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  1. Looks good, melee mod nerfs seem to put combo crit in line with heavy attack crit while combo still having the advantage of status, the the CO changes makes it more of a tossup between running sac steel + CO vs double sac, depending on your status output and what you're fighting. Overall probably good for build variety, though the blanket glaive nerfs seem a bit odd considering how different the usage rates for different glaive weapons are? I don't use them that much though, so not the best judge. Gun mods seem interesting, though focusing only on on kill effects doesn't add much to a lot
  2. Will the Glavanized mods proc if you equip them on sentinel weapons? And if so, will they buff the sentinel's weapon or yours?
  3. "Fixed ability to obtain the Verglas Sentinel Riven from a Rifle Riven Mod as opposed to the intended Companion Weapon Riven Mod." It really just is the Glaxion slapped on a sentinel, huh.
  4. As someone who used to be a forge-monkey/boarder before, now that we have individual resource pools, I miss having some way to tell if my allies are missing a particular resource when I'm manning the forges.
  5. Hope it's not too late to ask stuff for the Q&A Any chance the Queenpins will be bringing Sentinel/MOA weapons? Robotics would the thematically appropriate for the Corpus. Also, any chance you could review the Xiphos part drop rates? It seems to be the harshest RNG grind in the game I can think of.
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