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  1. she sure likes some additional love from a togishi to make her claws even more shiny XD
  2. just tried the exploiter orb with my buddy and after we ripped out the second piece of its head no more fractures spawned for over 10 minutes !!! either this S#&$ is bugged AGAIN or they did some S#&$ with the orb fight. srsly DE... fix your game already !!!
  3. you paranoid bro? XD I know that i am, but thats about spiders. if someone here knew my adress, who cares? 😅
  4. thumbs up from me i couldnt draw that at all 😅
  5. im so diggin that syandana bruh. id buy it even if it cost 2k plat 😎
  6. i wouldnt be surprised in Warframe loses another few thousand players do to all this nerf nonsense. DE do your job right, play the game like we do and learn your games mechanics instead of relying on statistics of weapon and frame usage. the riven system is your biggest fail in Warframes long history. so.. like many already pointed out, better gez rid of the disposition nonsense for good and manually balance the weapon stats the right way. how can you be so blind and deaf when it comes to our feedback? you seem to forget that WE, the players are your lifeline bcs we are the ones who invest our $$$ in this game so you can improve the gaming experience for us all. but in the last few months you backhand slapped us with nerfs wich were completely unreasonable and uncalled for. think about the consequences from all the backlash you create by ignoring our advice for so long and wake up!
  7. hope you fix the insanely dark lighting issue in dojo rooms soon too wich came with the Scarlet Spear update thx for the other fixes so long ❤️
  8. riven changes only means nerfs to me. i say stop nerfing stuff and adjust enemy stats to make them more challenging, then there is no need for nerfs of any kind at all!
  9. why didnt you guys do this from the start? 🤔 thx for the update and fixes btw 😎
  10. be grateful for getting a free boost at all. in germany there is a saying wich goes : " einem geschenkten gaul schaut man nicht ins maul ". translates to : " you dont look into a horses mouth wich you got as a gift " XD
  11. worked fine for me after the hotfix? o_0
  12. this just made my morning shine like a pile of freshly cast gallium bars XD
  13. good intentions, bad planning, even worse execution.... its been like this for yrs and DE still didnt learn from all the negative feedback. what a shame...
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