teleport to various locations. So so bad...
  9. They will decide it in a game of FrameFighter on PrimeTime..
  10. Just wished you'd announce this sooner. I scrapped all my 3 vidar mk3 reactors on Monday (micro-managing 'cos 30 slots) since they were all crap values and now I can't seem to farm even one... 😞 I don't suppose you have any consideration for folks like me?!
  11. OMG, I feel for you. I can't image running that many veil mission and be disappointed each time. But like you the only vidar mk3 reactors I got gave me 39, 58 and 59 avionics cap after many runs too. The lavan mk3 reactor I got a couple of nights before gave me 63, so that's the highest I've got since RJ dropped on PS4. Some of my clan/alliance mates got 80+/90+ on their first or second vidar reactor so go figure! Our next patch should give us a 4% vidar/lavan reactor drop rates but even that won't fixed the broken mess of bulls#it that is reactor stat rng. DE once and for all, can you please fix this or allow some sort of reactor capacity upgrade increase through honest play? From the grind that Stealth_Cobra already endured, I say he deserves a 100 cap vidar reactor!
  12. Nope, PS4 and XBox has been stuck at 27.0.5 since it launched before Christmas. We never even got the small fixes and resource buffs for PC before DE went on holiday. The porting and cert process is what holds consoles back. While I try to be patient, it's hard not to complain since DE knowingly gave us a poor build with no hope of fixes until way after the holidays. In no other commercial software world would this have been condoned. It's DE and it's only a game I guess...
  13. You know who I pity? The poor Switch folks who will be getting 27.0.5 soon. Welcome to the console bugfest, low drop rates and low resource party! We've been 'celebrating' this since Christmas! On the bright side, stealth farm and stock up on intrinsics and rush repair drones and glitch spawn ins as much as you can.
  14. 2020 - the year DE cranks up RNG. Hot off the press... "Flushed with the success of rivens, lich weapons and railjack component stats RNG, TennoCon2020 will herald an unprecedented decade of all things RNG. There will be a special RNG only panel where you can pitch your next RNG stat idea. NO idea will be turned away. Also introducing with be a new TennoRNGen module. Now all players can make RNG stat mods for consideration by DE!" - RNG Times Publications. Hurry, buy your tickets now and you'll have a 0.01% chance to get the new glyph too!
  15. Tell me about it. I've got nothing but useless vidar mk3 reactors so far. 😞 The fact that it did not make it into the recent PC fix bodes badly for this ask. 4% drop doesn't address the senseless RNG stat. DE, wake up and listen to your most ardent players before it is too late.
  16. Can you please confirm that that 2% Vidar MKIII Reactor mission RNG avionics capacity buff or rework will be in the fixes as well? The only 2 Vidar MKIII reactors I have after numerous veil missions gave me +39 and +59 capacity and feeling more demotivated each day.
  17. I had a list of questions which I posted here:
  18. I finally got my Particle Ram from an Elite Exo Flak a few days ago. The wikia says they only drop from this or the Kosma Taktis on Earth. I was farming intrinsics then. After glitch spawning and blinking to the galleon in Flexa, the Elite Exo Flak usually spawns near the galleon so I'd kill them to see if they drop particle ram before heading inside to begin 'Space Adaro'. Finally one of the did so I had to complete the mission to keep it. Now if I can only get a Vidar Reactor... and then, with a decent avionics cap... (*shakes fists*).
  19. Yup, same for me on PS4. While in Archwing, you need to fly exactly on top of the drop to pick it up. Chalk it up to the list of buggy mess this update was.
  20. Yeah, frustrating annoying bug. It seems to me that the bonus intrinsic earned after mission ends is not added at all after you return to dock. You only get what was earned during the mission. Grrr.... I also noticed during squad play when you are NOT the host and it's not your railjack, that returning to obiter pulls up the mission reward screen. The host will see the mission reward screen when his ship returns to the dock but the client doesn't until his return to orbiter. Hence for those farming intrinsics, it's better to kill fighters quickly and then abort, since you don't get the bonus from completing the mission anyway.
  21. This workaround I used has worked for me pretty reliably. When there are no longer any crewships around, assuming you also have a base asteroid objective or sentient ship, just enter it, wait for Cephalon Cy to say a crewship has spawn, then exit the base. A new crewship will be there for you. Rinse and repeat if needed. Doesn't matter if the base objective has been completed or not. Just entering and exiting it will trigger a crewship spawn. I've tried this solo and with 1 other friend in squad.
  22. I feel your pain, OP. I don't think I can ever get a +90 avionics cap reactor and the farm is just ridiculous. Imagine if they decide to back-implement this RNG stat with Warframe Reactors. Just got a reactor blueprint? Yay?! But wait, it's only +5 capacity instead of double...
  23. For 2019, I feel like console releases have been mis-managed and poorly executed. A few come to mind: Console had to wait 2 months(?) for the Old Blood (Liches), but they could've released the Arbitration changes first (like on PC) and allow us to use that time to farm the new arcanes, mods, etc, but no, they stubbornly wanted to include it with the Old Blood. The first Old Blood release didn't include the back-to-back weapon duplicates and trading. If they had waited only 1 more week, they could've baked it in. While they did release that fix I think 2 weeks later, it still left a sour taste. For Empyrean, it was either release before holidays or in 2020. Either way, console player will complain. They released it early, but couldn't get the latest patches in so we're stuck with poor resource bonuses and no avionics trading, and no apologies... Personally, I would've waited 'till 2020 to include the trading and resource changes. Yeah, I know PC is their main development platform. For 2020, I hope someone thinks things through properly before deciding on console releases. With PS5 and XBox Series X coming in late 2020, the console spotlight will be more intense. Don't let us down DE. I can only handle/forgive so much more...
  24. Can you share how you destroyed the crewships? Can you kill them with the Cryophon guns as well? Thanks.
  25. There is a 'workaround I found for this that will cause a crewship to spawn. When you have no more crewships left, just re-enter and leave the Sentient ship or any other asteroid base objective. Once you enter the objective, you will hear Cephalon Cy say a crewship has spawn, so just leave and the crewship will be appear. Destroy the crewship then rinse and repeat as necessary. Let's hope DE hears of this and fix it in the next update.
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