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  1. Thanks for the update on pc, wish it was this good on switch :(... Status-link mod still doesn't work.. I used 100% weapons I could, primary secondary and melee.. it doesn't work https://imgur.com/a/4Chp3FH I cri now, dced 5 times T.T... https://imgur.com/a/xN0JlDs
  2. So I understand, the buying plat on pc won't transfer, but what about plats gained through trades? Yes those are bought by someone else, but at the end we did trade ingame items to get those plats for ourselves. :D? So at least all if not some should transfer? 😄
  3. please fix the status link mod for pets!!!
  4. XD thank you for the fixes but can you guys please fix the kubrow status link mod.. it isn't transferring the status to the pet..
  5. Arbitration Drones are now exempt from Infested Ancient Healer Auras.??? why why would you make it easier ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. *PLEASE FIX EMBER.. She didn't need the range nerf to stop people from going afk.. The way she is now, people can afk with her more just by switching into OE and Stretch and few other range mod... *Also in the future, I hope Arbitration mission will have a mode where MR 20+ dont get the 300% buff. It is all fun to play with buff, but no challenge at the end, unless you try to use 0 rank weapons. ❤️ Also what would be more challenging and fun than removing the buff is adding friendly fire or sudden rad proc <3..cause WHO HERE WOULDNT LOVE IT 😄 ❤️ Also Pupacyst description says *cocoon at the tip of this staff* o.o but isn't it a polearm??
  7. I played zephyr too before rework and yea my feeling for her didn't change before and after rework, but now as they are reworking I want ppl to shutup about her being bad and useless and start using her as I do. These rework they made didn't make any significant impact as the changes made on oberon and hydroid did. Also about ember most ppl just afks with her they don't even know how to use her I get it but that doesn't still change the fact reducing her range decreases her potentiality at higher lvl since you now need to sacrifice effi or str for more range which would work as CC at later lvl.
  8. if you r only talking about travels then buy archwing and travel in plains, don't just fight for zephyr so only you can use to travel in a cheap way in plains. I also play with her and my build revolves around 280 range which honestly everyone should try, cause with that range the turbulence is insane, but even I agree her 2nd is crap as well as her 4th. Now if they made it so the crits of weapons would also be transferred while shooting then maybe. At this point only white damage gets transferred which isn't high at all on most weapons. I have fought with ppl who claims zephyr is trash and honestly they havent felt the power of her third but thats only her third. Her second dive bomb was excellent for fast CC but jesus this second is so bad. Atlas's first and gara's first and forth would be bad too if the melee mods didn't affect those. Using those abilities without the melee mod the damage becomes so low. So yea i was giving them idea onto making airburst better if they r going to stick to this plan of keeping the ability. As for ember please if you are speaking of using her at low lvl with overextended then stop right there. She might be fine at lower lvl but at higher you need range so that her wof turns from useless to useful. Ember is good at low lvl even with putting on OE but at higher lvl you need that range so that less enemy shoots at you cause if you don't know, it literally needs 1-2 bullets at 200+ for them to end you and less enemies shooting at you the better chance of you going further.
  9. Zephyr was fine for most ppl yes and I play her too but a lot of ppl wants to see a huge change in her before her prime comes out, like what happened with oberon and what happened to hydroid. Puddle going from normal afk cc to killing water now, oberon's first went from only CC to a sniper destruction. Having the ability to transfer weapon damage into tornado is fine but I wish it was like octavia's mallet and had decay because tornado doesn't always keep the enemies in a place in a bigger room. It chugs the enemies away making the shoot tornado to do more damage kinda useless. Oh yea also yes ember's wof was useless even before the change but at least it could be used for cc. Having that 21m-22m cc meant 1-3 less enemies shooting at you since wof doesn't hit all enemies at a time. Not to mention that 100% status which procs panic from heat and gives extra CC.
  10. oh no don't worry when I tested it didn't work in the first day, so I thought it didn't work with zephyr;s gun till I retested it
  11. yups, it should build up and then decay overtime.
  12. ah right its 50% more but you have to shoot at it, what I wanted is for it to carry the damage after you are done shooting at it.
  13. First hyroid can't shoot underwater and as they referred to the ability means that the 100% damage done to the enemies by the ability is mostly damage of the ability itself and not shooting at it with zephyr's guns. If it does then they should have made it more clear.
  14. Q: Will shooting into Tornado act like shooting into Hydroid's Undertow currently does? A: Yes! Currently the difference is Hydroid Undertow does 50% damage divided evenly among all targets inside, whereas Tornado will do 100% of the damage to every target. You mean this one yes? If so then it doesn't mean it will do 100% of your weapon damage,it means that if anyone shoots at tornado 50% damage will be distributed among all the enemies flying, and the damage which tornado does normally will be at 100%. It is how undertow works. You can't shoot while in undertow. So logically that means only damage of the tornado itself will be at 100% doesn't matter how many enemies are trapped in it.
  15. can you post me the hidden content cause I did not see that. O.o
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