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hi i'am an Asia guy, my English suck as a suck, despise the disadvantage, i never said nope... to spam' n stuff

black light 2: Retribution + GunZ + Planted side 2 = Warframe (the war of the Frame, by the Frame and everything else that either hold a gun or want to skin u alive)

small, it's. Develop, it's will. strong and wild, like a "wild fire". at beginning, first time...update 7. the graphic, like a "Hornets strike" to my eye. battle-flied became a "hell fire" as i never see before. Always the moment of "Freeze" my mind, by the impressive of "Speed" then make it into "Chaos",never know when later....i had a "crush".

Most unforgettable moment:

*it's my first boss: Vor in a red suit (with a magical wand)

*my first friend: Can't tell, but i can tell u he's not in Warframe (anymore)

*Wryen: The amazing flying lobster

*Ash: for being a mindless-tele-spam-killer

*the update 7.5 accident T^T (where pep get kick out of game constantly)

*Void first release, glorious update 8

*and of course...update 9.5 (mod being rare as spit chamber)

*Update 10 blow off the roof... find out update 10 isn't worth blow the hole on the roof

*Badass bosses+ Free 50 Platinum...Blow up another hole on the roof



*Vault mod, the "Big Deal" mod

*the Great NPC Flame War (AKA the Potatoes war)

*The Brakk: When you don't wanna use your Recourse on Acrid

*Update 11, the first ever update that had more upside then downside (for once)

*Damage 2.0; NEW DAMAGE HIGH SCORE: 60k critical

*R.I.P Arcid

*Alva V send us a free Detron (by putting it in his deadly-est creation ever, but it so easy it practical mean he's giving us the Detron for free

*New recourse Mithril Oximus,

*Update 12, Zephyr the flying Frame, totally not Excalibur wearing a jet-pack in disguise. Featuring hidden boobs. Yes my friend it's a SHE *squeak like a litter girl*

* *12 hour after* THE 1ST MINI GAME-------EVERRRRRRRR



in the end, which it never come, all the planted and the alert, been there, done that...what now u ask...

...boring...u said

...lame...nothing to do anymore

Why do i choose to still stay ?

AT LEAST i still got my War-Friend, which i never see any in real life,

I Always look on the New update, stuff i want or Will impress me

Having a blast of fun while/when/by helping other newbie

Hope for my post to be notice (no need to approve) by other player

in side a clan, and have fun

WARFRAME forum...lol

now im checking back...i was all worth it :D

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