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  1. Thanks for patch. Please revert Xoris nerf and make rivens not affect exalted-like abilities.
  2. Will hard mode affect the drop rate of Xiphos parts in sabotage missions? The 0.5-1% chance per mission is really harsh.
  3. This... makes no sense? These kind of interactions have existed for months, there's nothing you couldn't do with the Xoris you couldn't do better with any other melee with a better riven disposition, Xoris just adds quality of life to the combo, but it's in no way more powerful than any other stat-stick, and you can do pretty much the same thing with a venka build for combo duration and combo gain. If the power of mods on melee weapons affecting the exalted-like abilities disproportionally is the problem, you should be stopping rivens from affecting these abilities instead.
  4. Wow, that was quick. Thanks for the fix. 😄 Shame no one else seems to care about sentinel weapons, but I'm grateful for finally having an AoE status option for my companion. ❤️
  5. On that note, I don't seem to be able to chat link the mod Equilibrium currently.
  6. Thanks for the update. 🙂 Any plans to expand the status changes on Kuva Liches to sentients, or is it just planned for bosses? Also, any chance you guys could look into the Xiphos part farm? 05-1.5% on third cache is pretty harsh.
  7. I remember you liked obscure They Might Be Giants, so how about "Unpronouncable"?
  8. Huh. I guess that's randomized as well, in my instance it was Darvo walking about a Venusian vent kid collecting K-charges. Based on what I've been from other discussion on the forums, I'm guessing it just has to do with the quiz thing where you put together the clues, and some details vary for each player so you actually have to remember it rather than looking at a guide for the right answers. Edit: Seems the name of the person who wrote the message for Shigg is also randomized.
  9. In the first investigation scene for Glassmaker, on one of the clues you can find, a mysterious figure (presumably Corpus since it's a corpus log) called BV is asking someone (I'm guessing Shigg, our unfortunate victim) for a piece of orokin era tech. However, the name of the piece of tech in question is in bold, and seems to change in each instance. In my game, he asks for a Tiltshifter, on the wiki, he asks for a Tubular Array, and someone else in my clan had him asking for a Transducer. It seems like an odd detail to randomize, especially whem marked out like that in bold. Perhaps there is some pattern to it? Or perhaps something is being covered up and we'll find out when we get enough resonance. Just in case it's not actually random though, what did BV ask for in your investigation? Also, any ideas on who BV is? I don't think any known NPCs have a name that match that pattern. Only contender is Boon, Ventkid, but that's a stretch.
  10. Any news on letting Universal Medallions grant conclave rep like originally planned?
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