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  1. exactly. thats why the boosters given to us are particially wasted. DE didnt really think this through
  2. fully agree with you. the gun seats on the sides were perfectly fine, but the rework is horrible and doesnt even make any sense at all. especually bcs the RJ still has the guns on the side ( both in the drydock and in missions ) plus the top and bottom turrets. design fail lvl 9000 imo
  3. absolutely need that. i hate seeing the exterior in a factory new state while the interior looks torn down as hell 😡
  4. i agree. especially when considering the empty middle space between the gunner and engineering / forge area. that was really just an open area and served no purpose
  5. just a little sarcasm, not meant serious 😅
  6. tbh the Command system is very basic only, you cant even order your engineer to craft specific things in the forge. instead they run around cluelessly most of the time just waiting for something to get damaged. its poorly designed, just a fact
  7. DE, why do you give out 7 day boosters at update launch when you didnt even take the time to fully test out the new RJ system enough to ensure that there wont be any major bugs? we have alot of bugs in the missions since the update ( objectives bug out alot especially entereing the Corpus capital ships and sometimes the secondary targets too ). due to all these bugs we have to often abort the mission, losing all the rewards and exp from it. due to such circumstances players lose atleast a whole day of the boosters wich is sad for us. give out boosters as compensation AFTER
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