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  1. Really you are going to remove 40k points and put it at 28k where the bug started, and u r not going to remove the ones that have 30k+ using the bugs????? seriously? https://imgur.com/a/9AIBkjk
  2. Thanks for the update on pc, wish it was this good on switch :(... Status-link mod still doesn't work.. I used 100% weapons I could, primary secondary and melee.. it doesn't work https://imgur.com/a/4Chp3FH I cri now, dced 5 times T.T... https://imgur.com/a/xN0JlDs
  3. So I understand, the buying plat on pc won't transfer, but what about plats gained through trades? Yes those are bought by someone else, but at the end we did trade ingame items to get those plats for ourselves. :D? So at least all if not some should transfer? 😄
  4. please fix the status link mod for pets!!!
  5. XD thank you for the fixes but can you guys please fix the kubrow status link mod.. it isn't transferring the status to the pet..
  6. Arbitration Drones are now exempt from Infested Ancient Healer Auras.??? why why would you make it easier ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. *PLEASE FIX EMBER.. She didn't need the range nerf to stop people from going afk.. The way she is now, people can afk with her more just by switching into OE and Stretch and few other range mod... *Also in the future, I hope Arbitration mission will have a mode where MR 20+ dont get the 300% buff. It is all fun to play with buff, but no challenge at the end, unless you try to use 0 rank weapons. ❤️ Also what would be more challenging and fun than removing the buff is adding friendly fire or sudden rad proc <3..cause WHO HERE WOULDNT LOVE IT 😄 ❤️ Also Pupacyst description says *cocoon at the tip of this staff* o.o but isn't it a polearm??
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