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  1. Over the years, the hurdles to use companions have progressively disappeared (EG stasis cooldown, DNA stabilizer). Are we eventually going to be able to swap our pets from the inventory screen exclusively? I want to make casual builds with wacky mod sets that involve my pets, but I don't want to break the flow of the game every other game because I'm swapping to my Chesa to farm properly, and then back to my other wacky companions.
  2. Can we expect the Coaction Drift + Power Strength bug to be fixed? Or is it maybe intentional that Growing Power doesn't scale with Coaction Drift? I realize that the recent Augment balance pass was only a minor look at the augments, but I'm curious to hear if there are any plans to tag the 1st abilities (IE Smite Infusion) augment into exili mods.
  3. One thing I'd like to see with Oberon, is an interaction between his fourth augment and his second augments. As in, augmented Reckoning creates some radiation patches, and Hallowed Eruption pop these patches. Now whether it would be too strong or not, I can't really tell, but I feel like it's always worth going for extra synergy in a kit when possible. Otherwise, the series of first-abilities augments are sort of interesting, but I've always thought that they weren't a very enticing use of a mod-slot. They would be more viable as exili mods.
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