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  1. It's probably because of how petty the drop tables are, that people are totally fine with using something as intended - tying the doors to the normal alert scheme was derpy. Almost as derpy as having the mask not vacuum or glow. About as derpy as having made him have something like 40k armour and 3.5m life prior to this tactical nerf. Not nearly as derpy as the generic fugitives all having tactical nukotovs that they all throw the instant you get spotted, turning entire rooms into instant-death zones. At this point, I'll do it whichever way whoever I join is doing it, just for the variety. DE wouldn't be /that/ petty
  2. Ivara's Prowl fix just abandoned at this point. If it comes with the prime, hopefully it comes with the primed apology as well.
  3. Oh yeah definitely, the time it takes to get it is maddening, but pretending like archguns have absolutely zero value outside of profit taker just makes me wonder why he refuses to use anything other than an un-formatted basic Imperator :v
  4. Ah yes, the weapon that's only useful in profit taker, that you cannot take out anywhere else. That weapon. The one that doesn't exist, right, that one. Is it stuff like this that got Ivara nerfed? Were Ivara players punished for the insanity of the community? Ivara jesus skin where?
  5. While it's understandable that the stompers would do what they can to protect their exposed weakpoints, it really doesn't help that their AI is bugged. If you go into stealth, so that it doesn't know where you are, it will still turn to face you, even while not attacking it. Putting it to 'sleep', it will also still keep turning to face you (even though the sleep already has a vastly reduced duration to account for effectiveness), which just doesn't make sense. It kind of made sense that the orb mothers could react so well to stealth, being the advanced entities that they are, but these are just grineer armoured mining bots at best. Their having utterly inexplicable bugs can't even be covered by lore at that point.
  6. Fixing Ivara's prowl and making the wolf actually spawn would be good too.
  7. Well yeah. One guy recently called them out for a heap of bullS#&$, and their first response was feigning indignity, then replied to his reply video with "oh yeah we'll be transparent from now on please be patient with us", so they're definitely planning to just hunker every time a problem arises, if insulting the people it affects doesn't come to mind first
  8. That's the thing though, DE...bear I think(?) just went "oh yeah, parkour isn't meant to work on her at all in prowl". Which is funny, because you can jump, double jump, crouch, roll, jump-roll, glide, run on wires, slide on wires... That's an awful lot of parkour. And that's just adding it to having the /nerve/ to call it a 'fix' after TWO YEARS, where any time it was broken in a patch, it was fixed a patch or two later /without fail/.
  9. No mention of the fix to Ivara's prowl, or the apology for insulting everybody after breaking it.
  10. Ivara's prowl is still broken, when will it be fixed?
  11. @[DE]Megan If you could revert the break/nerf to Ivara's prowl that would be great. Bear coming in and insulting everybody by trying to say that parkour should break it doesn't make sense, because it was the only feature of hers that was removed after all this time, not the jumping, not the rolling... Thank you in advance for returning Ivara's ability to stationary vertical bullet jump in Prowl instead of leaving her nerfed for no adequate reason, explained or otherwise.
  12. Ivara's Prowl getting fixed when? That bug isn't 'intentional' and shouldn't be 'fixed'. Her stationary vertical bullet jump is just part of her kit.
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