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  1. No. It's a bug causing the Simulacrum showing incorrect stats on Umbra's EB.
  2. Excalibur Prime is exclusive. I don't get what you mean by "promised." Umbra is not Prime, something that founders appear to be having difficulties with. Like I've said, different sides of the same coin, but perhaps it should just be Prime on both sides imma right?
  3. I see the whole Excalibur Prime/Umbra thing akin to two siblings arguing over the same thing, because the younger one's now got something new and better than what his older sibling has. So the older sibling end ups getting the same as the younger one as that's only fair, so they now have the same, but it still feel doesn't feel adequate enough in his mind, despite him having something special that the younger hasn't and will never get. "I had it first so why should my sibling have one better?" "My old one feels useless now and I don't feel as special anymore..." Honestly, it's quite petul
  4. See this is why I run Tridolon solo, sure it's more work but I've only myself to blame if I @#&$ up. Unfortunately this is just the case with running with pugs in general, it's always pot luck with who you're go to get paired up with, and sometimes its with idiots. Hopefully you find some peeps you can run regular with without that pug nonsense.
  5. I'm wonder if farming these eidolons will be worth the effort. I mean riven transmute sounds interesting, being great for people who a metric ton of crap rivens, but otherwise...meh. I'm farming eidolons for the solo purpose of coverting shards into standing like others, so I'm hoping that the new eidolons to be dropping some seriously juicy shards for focus conversion. If not, I can see myself sticking to farming the teralyst.
  6. Oh I agree. I mean just read how it's described in game; A multi-bladed whip that is adept at flaying skin from bone. In extreme cases, disobedient Grineer are sentenced to death by Atterax. That's a nasty way to go and considering the many other ways we have to maim and murder, I'd take the being mircowaved by a Nukor anyday over this...
  7. This. I'd go Grinner personally. You could try a Hushed Invisibilty Loki build giving you the option to use any weapon and still being silent, Loki's passive is extra wall latch too which would also help. Throw in another parkour mod for even more duration on wall latch. Good luck.
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