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  1. Canister of coolant keeps despawning whenever I go down while carrying it, or randomly when entering/dismounting archwing. It keeps happening at 3/4 fractures so it's starting to get on my nerves...please try and fix it a.s.a.p, thank you.
  2. So...Tek Gravity is still useless? Sweet.
  3. So far the Orb Vallis and Fortuna have been great fun, but a persistent bug keeps annoying me greatly. When entering/leaving Operator mode, K-Drive or Archwing, the sensitivity of my mouse seems to double. This can happen multiple times causing insanely high DPI that I can't do anything about; it persists until I finish the mission. I hope something can be done about it, since I don't seem to have the issue in any other game. Keep up the good work!
  4. Tesla is now chargeable, costing twice the energy and taking about 2 seconds to charge for (seemingly) double damage and (seemingly) double status chance; how is this better than just casting Tesla twice? I don't see the point, I expected a way bigger bonus for charging these things so long like 100% status or maybe 4x damage, this is just kinda pointless.
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