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  1. This makes me sad. But, what makes me happy is that the Kuva Ayanga wasn't forgotten immediately release. Is it perhaps an option that Kuva Ayanga (and / or every archwing weapon) gets a exili slot? I put five forma on it, for the mastery, and now I have 29 excess mod points. I feel like it's sort of excessive, and that an exili slot would fit just nice on the weapon. Just a thought.
  2. Summary of bug: When receiving a Requiem mod as Thrall drop, said requiem mod can be taxed by Kuva Lich. Occurrence: 1/1 Steps: Start a mission in a Lich-controlled area. Execute thralls until one of them drops a requiem mod. Finish the mission. Actual results: Requiem mod can be taxed. Expected results: Requiem mods are assured to not be taxed. Notes: Build version is 36.0.4. See attached screenshot. Player was previously killed in a failed mercy attack on Kuva Lich.
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