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  1. I know I cannot be the only one that has thought something at least similar. Have Glaxions interact with other Glaxions to create an AOE explosion. Or a chain effect. Or stack add temporary bonus's to each others damage. Or even have Glaxions interact with any beam weapon (or any weapon for that matter). I know, its also an homage to Ghost Busters. But at least in my mind, thats what they look like anyway. So when the streams cross it builds a counter. When the counter is full, whatever next target is, boom, hit with a blast AOE based on the stacked damage from the counter. Or when the counter is full the next attack will chain to "X" amount of targets. Or when the counter is full the next attack is increased based on the damage done while the streams were crossed for "X" amount of seconds. Or the counter (and its effect) could count as a secondary fire option to be used at will.
  2. So they are incapable of catching up the next time stuff comes around. Gotcha.
  3. If a player has not met the requirements, they should probably start working towards that if they want the rewards. If they don't get it this time, they can catch it on the one.
  4. Don't see why there won't be continued new log in rewards for older players. They can choose between the newer items or take older rewards again.
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