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  1. the worst problem is that many players wont be able to get the pwime loot bcs the country they live in doesnt even have Amazon Prime. Instead they only have Prime Video, wich causes them to miss out on the goods completely no matter what they try. Even VPN cant be used as a work around in this matter. So... DE should just get rid of the whole Twitch / Amazon Prime loot stuff for good and instead make it able for purchase directly. This would solve all issues regarding this matter once and for all and everybody would be happy with that
  2. id get twitch / amazon prime if i had a credit card. but since debit cards dont work for such transactions / subs here in Norway i cant. So... any more smartypants calls you wanna add to this?
  3. same for me. i dont have a credit card either but its required to even get prime status. this whole " twitch prime only " thing is an absolutely unfair and therefore an incredible insult to all players
  4. atleast you were able to take down its shields. but when i just did it we couldnt damage the shields in any way. wtf is goin on with this crap again
  5. i just had the same problem tonight. Tried the mission 2x with clanmates and 3x solo; same problem every time
  6. i never had any problems with prowl after installing the augment. i got 612 energy with Ivara and have a base drain of 0,25 E/s. Also i just roll through the missions with her wich is kinda equal to sprinting speed. So if you still see a problem with that you must be doing something wrong Ps: fully agreed on your view on the quiver 🙂
  7. including cubids, carbides and the mined ressources i had everything within 3 hrs and was done with the farm 😁
  8. i guess you humbled them all now, Mr. Miyagi 😎
  9. probably referring to Atlas Prime and Fang prime 😅
  10. tbh im gettin more lucky on Teshub solo runs lol
  11. atleast 5 argons would have been ok but 1? srsly DE wtf you takin us for? 😅
  12. you accidently rotated the room before building it, or you didnt rotate it at all wich resulted in this alignment
  13. first of all: fully agreed with the insanely low drop chances on Vandal parts. Second: imo we need a system for Sanctuary that doesnt allow players to leave earlier than zone 8. every single time there are atleast 1 or 2 players who leave after zone 2-4 leaving the rest of the squad alone. and the worst about it is: they leave without reason. or make it so if they leave before zone 8 is done they have to wait 1 hour before they could join Sanctuary again. guess we are all fed up with these early leavies who mess up other peoples fun
  14. totally agree with those ideas, especially the cost for the decorations from Cetus and Fortuna. like 5 points for a simple Cracked Jug from Cetus? who came up with those numbers ( and the ridiculous prices for these decorations too ). Hierarchy based name colors would indeed be awesome 😎
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