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  1. They removed Universal Medallions giving Conclave rep because of one person complaining on twitter, so it wouldn't be the first time they did something unreasonable that affected everyone else.
  2. Any update on when the Corpus liches are dropping? Fingers cross for a lich sentinel weapon or moa part to do with the Corpus robotics theme.
  3. Any update on fixing one of the ingame hints for Banshee suggesting enemies take stealth bonus damage while stunned by Silence by default? Currently that only happens if you have the augment on. It seems like Silence sets them to unaware, but if they're facing you they immediately become aware again even if they're still stunned and therefore don't take any more damage. With the augment they get opened to finishers, and being vulnerable to finishers seems to open you to stealth bonus damage in general. Considering that each ability with an augment has one hint for the base ability an
  4. Will the explosions from the new Volatile mods function identically to Thunderbolt and Concealed explosives? Or will the explosive damage actually be affected by mods and be able to proc status effects based on your elemental selection? If it's the latter, this would make it a good option for using the Deconstructor to apply status, similar to the Helstrum. If it just adds flat AoE damage it'll be forgotten at higher levels like the mods I mentioned and combustion beam.
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