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  1. Oh, now you're playing the innocent lamb... I'm impatient? I've been waiting for that feature since years. People have been asking for that since more than 3 years now. How am I toxic, when you showed the toxic behavior? Giving away things - almost every end game player did that. I gave countless amount of stuff to new players myself throughout the years. Still doesn't make you a good being, when you behave toxic like you do right now.
  2. I'd rather destroy the stuff than giving it to someone toxic as you. I'll keep my stuff and be back once cross-save actually becomes a thing.
  3. How is Destiny 2 able to get it across all the main platforms, and Warframe devs aren't sure if it's possible? Many spent hundreds if not thousands of bucks into their accounts and just get let down. Destiny 2 is definitely taking the lead here for me.
  4. They at least done a due diligence like they said and it's been 4 months now. It's on the radar, so when is this to expect?
  5. So, they said they're working on cross-save like 4 months ago. (58:23) When will this actually happen? Destiny 2 will have it on October 1st. Can we expect cross-save to be a thing in Warframe before the year 2050? I kinda have my doubts tbh.
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