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  1. I really dont renember but im pretty sure he's trying to give us a clue about what 'll go next, I mean when I saw him with that sword I told to my self well if we got a new sword at the next update this guy is a genius. That 's just gave me the little "plus" to watch that show as soon as possible.
  2. or maybe that will be something new like you said maybe this time he will have a weird hat or some weird bracelets or necklace... Could be announcing from some new customisation we could do later ^^
  3. "Shadow of the Colossus" dont forget to craft the "Paris" that will remind you the old days with that ancient bow
  4. We need to see that he did bring a sword and next update we got a new "sword" , So may this time he will come with an actually weapon like a COLT
  5. i got it too that was just "wrong" against infested you just in deep trouble
  6. mine too, i'm thinking about downloading the game on steam
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